Psychedelic Therapy Music Playlists

Mendel Kaelen, a post-doctoral neuroscientist at Imperial College London who specializes in the function of music in psychedelic therapy, has created a series of psychedelic music playlists that can be used for therapeutic purposes:

The music playlists I release publicly are either short mixtapes or full playlists created for therapeutic work. The easiest way to stay updated on new music is by following me on twitter or spotify

If you are a therapist interested in using this music in psychedelic therapy, please be aware that music-selection is only one component of the therapeutic work with music (preparation, guidance & integration). I am available to consult on this.

I am so glad that I stumbled upon Kaelen's incredible playlists. A recent experience with the Psilocybin I playlist—which was originally created for a 2016 psilocybin depression study—showed me just how skilled he is at creating the perfect soundscape for an entheogenic voyage.

As a lover of all things music and psychedelic, I was elated to discover that there is someone out there who specializes in creating marvelous playlists for psychedelic therapy and research studies. I highly recommend that you check out his work.