30-Day Challenge Report - Raw Food Vegan (Updated: Raw Till 4)

Image by  Kevin Trotman , courtesy of Creative Commons licensing.

Image by Kevin Trotman, courtesy of Creative Commons licensing.

Today marks the end of my "30-Day Raw Food Vegan"-turned-"Raw Till 4" Challenge. I have to start off by saying that I feel like I complete and utter failure. So far in my experience with 30-Day Challenges, I haven't had a challenge go as poorly as this one. Writing about it publicly on Think Wilder compounds my embarrassment even more. Ultimately, I could have lied about my experience and published a post about how wonderful it was, but I would prefer to be honest to both my readers and myself and admit my faults without reservation.

When I first set out to start the challenge, I was feeling inspired by The 80/10/10 Diet by Douglas Graham. My original plan was to attempt a 30-Day Challenge of eating nothing but fully raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. During the first week, I decided to switch over to a Raw Till 4 challenge instead. The reasoning behind this decision included not feeling satiated with the diet, financial issues, anecdotal reports attacking Graham's reputation, and a lack of scientific evidence about fully raw vegan diets. That setback was uncomfortable for me, but I published my decision here anyway.

A few weeks into the Raw Till 4 diet, I cheated a few times here and there. Meals like biscuits and gravy instead of a smoothie for breakfast, and rice and lentils instead of a fruit monomeal for lunch started to sneak into my diet. Don't get me wrong - I still ate a mostly-Raw Till 4 diet, just not entirely.

My experience with failing at this challenge has been a disappointing and humbling learning experience. For the most part, my past results with 30-Day Challenges have been consistently excellent. I have chosen a challenge and stuck to it without any issues. Somehow, this particular challenge seems like it is still out of my grasp. I realized that I am not quite ready to participate in a fully raw (or Raw Till 4) lifestyle at this time. It is incredibly difficult for me to admit this failure publicly, but I know it is the right thing to do.

As a result of my failure to complete the challenge as originally promised, I cannot honestly write a report about the effects I experienced. I would prefer to save a challenge report for when I have actually successfully completed the challenge.

This may leave you wondering what is next for 30-Day Challenges on Think Wilder and whether I plan to attempt this particular challenge again. Well, I will be brainstorming for a while on a new challenge to attempt and will write about that one here as well - hopefully with better results. With regard to the fully raw/Raw Till 4 challenge, I do plan on attempting it again in the future. After a few years of watching videos on YouTube from my favorite raw foodists, I am still inspired by the raw food movement and would like to give it another try. It just clearly wasn't the right time for me to do it.

Thank you for following the progress of this challenge and please be assured that it is not the last 30-Day Challenge I will attempt, nor the last time I will be writing about raw veganism! Until next time, try something new and keep thinking wilder.