Sydney Teen Swallowed MDMA Pills ‘To Avoid Detection’ at a Music Festival

Sarah McPhee, writing for

A 19-year-girl who died after an MDMA overdose took up to three pills in close proximity to avoid detection by police, a Sydney inquest has heard. Alexandra Ross-King's death is one of six at NSW music festivals between December 2017 and January 2019 being examined at an inquest before Deputy State Coroner Harriet Grahame. […]

She said Ms Ross-King consumed two half-pills on her journey from the Central Coast in a minibus to Parramatta Park earlier this year and two more pills upon her arrival."The January FOMO festival involved an unusual pattern of consumption for her," Dr Dwyer said at the NSW Coroners Court in Lidcombe on Monday. "She told her friends that because she was nervous about being caught by the police, she took the drugs at once like that."

This unfortunate death could have been completely avoided if police weren’t trying to bust drug users. How many more people have to die unnecessarily before we finally get some sane drug laws on the books?