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Why Some South American Indigenous Tribes Give Their Dogs Psychedelic Drugs – September 11
Oregon Voters Could See Measure to Decriminalize All Drugs on 2020 Ballot – September 10
Johns Hopkins Opens New Center for Psychedelic Research – September 6


More People Try Drugs for the First Time in the Summer – July 24
Psychedelics Decriminalization Moves Forward in Cities Around the U.S. – July 24
California Claims the Crown for the Nation’s First Recreational Pot Cafes – July 19
First MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy Trial Successful in Combatting Alcoholism – July 19
YouTube Software Engineer Arrested After an LSD Rampage – July 12
Sydney Teen Swallowed MDMA Pills ‘To Avoid Detection’ at a Music Festival – July 12
What’s the Most Eco-Friendly Way to Dispose of a Body? – July 12
New Law Allows NC Drug Dealers to Be Charged With Murder – July 10
Hawaii Has Decriminalized Marijuana – July 10


Oakland Votes Unanimously to Decriminalize Natural Psychedelics – June 5


Oakland Lawmakers Advance Psychedelic Decriminalization Measure – May 29
TSA Updates Marijuana Rules to Allow Hemp-Derived CBD on Flights – May 29
Oakland Council May Board Magic Bus by Decriminalizing Natural Psychedelics – May 28
Berlin Park Designates ‘Pink Zone’ Areas for Drug Dealers – May 10
Denver Voters Approve Measure to Decriminalize Psychedelic Mushrooms – May 9
1,000-Year-Old Pouch Contains Traces of 5 Ancient Psychoactive Drugs – May 7
TSA to Travelers: We’re Not Looking for Your Weed – May 7
Mexico’s President Proposes Drug Decriminalization With Legal Supply via Prescription – May 7
A Device That Heats Tobacco, But Doesn't Burn It, Can Now Be Sold in the U.S. – May 3
Illegal Pot Market Booming in California Despite Legalization – May 2
E*Trade May Offer Trading for Bitcoin and Ethereum – May 2
Getting ‘California Sober’ Showed Me a Kinder, Gentler Way to Do Drugs – May 2


The World’s Biggest Dark Net Market Has Shut Down – April 12
China Enters Magic Mushroom Industry – April 12
Inside an Innovative Study of MDMA Therapy for Alcohol Use Disorder – April 12
Take Rooster Magazine's 2019 Ultimate Drug Survey Now! – April 5
Street Cannabis ‘Contains Dangerous Amount of Fecal Matter’ – April 5


Could ‘Alcosynth’ Provide All the Joy of Booze – Without the Dangers? – March 28
You Can’t Overdose on Fentanyl by Touching It – March 28
How Psychedelic Virtual Reality Can Help End Society’s Mass Bad Trip – March 27
Missouri Man Spikes Coworkers’ Drinks With LSD – March 23
Scientists Gave Alligators Ketamine and Headphones to Understand Dinosaur Hearing – March 22
Top Ten Equity Must-Haves in Any Legalization Bill – March 21
Alaska Is Officially the First State to License On-Site Marijuana Consumption at Cannabis Stores – March 14
The UN Chief Executives Board Unanimously Endorses Decriminalization – March 14
Missouri Police Search for Marijuana in a Stage 4 Cancer Patient's Hospital Room – March 14
Bipartisan Legislation To End Marijuana Prohibition Filed – March 8
A Ketamine-Like Drug Is the First New Antidepressant to Get FDA Approval in Years – March 8
Marijuana Use Before Sex Leads to More Satisfying Orgasms, Study Finds – March 8
FDA Flooded With Comments Urging That Marijuana Be Reclassified – March 7
Legal Cannabis Has Created 211,000 Full-Time Jobs in America – March 6
A New Chapter in the Science of Psychedelic Microdosing – March 6
What It’s Like to Smoke Salvia for Science – March 6
Ritualistic Ayahuasca Users Tend to Have Positive Health and Psychosocial Well-Being – March 4


Polly Wants Crack! – February 28
Australia Gives Harsher Punishment for Pills Than Powdered MDMA – February 26
Researchers Find Ties Between Africa’s Khat Use and Liver Disease – February 21
Study Finds Tough Cannabis Policies Do Not Deter Young People – February 21
The Supreme Court Just Struck a Huge, Unanimous Blow Against Policing for Profit – February 21
‘Kitty Flipping’ and the Psychonaut Obsession With Mixing Drugs – February 15
The Deadly Worst Case Scenario for America’s Xanax Obsession – February 15
Crystal Meth Is North Korea’s Trendiest Lunar New Year’s Gift – February 15
FDA Explores Using Blockchain to Track Drug Supplies – February 15
Why Do Jesters and Tricksters Appear in the DMT Experience? – February 5
A Robot Teaches Itself to Play Jenga. But This Is No Game – February 4
Scientists Used Marijuana Consumers’ Urine to Produce Electricity – February 1


CBD Can Actually Enhance, Rather Than Counteract, High Caused by THC – January 31
This Canadian Cannabis Advisory Ad Is Full-On Trippy – January 27
Have you had an experience with synthetic mescaline, peyote, or San Pedro? – January 25



Five Models for Regulating Drug Supply – December 26
Thailand Approves Medical Marijuana – December 25
Syracuse Cops Push St. Joe’s to Probe Man’s Rectum for Drugs – December 20
An Open Apology for Racist Language in the Women and Psychedelics Forum – December 6


Did the FDA Just Say Kratom Is Illegal? – November 28
The Bunk Police Is Looking to Destroy Dishonesty in the Drug Market – November 27
Let’s Talk About Compass And Psychedelic Capitalism – November 21
Mexico Introduces Bill to Legalize Medical and Recreational Cannabis Use – November 9


How to Microdose Mushrooms Without Having a Connect or Breaking the Law – October 15
High Court Orders Thousands More Drug Cases Dismissed – October 13
What About the Future of the Psychedelic Industry? – October 10
DOJ Affirms Free Water and Drug Education Not a Violation of the RAVE Act – October 10


Capitalism on Psychedelics: The Mainstreaming of an Underground – September 27
Rally to Legalize Psychedelic Medicine and Nude Love Parade – September 24
The People Who Survive on Psychedelics Even When They Don’t Want To – September 1
First Ever Trials on the Effects of Microdosing LSD Set to Begin – September 1


The Overdose Crisis: Beyond Opioids – August 30
Inside the Trump Administration’s Secret War on Weed – August 30
Prison Officials Are Blaming Inmate Letters Soaked in K2 for Making Guards Sick – August 30
Map of Marijuana Laws by Country in Europe – August 28
US Lawmakers Discuss Marijuana Legalization With New Mexican President’s Team – August 28
What is Monkey Dust? – August 15
Norway to Test Free Heroin for Drug Addicts – August 14
Man Dies After Swallowing Heroin During FBI Raid – August 14
People With Depression and Anxiety Could Benefit From Hallucinogens – August 14
Mapping the Mind with Mushrooms 2018 – August 8
Waymo's Self-Driving Cars Are Near: Meet the Teen Who Rides One Every Day – August 7
Magic Mushrooms: New Research on Psilocybin and Its Benefits – August 7
Why Westerners Fear Robots and the Japanese Do Not – August 1
Vigilante Drug Testers at the Gathering of the Juggalos – August 1


This Parasite Drugs Its Hosts With the Psychedelic Chemical in Shrooms – July 31
Psychedelics' Buddhist Revival – July 31
Cops Are Investigating a Hallucinogenic Desert Toad Heist – July 30
Why ‘Getting Lost in a Book’ Is So Good for You – July 27
Colleges Just Don't Understand Harm Reduction – July 27
No Magic Mushrooms on the Denver Ballot This Year – July 27
What Happens When You Give an Octopus MDMA? – July 26
Aurora Cannabis Inc. to Offer Medical Pot Coverage for Employees – July 26
A Startup Backed by Peter Thiel Has Churned Out 20,000 Doses of Magic Mushrooms – July 25
Psilocybin Truffles vs. Psilocybin Mushrooms – July 25
Canada Brews First Cannabis Beer – July 25
Why Meditate? – July 16
Australian Grass Got Kangaroos So High on DMT They Couldn’t Walk Straight – July 15
Sri Lanka Will Start Hanging Its Drug Dealers to 'Replicate the Success of Philippines' – July 15
Thai Cave Boys Given Ketamine During Miraculous Rescue to Keep Them Calm – July 15
Japan Just Executed the Leaders of an LSD-Fueled Doomsday Science Cult – July 12
People Are Using Fitbits and Apple Watches to Monitor Their Heart Rate When Binging on Drugs – July 12
Marijuana Is Not a Holy Sacrament, Rules Indiana Judge Following First Church of Cannabis Lawsuit – July 10
Become One with Art at Tokyo's Psychedelic Digital Museum – July 10
Psychedelic Therapy Music Playlists – July 9
19-Year-Old Rescued From Drug-Fueled Doomsday Sect in Peru – July 9
Caffeine Use Disorder – July 9
Caribbean Nations Agree to Consider Marijuana Legalization – July 8


Transformational Festivals and the New Psychedelic Revolution – June 28
Psychedelics And Male-Perpetrated Violence – June 28
Beyond Psychedelics 2018 – June 16
The Essential Guide to Mescaline – June 12
China's All-Seeing Credit Score System – June 7
Synthetic Weed Is Back – June 5
FDA Monitors Social Media for Drug Abuse Trends – June 3
What's Up with Denver's Psilocybin Decriminalization Initiative? – June 3


Use This Calculator to Determine the Proper Dosage for Several Species of Psilocybin Mushrooms – April 8