Race Report - 2015 Cary Water for People 5K


Last Saturday, I ran the Water for People 5K in Cary, North Carolina. To be blunt, it was the worst race I have ran and resulted in my worst finishing time for the 5K distance as well. However, I have a confession to make–I have been slacking on my running routine during the past couple months since the 2015 Raleigh Rock 'n' Roll Half-Marathon.

I'm not too surprised about it, since I experienced the same issue following my first half-marathon in 2013. It's easy to stop running once you have achieved a large race goal that required a lot of long-term training. I'm not too worried about it, because I am determined to get back on track soon.

In addition to a lack of training preparation leading up to the race, I didn't give myself adequate sleep the night before the race and I have been fighting a throat infection. But I wanted to give the race a shot anyway. After all, I had already paid the entry fee, and it was an excuse to make myself get out and go for a run!

The course wasn't new to me, as it is a fairly common 5K course in Cary, NC–the WakeMed Soccer Park. I first ran on this course in 2012 in my very first 5K, the Phi Mu Alpha Rockin' and Runnin' 5K. It's a fairly easy looping course, with a combination of dirt, pavement, and grass running surfaces. It does include a fairly long hill at the end of the loop, but it isn't much of a problem if you've been doing some hill work during your training!

Hopefully my next 5K time will be faster, but I'm glad that I pushed myself to get out and run that day. Until next time, see you on the trails!

Race Results
Time - 33:18
Pace - 10:43 per mile
2 out of 3 in my age/gender group