FDA Flooded With Comments Urging That Marijuana Be Reclassified

Kyle Jaeger, writing for Marijuana Moment:

In the last few days, nearly 700 people have submitted comments to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) supporting the rescheduling of marijuana.

The FDA opened the public comment period on Friday to gather input ahead of a United Nations meeting on global drug policy, where the U.S. representative will have the opportunity to cast a vote on World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations to reschedule cannabis, THC and CBD under international drug treaties.

So far, the federal agency has been flooded with comments that overwhelmingly endorse a cannabis reclassification. Support for the policy change has been nearly unanimous, but the reasoning behind those sentiments varied.

The deadline for this round of comments is March 14th, so make sure you submit yours before it’s too late. Last time the FDA asked for input on this issue, more than 20,000 people submitted their feedback. As a community, we should shoot for even more this time around. Tell the FDA what you think about rescheduling cannabis today.