China's All-Seeing Credit Score System

Charles Rollet, writing for WIRED:

In the UK, credit scores are mostly used to determine whether people can get a credit card or loan. But in China, the government is developing a much broader “social credit” system partly based on people’s routine behaviours with the ultimate goal of determining the “trustworthiness” of the country’s 1.4 billion citizens.

It might sound like a futuristic dystopian nightmare but the system is already a reality. Social credit is preventing people from buying airline and train tickets, stopping social gatherings from happening, and blocking people from going on certain dating websites. Meanwhile, those viewed kindly are rewarded with discounted energy bills and similar perks.

China is going full-blown Black Mirror with its social credit system. It's pretty fucked up to outright ban people from buying airline and train tickets due to unpaid debts or prevent them from getting loans because they cheat in a video game.