19-Year-Old Rescued From Drug-Fueled Doomsday Sect in Peru

The Local:

According to José Antonio Capa, head of the anti-trafficking police unit, sect leader Félix Steven Manrique considered himself an envoy of God and called himself "Prince of Gurdjeff." 

He managed to groom Aguilar and other women through a Facebook group he set up, painting himself as a messiah on a mission to repopulate the world and one who would save his followers from the apocalypse.

In fact Manrique ran a harem of women who submitted to him. He forced them to have sex and consume Ayahuasca, an indigenous drink that causes hallucinations and anxiety attacks.

Absolutely horrific. This is the first time I've heard about an ayahuasca doomsday sect having been formed, but it's reminiscent of the murderous cult Charles Manson led in the 60s. However, instead of brainwashing his followers with "sex, LSD, Bible readings, repeated playing of the Beatles’ White Album and rambling lectures about triggering a revolution," Capa used Facebook to find his followers and held them captive by raving about the impending apocalypse and drugging them with ayahuasca.