Top Ten Equity Must-Haves in Any Legalization Bill

Shaleen Title, writing on LinkedIn:

As promised, I am sharing my top ten equity must-haves for any state cannabis legalization bill. I rewrite these every time I give a speech in another state, because every day I learn more and they evolve.

From homegrows and automatic expungement of previous cannabis convictions to establishing diversity and reinvesting a portion of tax revenue into disproportionately harmed communities, these ten must-haves for any state legalization bill are great. Title includes some excellent advice at the end of her piece, too:

Hope you found this helpful. Feel free to use and share with or without attribution. If you're standing up for equity before the law passes, team up with everyone who doesn't want an industry controlled by a handful of corporations. Don't get boxed into outdated pro vs. anti-pot.

By the way if anyone brings up "constitutional concerns" over benefits for disproportionately harmed communities, they're probably using that an excuse to not have to say they don't like equity. Ask for the specific legal concerns in writing and you likely won't hear back.

Social justice advocates being asked to support legalization bills, being promised that equity will come later: you know it won't. Don't underestimate the power you have. After the law passes you'll never have this much power again. Use it. Future generations are counting on you.