Book Review - Lean & Clean


This plant-based weight loss guide comes from Hannah Howlett, a YouTuber featured on the channels High Carb Hannah and Life Inside A Box. Inside Lean & Clean: The Ultimate Plant-Based Weight Loss Guide, readers will find a lot of valuable information and a 14-day meal plan that includes three recipes for each day.

The informational section of the book covers a plethora of topics, including Hannah's own weight loss journey, the positive effects of a starch-based diet, why calorie restriction doesn't work, food addictions, the importance of external factors such as sleep and exercise, advice for eating out, and many more. Hannah goes into depth about the reasons that a "Lean and Clean lifestyle" doesn't include salt, sugar, oil, and caffeine during this section as well. Although much of this material can be found in other places, it has been expertly compiled and presented in an easy-to-understand way in this book.

The 14-day meal plan includes shopping guide tips, a chapter on healthy snacks and desserts that can supplement the days when you're extra hungry (or craving something sweet), and two weeks worth of recipes, grocery shopping lists, and meal prep advice for each day's meals. The recipes include things like oatmeals, smoothie bowls, rice and quinoa dishes, salads, chilis, soups, and sushi. All of them are completely plant-based with no animal products included, and they are designed to be tasty while simultaneously promoting weight loss.

I found both the informational section and the 14-day meal plan to be very well done. The writing is extremely clear and concise, the photography and artwork throughout the book is appealing to the eye, and the recipes are simple to make and mostly scrumptious. There were some typos and grammatical errors in the book that bugged the editor inside of me, and there were a lot of additional blank pages added to the book (possibly so that chapters would line up optimally for double-sided printing?) that add empty bulk, but there isn't much else to dislike here. I would definitely recommend Lean and Clean to others who are interested in weight loss or improving their overall health, because there is a lot of valuable information in the book. And for anyone who hasn't already checked out Hannah's YouTube channels (linked above), I would definitely recommend those as well!

4/5 stars. 210 pages.