Missouri Man Spikes Coworkers’ Drinks With LSD

Emily Cole, writing for KOLR:

There are plenty of ways to handle a coworker who is getting on your nerves.

One Missouri man had an interesting way of dealing with this every day problem...

He spiked their drinks with LSD. […]

Police say the man told them his coworkers at Enterprise Rent-A-Car had "negative energy," and he wanted them to mellow out. So the 19-year-old put LSD in three people's water bottles and coffee cups.

This is a HUGE no-no. But I must admit that in my younger days, when I first encountered psychedelics, I was a loud-and-proud evangelist for them and genuinely believed that our society would be better off if people were dosed with LSD without their knowledge, just like this young man did to his coworkers.

However, now I understand how important it is to give people the chance to consent before sending them on a psychedelic journey (or any drug experience, for that matter). I firmly believe that no one should ever dose someone with a powerful psychedelic like LSD who is unprepared to go on the voyage.

Dosing other people without their knowledge is just plain fucked up. Don’t do it.