DOJ Affirms Free Water and Drug Education Not a Violation of the RAVE Act

Dede, writing for Amend the RAVE Act!:

Dear friends and other steadfast supporters,

I am thrilled to bring you two important updates about our work to amend the RAVE Act.

First, earlier this year, I received a letter from the Department of Justice (DOJ) informing me that free water should absolutely be provided at dance music festivals and concerts!

Then, last week the Justice Department added that fact-based drug education material may be distributed at events! In fact, they said that both of these measures have been deemed to be ‘reasonable and appropriate safety measures.’

Free water at music festivals is an absolute no-brainer, and educating drug users about how to use drugs in the safest manner possible can have a huge impact. Lives will definitely be saved because of these changes. This is excellent news for the harm reduction movement.