Race Report - 2015 Duke Forest Pine Cone Pacer 5K

Image by  Kai Schreiber , courtesy of Creative Commons licensing.

Image by Kai Schreiber, courtesy of Creative Commons licensing.

Last Saturday I ran the sixth-annual Duke Forest Pine Cone Pacer 5K in Durham, North Carolina with my girlfriend and one of my colleagues. Until late last week, I wasn't sure I'd be able to run the race due to some overtraining/running gear injuries that I experienced during my recent half-marathon training, so I skipped the pre-registration period for this race. 

We left Raleigh for Durham early Saturday morning and got lost on the way to the race. The race didn't provide an address for us to aim for, so we had to get close to the general vicinity and go the wrong way on a few roads before we started to notice signs for the race. Luckily, we allowed ourselves plenty of time and were able to register before the race started. They were out of 2015 race t-shirts in my size by the time we got there, but my girlfriend got one and my colleague and I snagged 2011 race t-shirts instead.

There were only 110 runners at the race, which gave it a nice intimate feel. Although the first part of the race was mostly uphill, the terrain wasn't too challenging overall. The most difficult part was probably running on gravel for long stretches at a time, which made it difficult to gain traction. But it is a beautiful course and it was nice to run somewhere completely new.

The weather was not too hot but fairly humid from some rain that we have been experiencing recently. I didn't get overheated or have any issues with the weather, but I definitely worked up a good sweat!

Since I wasn't shooting for a PR on this race, I am pretty happy with my time of 31:34 (Pace 10:10) and finishing 47th out of 110. It's not my worst 5K time, nor is it my best, but I am glad that we were able to get out and run a new race! I'm not sure when my next race will be, as I have taken a little bit of time off from running and need to get motivated to start being more consistent again. Until next time, I hope I'll see you on the trail!

Race Results
Time - 31:34
Pace - 10:10 per mile