Go Take the 2019 Global Drug Survey


The Global Drug Survey has been collecting useful and enlightening drug usage data at the end of each and every year since 2014. And it’s already that time again—the 2019 survey launched just last month.

From the organization’s About Us page:

"GDS is an independent research company based in London. We produce reports for global media, public health and corporate organisations. GDS use its data and expertise to create digital health applications delivering screening and brief interventions for drugs and alcohol. We create free online harm reduction resources and anonymous, confidential self-assessment tools. GDS also produces a range of drug education materials for health and legal professionals, the entertainment industry and the general public.

GDS aims to make drug use safer, regardless of the legal status of the drug, by sharing information with individuals, communities, health and policy organisations.

Using anonymous online research methods Global Drug Survey runs an annual survey in 10 languages, which is hosted by partners in over 20 countries. We work with global media giants around the world who act as hubs to promote our survey and our findings, ensuring that the first people to see the results are the general public.

Survey findings are frank, honest, and revealing. GDS explores the positives and negatives of drug use and detects new drugs trends as soon as they appear. GDS has a unique insight into personal decision-making about drug use . Our international networks of researchers and specialists have extensive experience in data analysis and report writing."

I submitted my survey over the weekend and would love it if you do the same by clicking here. It will take about 15 or 20 minutes for the average person to fill out, but if you’re an experienced psychonaut like me it may take you closer to an hour (or two) to finish, because you’ll likely need to answer additional questions.

Fortunately there is a “Save and Continue” option that you can use if you are partway through and find yourself needing to take a break. I can vouch that this feature works properly, as I had to use it a couple times myself!

The survey period will remain open until the end of the year, so make sure you finish filling yours out before then! And stay tuned—results will be published May 16, 2019.

Image by JuralMin, courtesy of Creative Commons licensing.

This Week in Psychedelics - 12.14.18



  • Congress Lifts Longstanding Ban on Hemp Production (NORML)

  • WHO postpones recommendation for rescheduling cannabis at UN summit (Marijuana Business Daily)

  • Smoking Marijuana Actually Improves Working Memory, Study Indicates (Marijuana Moment)

  • There’s a Movement to Legalize Weed Extracts for Kids With Autism (Tonic)

  • UK Lawmakers Reject Marijuana Legalization In House Of Commons Vote (Marijuana Moment)

  • Recreational marijuana could come to New York State in 2019 (NBC News)

  • New Zealand Government Tells Police Not To Prosecute People For Drug Possession (Marijuana Moment)

  • Big Tobacco Is Getting into Cannabis in a Major Way (The Stranger)

  • Nebraska Lawmakers Form Committee To Put Legal Marijuana Before Voters In 2020 (Marijuana Moment)

  • Cannabis is now getting the Instagram museum treatment (Vox)

  • GOP Congressman Wants Marijuana Consumers To Be Able To Legally Purchase Guns (Marijuana Moment)

  • Shoppers Drug Mart granted licence to sell medical marijuana online (CTV News)

  • Former DNC And RNC Chairs Join One Of The World’s Largest Marijuana Companies (Marijuana Moment)

  • Editorial: Medical marijuana is legal in Missouri. So don't punish its legal users. (St. Louis Post-Dispatch)

  • Chicago Mayor Wants Legal Marijuana Revenue To Fund Pensions (Marijuana Moment)

  • Cigarette Giant Altria Makes Major Investment in Canadian Cannabis Company (Willamette Week)

  • GOP Senator Seeks To Attach Marijuana Reform To Criminal Justice Bill (Marijuana Moment)

  • Why are so many countries now saying cannabis is OK? (BBC)


  • A Playlist for Psilocybin by Kelan Thomas (Chacruna)

  • Trip of a Lifetime? | The Rise of Magic Mushroom Wellness Retreats (Amuse)

  • The Lemon Tek Method for Faster Psilocybin (Magic) Mushroom Trips (Explore Psychedelics)

  • Editorial: Ballot measure on mushrooms seems premature (Corvallis Gazette-Times)


  • Ecstasy found in kid's food wrapper leads to three arrests at Sonic Drive-In in Taylor (KFDM)

  • Colorado man may have been killed by fentanyl in what he thought was 'MDMA,' family members suspect (Rooster Magazine)

  • Revealed: Plaster and brown sugar being sold as MDMA to festival-goers drug users (Chronicle Live)

  • Treating Veterans with Ecstasy (Military.com)

  • Benzino Could Go To Prison For 15 Years Over MDMA Pills And THC Gummies (AllHipHop)


  • Amazon Ayahuasca Sustainability Study Conducted by Medicine Hunter, First of its Kind, Answers Questions, Dispels Erroneous Claims (PRWeb)

  • Ayahuasca for Addiction? That's a Trip (Psychology Today)


Synthetic Cannabinoids

  • BBC South East uncovers black market in banned 'legal highs' (BBC)

  • William and Kate told of Spice devastation (BBC)




  • Overdose Deaths Involving Fentanyl Doubled Every Year From 2013 to 2016 (TIME)

  • Google Searches Could Predict Heroin Overdoses (Scientific American)

  • The Strongest Evidence Yet for a Highly Controversial Addiction Treatment (The Atlantic)

  • Fentanyl-related stocks rebound after China-US agreement to strengthen drug management (Global Times)

  • What I Found When I Applied Hundreds of Fentanyl Tests to Philly’s Street Drugs (Filter)

  • Naloxone-Carrying Nurse Says Her Life Insurance Was Denied. She's Not An Opioid Addict (The Daily Caller)

  • America's Top State for Drug Overdoses Is Handing Out Free Naloxone (U.S. News & World Report)

  • ‘Heroin Was My Life Preserver’ (Medium)

  • Afghanistan Hopeful About Replacing Opium Crops With Saffron (Gandhara)

  • Fentanyl: Deadly in Delaware, tops heroin for America's deadliest drug (The News Journal)



  • Thailand To Review Medical Marijuana, Kratom Legalization Proposal (The Fix)

  • Fears About Kratom Use During Pregnancy Are Overblown (Filter)


  • Ethiopia: Khat farming threatens food security, biodiversity, women, and agroforestry (Mongabay)


  • Testing drugs at festivals is ‘a lifesaver’, study finds (The Guardian)

  • Let’s Talk About Psychedelic-Induced Psychosis (Psymposia)

  • Where Trump’s Pick For Attorney General Stands On Drug Policy (Marijuana Moment)

  • Surge in young people going into private addiction clinics as poorer addicts 'pushed into gangs' (The Independent)

  • DEA Agent Arrested For Participating In Decade-Long Narcotics Conspiracy And Providing Firearms To Drug Trafficking Organization (U.S. Department of Justice)

  • Russia Is Punishing People for Helping Drug Users (VICE)

  • The Little-Known Way Pharma Companies Hook People On Their Costly Drugs (TIME)

  • One Part of Australia’s Economy Is Booming: Illegal Drugs (Bloomberg)

  • Seven Ways (Just for a Start) the War on Drugs Violates the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Filter)

  • Does the Law Require the Drug Czar To Lie About Legalization? (Reason)

  • Ambassadors to Hidden Territories: Set and Setting in Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy (Chacruna)

  • Politicians and police are killing young Australians (Crikey)

  • One dead and three critical after suspected drug overdoses at Sydney dance party (The Guardian)

  • A doctor wants to know which drugs you'd like to trip on (Rooster Magazine)

  • Why professionals are taking psychedelic drugs in the workplace (Financial Review)

  • A Guide to Dream Market (Dark Net Market/DNM) (Explore Psychedelics)

Disclaimer: "This Week in Psychedelics" does not censor or analyze the news links presented here. The purpose of this column is solely to catalogue how psychedelics are presented by the mass media, which includes everything from the latest scientific research to misinformation.

Image by Dahtamnay, courtesy of Creative Commons licensing.

This Week in Psychedelics - 12.7.18



  • Luxembourg next to legalise recreational cannabis use (Just Food)

  • Marijuana's Ten Biggest Victories Of 2018 (Forbes)

  • Vaporized Marijuana Produces A Stronger High Than Smoking It, Study Finds (Marijuana Moment)

  • Fake Vape Cartridges Are Disrupting the Legal Weed Industry and Duping Black Market Buyers (MERRY JANE)

  • CBD Vape Liquid Contains Dangerous Ingredients (Tonic)

  • How Ancient Viruses Gave Us Marijuana As We Know It Today (Marijuana Moment)

  • Pot of gold: how the beauty industry fell for cannabis (The Guardian)

  • Nearby Marijuana Shops Make Homes And Rentals More Valuable, Studies Show (Marijuana Moment)

  • US Tax Court Rules That Legal Cannabis Dispensaries Are Just Drug Traffickers (Civilized)

  • Two-year-old girl becomes 'first child to be prescribed medical cannabis in UK' (ITV News)

  • Recreational Cannabis is Now Legal in the US State of Michigan (Talking Drugs)

  • Utah Lawmakers Approve Medical Marijuana ‘Compromise’ Bill (Marijuana Moment)

  • Denver officials want to erase low-level marijuana offenses (AP News)

  • Use marijuana tax dollars to fix the subways? No: Dedicate the funds to people who've been hurt by prohibition (New York Daily News)

  • Surgeon General Says Marijuana’s Schedule I Status Hinders Research (Marijuana Moment)

  • Missouri Lawmaker Files Marijuana Legalization Bill After Voters Approve Medical Cannabis (Marijuana Moment)

  • When the pharmacist laughed at my pain, he laughed at all of us (The Times)

  • Feds try to squash Blackfeet medical marijuana legalization (Great Falls Tribune)

  • We ban cannabis but let people eat as much meat as they want. That makes no sense (The Guardian)

  • As Altria Eyes Pot, Philip Morris CEO Ignores Peer Pressure (Bloomberg)

  • Maryland marijuana panel approves ban on cannabis advertising on billboards, radio, TV and other media (The Baltimore Sun)

  • Major Alcohol Association Briefs Congress On Marijuana Legalization (Marijuana Moment)

  • Lawsuit Alleges California Cops Stole Weed and Cash During Traffic Stops (Reason)

  • Instagram Shuts Down a Popular Cannabis Account—Repeatedly (The Stranger)

  • 'Cooking with cannabis' classes are teaching Marylanders how to make their own marijuana edibles (The Baltimore Sun)

  • Lawmakers Reach Compromise Over Controversial Hemp Legalization Felony Provision (Marijuana Moment)

  • Potential Big Tobacco Acquisition Causes Cannabis Company's Stock to Soar (Forbes)

  • Marijuana legalization is working; most American are on board (USA Today)

  • Why Has the Food Industry Become So Obsessed with CBD? (Munchies)

  • Cannabis In The Next Congress: Will Republicans Try To Steal The Spotlight? (Forbes)

  • The Cannabis Industry Is Scaling With The Help Of New Technologies (Forbes)

  • Rhode Island Republican House Leader Embraces Marijuana Legalization (Marijuana Moment)


  • LSD Changes Something About The Way You Perceive Time (Tonic)

  • Welcome to the trip of your life: the rise of underground LSD guides (The Guardian)

  • Going Out on a High: the Doctor Advocating LSD for the Dying (OZY)

  • The World's First-Ever Acid Trip Actually Kinda Sucked (VICE)

  • I Microdosed LSD To Ease Depression And Gain Creative Clarity (HuffPost)

Psilocybin/Magic Mushrooms

  • Study Finds Microdosing with Psilocybin Truffles Enhances Creativity (Psychedelic Times)

  • Oregon May Vote in 2020 to Legalize Psychedelic Mushrooms in Therapy (Fortune)

  • Couple sentenced in fatal stabbing over psychedelic mushrooms (Kitsap Sun)


  • Five US Sites Are Now Enrolling Patients for MDMA Clinical Trials (Futurism)

  • MDMA Boosts Social Bonding, Improves Cooperation (Medscape)

  • MDMA helping with PTSD and Autism (EDMTunes)

  • Ex-Grammar school student, 19, died after taking ecstasy in Spanish club where temperatures soared to 116F and water cost £20-a-pint (Daily Mail)

  • Man died of acute MDMA toxicity on the night of his 46th birthday (Independent.ie)


  • Indigenous Ayahuasca: What Can We Learn? (The Third Wave)

  • Sexual Assault and Gender Politics in Ayahuasca Traditions: A View from Brazil (Chacruna)

  • Ayahuasca Gave Me a Backstage Pass to the Theatre of Well-being (Kahpi)

  • 'Kentucky Ayahuasca': Chief Shaman of Aya Quest Steve Hupp reveals what drove him to offer therapy with the Schedule 1 drug: 'America needs this!' (Meaww)

  • I Took Ayahuasca at a Countryside Retreat and It Was as Profound as They Say It Is (VICE)

  • Returning to Ayahuasca after three years away — night 4 (Graham Hancock)


  • Psyched up: a visionary therapy or a trip into the unknown (NZ Herald)


  • Can We Stop Suicides? (The New York Times)

  • Depression: Ketamine prevents loss of pleasure in primates (Medical News Today)

  • Fear mongering nitrous oxide is no laughing matter (AOD MEDIA WATCH)

  • Attorney: DC man took PCP before takeover of Metrobus that turned fatal (WTOP)

  • PCP-Crazed Man Exposes Himself In Woodbridge: Police (Patch)


  • Dark web dealers voluntarily ban deadly fentanyl (The Guardian)

  • This Drug Is 10 Times Stronger than Fentanyl But Still Safer than Cannabis, Says FDA (Civilized)

  • Opium poppy cultivation up 21% in two years to over 30,000 hectares (Mexico News Daily)

  • Why You May Be Denied Life Insurance For Carrying Naloxone (WBUR)

  • China agrees to make fentanyl a controlled substance after talks with US at G20 summit (CNN)

  • Don't keep naloxone kit in your car this winter, health advocate warns (CBC)

  • Study: Is equipping high schools with naloxone kits cost-effective? (Western Gazette)

  • Is America Ready For Prescription Heroin? (NPR)

  • Why would anyone cut heroin with fentanyl? It's cheap, these researchers say (NBC News)

  • For many teens, the battle with opioid addiction starts with wisdom teeth (Popular Science)

  • Heroin, fentanyl and the need for more opioid prescriptions, not fewer (Chicago Tribune)

  • America Has an Opium War. China Hadn’t Noticed (Bloomberg)


  • George H.W. Bush’s TV Crack Stunt Exemplified the Cruelty of His Drug Policies (Filter)

  • Dennis Quaid reveals that he used to use 2 grams of cocaine every day before getting clean (Fox News)

  • Cocaine hallucinations led to knifepoint kidnapping, woman tells investigators (The News Journal)


  • When absinthe was a clandestine affair (Swissinfo)


  • How a Kratom Ban Will Create Health Risks and Suffering—and Fuel Terrorism (Filter)

  • The FDA's Scott Gottlieb Says Kratom Isn't Legal to Market in the US (HubPages)

  • FDA notes high levels of heavy metal in Kratom (AdvanceWeb)

  • The Many Colors of Kratom Explained (Kratom Guides)


  • The truth about what miraa does to your body (Hivisasa)

Miscellaneous Psychedelics/Psychoactives/Drug Policy

  • We Need to Talk About Benzodiazepines—Including Their Use in Drug Combinations (Filter)

  • The Renaissance in Psychedelic Research (Taylor & Francis Online)

  • Psychedelic Retreats And The Future Of Mental Health: A Review (Forbes)

  • Alcohol-related deaths among UK women at highest rate in 10 years (The Guardian)

  • An Open Apology for Racist Language in the Women and Psychedelics Forum (Chacruna)

  • A Collective Open Apology for Response to Racist Language in the Women and Psychedelics Forum (Chacruna)

  • This Is How Coke, Ecstasy, and Meth Would Be Legally Sold (VICE)

  • Trump’s new top AG pick would be his daughter’s boss at Justice. (The Washington Post)

  • The Burgeoning Psychedelics Movement Still Excludes Women and People of Color (Filter)

  • People are dying, and Cuomo is stalling: We need Overdose Prevention Centers in New York now (New York Daily News)

  • Healing the Empire and Elevating the Underground: A Conversation with Rick Doblin (Psychedelic Times)

  • The Psychedelic Resistance (VICE)

  • Surgeon General: Federal drug classification needs changes (WBS Radio)

  • Fewer young people in treatment for drugs yet more admit to use (The Guardian)

  • Tory MP Ross Thomson mocked after falling for ‘obvious’ fake drug app prank (The Scotsman)

  • Going Underground (VICE)

  • The Forgotten Science of Shamanic Plant Whispering (Kahpi)

  • Pennsylvania Prosecutors Brought 186 Drug-Induced Homicide Charges in 2017 (Filter)

  • The Steady Rise of the Trippy Festival (VICE)

  • Artist Joe Roberts: 'The psychedelic experience is an incredible tool' (The Guardian)

  • Safety Guidelines for Guides, Psychedelic Integration Practitioners, and Other Leaders (Tam Integration)

  • This Veteran Is Beating PTSD with Psychedelics (MERRY JANE)

  • Small doses of psychedelics might help you solve problems (Science Focus)

Disclaimer: "This Week in Psychedelics" does not censor or analyze the news links presented here. The purpose of this column is solely to catalogue how psychedelics are presented by the mass media, which includes everything from the latest scientific research to misinformation.

Image by Dahtamnay, courtesy of Creative Commons licensing.

An Open Apology for Racist Language in the Women and Psychedelics Forum

Valerie Leveroni Corral, writing for Chacruna:

During the Women and Psychedelics Forum, co-promoted by the Chacruna Institute for Psychedelic Plant Medicines and the East West Psychology Program of the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS), held November 19 at CIIS in San Francisco I twice used the n-word during my remarks.

I apologize for my careless and insensitive use of this racist term. It inflicted harm on people of color who have faced years of racist oppression. I also inflicted harm on the community, the Women & Psychedelics Forum, the organizers, and CIIS.

While I am sorry for my offense, I recognize there is no way to extract the pain or to soften the blow I obliged others to endure. The onus is on me to rectify the harm caused and, although I cannot take back the damage, I will work to understand and acquire a greater knowledge of racism to which I contributed and how to end it. I promise to regularly inquire, both personally and externally, to gain information that broadens my understanding of racism in America and work against racist ideology, my own and that of others. I will do everything in my power to carry out my commitment.

What exactly did she say? A transcript or video clip of this section of the panel would help those of us who weren’t there have a clearer understanding about what happened. The collective open apology from the group explores it a bit more and makes Chacruna’s stance on the issue very clear, but there are still details missing from this story that would be helpful to have.

Regardless of whether we ever get more information or not, it’s reassuring to see Corral and Chacruna make a public apology like this. Good on them.

This Week in Psychedelics - 11.30.18



  • South Korea legalises medical marijuana (Financial Times)

  • New Jersey Lawmakers Move Forward Adult Use Marijuana Legislation (NORML)

  • Brazilian Lawmakers Approve Medical Marijuana Bill (Marijuana Moment)

  • Bill to legalise recreational marijuana in ACT has ‘overwhelming support’ (news.com.au)

  • Thailand Legislators Overwhelming Endorse Medical Cannabis Legalisation (Talking Drugs)

  • Using Marijuana Doesn’t Cause Youth Behavioral Problems, Study Finds (Marijuana Moment)

  • Reconciled Farm Bill Includes Provisions Lifting Federal Hemp Ban (NORML)

  • Pete Sessions And Republicans Block Another Marijuana Amendment (Marijuana Moment)

  • Cannabis expert says we're just scratching the surface in unlocking the plant's potential (news.com.au)

  • First Uruguay, Then Canada, and Now Mexico: Will the United States Be the Next Country to Legalize Cannabis? (Psychedelic Times)

  • Marijuana, mountains and money: How Lesotho is cashing in (BBC)

  • MPP chief sees several more recreational marijuana states in next few years (Marijuana Business Daily)

  • Charity to launch cannabis oil trial in hope of treating skin condition (ITV News)

  • $2.2M spent at Mass. marijuana shops in first five days of sales (WCVB)

  • Bernie Sanders Blasts Marijuana Prohibition In New Book (Marijuana Moment)

  • How to Achieve Weed Equality (VICE)

  • Feds To Host Workshop On Researching Marijuana Under Prohibition (Marijuana Moment)

  • Patents on pot? U.S. lawsuit puts cannabis claims to the test (Reuters)

  • Michael Moore: Put Marijuana On The Ballot To Drive Voter Turnout In 2020 (Marijuana Moment)

  • How The Largest Marijuana Retail Space In The U.S. Plans To Revamp A District (Forbes)

  • A Main Ingredient In Beer Used To Be Marijuana’s ‘Sister,’ Study Shows (Marijuana Moment)

  • How Big Will Canada’s Legal Cannabis Market Be? (JSTOR Daily)

  • Marijuana Dispensaries Reduce Local Opioid Overdose Rates, Study Finds (Marijuana Moment)

  • You Can't Spell Cannabis Without BS, An Advisor Describes How Not To Get Taken (Forbes)

  • U.S. Air Force Warns About Grandma’s Marijuana-Infused ‘Miracle Sticky Buns’ (Marijuana Moment)

  • Mastering the art and science of cannabis through Canada’s first cannabis sommelier course (The GrowthOp)

  • New Michigan Bills Would Help People Convicted Of Marijuana Offenses (Marijuana Moment)

  • Weed Chefs: Coming to a Screen Near You (Rolling Stone)

  • More Banks Welcome Marijuana Business Accounts, New Federal Report Shows (Marijuana Moment)

  • What Women Want: Legal Cannabis That Suits Their Needs (LA Weekly)

  • Rep. Dana Rohrabacher Touts Marijuana Accomplishments In Farewell Speech (Marijuana Moment)

  • Legalizing Marijuana and Gay Marriage Seemed Impossible (Reason)


  • Long-term systemic treatment with lysergic acid diethylamide causes retinal damage in CD1 mice (SAGE Journals)

Psilocybin/Magic Mushrooms

  • Medical Psilocybin Initiative Planned for Oregon 2020 Ballot (Ganjapreneur)

  • Magic Mushroom Used As Sleep Aid (Psychedelics Daily)

  • Cannabis, mushrooms should be part of discussion for treating concussion (The Boston Globe)

  • A Mother-Daughter Mushroom Trip Captured on Film (Psymposia)

  • Magic mushrooms are now being legally tested in therapy sessions in the US (Happy Mag)


  • MDMA Clinical Trials Are Now Open for Enrollment at Five Sites in the US (Inverse)

  • Kim Kardashian West Was 'High on Ecstasy' During First Wedding and When She Made a Sex Tape (News18)

  • Put testing labs in town centres to prevent 'needless' deaths, say parents of teens killed by ecstasy overdoses (The Independent)

  • Teen jailed over friends' Basshunter gig MDMA deaths (BBC)

  • Russian gets 18 years for drug smuggling in Vietnam (Crime Russia)

  • MDMA makes people cooperative and helps build trust after betrayal (WIRED)

  • A New High: Phase 2 MDMA Study Results in 76% Success Rate for Treating PTSD (Psychedelic Times)

  • Does MDMA cause brain damage? (GQ)


  • An exploratory study of experiences with conventional eating disorder treatment and ceremonial ayahuasca for the healing of eating disorders. (PubMed.gov)

  • He Used to Rob Banks. Now he's an Ayahuasca Shaman Performing Psychedelic Healing Ceremonies in Kentucky (Newsweek)

  • Toad Medicine: New Psychedelic Knowledge under Construction? (Chacruna)

  • Returning to Ayahuasca after three years away (Graham Hancock)

  • Returning to Ayahuasca after three years away — nights 2 and 3 (Graham Hancock)

Peyote/San Pedro/Mescaline

  • Jeff Goldblum describes taking acid, mescaline (Newshub)


  • A 'party drug' with potential to be the next blockbuster antidepressant is edging closer to the mainstream, but it could set you back $9,000 (Business Insider)

  • Teenager from NSW dead at Schoolies end of year celebrations on Gold Coast (news.com.au)


  • 'The Numbers Are So Staggering.' Overdose Deaths Set a Record Last Year. (The New York Times)

  • A U.S. Panel Says China Isn't Doing Enough to Stem the Flow of Fentanyl (TIME)

  • Confirmation of Five Fentanyl Analogues in Schedule I Following Surge in Fatalities Will Do Nothing to Help (Filter)

  • Western researchers study overdose antidote in high schools (The London Free Press)

  • Dad's incredible reaction after his daughter dies of heroin overdose in bathroom (Mirror)

  • Those on front lines of opioid addiction share stories and numbers of naloxone reversals (The Denver Channel)

  • Opioid-Related Deaths Keep Rising As Pain Pill Prescriptions Fall (Reason)

  • NYers Dying While Cuomo Drags Feet On Heroin Sites, Activists Say (Patch)

  • Getting Off Opioids and Other Drugs With Nature’s Remedies (The Environmental Magazine)


  • Would you pay more for ethically sourced cocaine? (TheJournal.ie)

  • Colombia Tries To Get Farmers Out Of The Cocaine Biz. How's That Going? (NPR)

  • El Chapo smuggled $500M worth of cocaine inside jalapeno cans: testimony (New York Post)

  • Essex police warn of dangerous cocaine batch after man dies (The Guardian)


  • Drink From An Absinthe Fountain At This New Basement Bar Dedicated To The Green Fairy (Londonist)



Miscellaneous Psychedelics/Psychoactives/Drug Policy

  • The U.S. Needs to Decriminalize Drug Possession Now (Rolling Stone)

  • Russia’s Harm Reductionists Are Once Again Under Attack (Filter)

  • Philippine Court Convicts 3 Police Officers for Drug War Murder (TIME)

  • Sex on Drugs at the Ludlow-Santo Domingo Library (Pharmacosexuality)

  • The Bunk Police is looking to destroy dishonesty in the drug market (Psymposia)

  • New IRS Rule Seems to Violate the First Amendment by Denying Tax-Exempt Status to Drug Policy Reform Groups (Reason)

  • New Zealand Team to Estimate Volume of Drug Sales in Seven Major Dark Web Sites (DeepDotWeb)

  • Interview: Bad boy of French cinema Gaspar Noe on making Climax and taking psychedelics (Flicks)

  • A Response to the Government Review of the Blindly Misinformed Psychoactive Substances Act (Beckley Foundation)

  • Woman sues after spending 3 months in jail over cotton candy mistaken for meth (WMC Action News 5)

  • Public health approach at heart of new drug and alcohol strategy (BBC)

  • Mixed feelings about psychedelic science (The Institute for the Advancement of Psychedelic Christianity)

  • Scottish drug users diverted out of justice system to tackle growing crisis (The Scotsman)

  • El Chapo and the Narco-Spectacle (Jacobin)

  • Breitbart's reporting on the drug war in Mexico is outstanding (Rooster Magazine)

  • What if psychedelics could revolutionize the way you die? (The Conversation)

  • 7 of the best psychedelic books ever written (Big Think)

  • This ‘Three Strikes’ Law Sends People to Die in Federal Prison For Drug Crimes (Reason)

Disclaimer: "This Week in Psychedelics" does not censor or analyze the news links presented here. The purpose of this column is solely to catalogue how psychedelics are presented by the mass media, which includes everything from the latest scientific research to misinformation.

Image by Dahtamnay, courtesy of Creative Commons licensing.