More Herbs, Less Salt Day

Image by  SuzetteSuzette , courtesy of Creative Commons licensing.

Image by SuzetteSuzette, courtesy of Creative Commons licensing.

Eating a healthy, nutritionally-balanced diet can be a challenging affair for many people. To celebrate today's More Herbs, Less Salt Day, I encourage you to reduce the amount of salt and replace it with fresh or dried herbs. Decrease your sodium intake while simultaneously increasing your meal's flavor and nutritional content!

Here are some of my favorite herbs for you to try:

Using culinary herbs is one healthy method of adding flavor and nutrients to a your meals. They can also be grown fairly easily and do not need to take up a lot of space, as seen in the image above. I encourage you to put down the salt shaker and pick up some new herbs to try. The simple act of venturing out and trying some new herbs will lead to new flavor destinations and make you a healthier being, so give it a try!