If you are searching for an experienced writer with a proven track record to produce high-quality articles for your blog or publication that can boost traffic to your site and bring in more customers, you're in the right place. With more than ten years of freelance writing experience, I specialize in meeting strict deadlines and am extremely flexible with and responsive to the varying needs of my clients. I understand that speed is very important to the publishers and editors that I work with, and you will find that it is quite easy to get a hold of me—quick and effective communication is one of my greatest strengths.

My main areas of expertise are psychedelics, technology, spirituality, and personal development. I put out a weekly column called “This Week in Psychoactives” that takes a look at the most recent news from the psychedelic world. My work has been featured in Psychedelic Times, Reality Sandwich, MERRY JANE, and Kahpi. If you are looking for someone to work with to produce high quality blog posts or articles for your publication, please check out the following samples of my previous work and testimonials from people who I have previously worked with, and contact me through one of the options at the bottom of this page.

Work EXamples


Think Wilder

Psychedelic Times

Reality Sandwich




"It has been an honor—and absolute pleasure—to work with David. His writing fully embodies the passion and enthusiasm he has for this movement, and I trust that he will pour his heart into any work he does. I deeply appreciate his work ethic. Not only does David work well with the team, he is a joy to work with as he's efficient, diligent, consistent, dependable, and self-motivated. I believe David will continue to be an integral member to any organization, as he chooses his work with genuine thoughtfulness."
Joe Mattia, Founder of Psychedelic Times

"David is bright, easy to communicate and work with, takes directions well, and reliable. He’s well-versed and clearly passionate about consciousness and psychedelics, has a great eye for what’s most interesting and relevant, and has provided a wide variety of well-written, interesting blogs to Reality Sandwich. His weekly column “This Week in Psychedelics” is an impressively extensive round-up of all the most interesting stories in the realm of psychoactive substances around the world."
Faye Sakellaridis, Managing Editor of Reality Sandwich

"David has been a great colleague with a unique writing perspective and diverse skill set."
Wesley Thoricatha, Editor in Chief at Psychedelic Times

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