Book Review - Aesop's Fables


This ebook automatically showed up free-of-charge in my "Library" when I downloaded the Amazon Kindle app onto my Mac, and I decided to give it a read. I have, of course, been familiar with the concept of Aesop and his fables since I was a young boy, but had never read a large collection of these stories before now.

The fables are very short stories about animals, humans, plants, and Gods that usually demonstrate the natural way of things or the reciprocations one can expect when behaving a certain way. For the most part, the stories were easy to read and understand, and the lessons they contained were valuable (if not often already common sense).

I'm not sure if it was the particular version or translation that I read, but I was incredibly underwhelmed throughout the entire book. Although upon full reflection I would say that I liked the book, I certainly didn't love it, nor will I be raving madly about it in the future. Maybe I need to read another translation or edition, or maybe I'm just not into Aesop's fables. At any rate, I can't really recommend this to anyone because it wasn't all that enjoyable for me.

3/5 Stars. 89 pages.