Missouri Police Search for Marijuana in a Stage 4 Cancer Patient's Hospital Room

Tara Law, writing for TIME:

A stage 4 pancreatic cancer patient says he feels his rights have been violated after police search his hospital room for marijuana in a video that has since been viewed more than 500,000 times on Facebook.

In the clip, which was first streamed on Facebook Live on Thursday, a pair of police officers search bags that belong to Nolan Sousley, a patient with pancreatic cancer who was hospitalized in Missouri.

Sousley tells them that all he has are pills containing THC, which he says is to treat his cancer. The officers claim that they have been tipped off that there was a marijuana smell coming from Sousley’s room.

The dude is literally dying from stage 4 pancreatic cancer. A sane society would let him have as much cannabis as he wants and leave him in peace. Instead, these cops tore through his room looking for weed. And to top it all off?:

The officers did not find anything illegal in the room.

Just try to watch the video without your blood starting to boil.