One Thought At A Time...

Think Wilder investigates the infinite realities that we are a part of. Common topics here include music, reading and writing, plant-based diets, fitness, meditation and yoga, psychoactive drugs, gardening, alternative economics and self-development. However, there is no self-defined limit to what will be explored here. This is a labor of love with the intention of spreading consciousness and exercising my writer's voice.

All articles are written by myself, David Wilder—a spiritual seeker from North Carolina. I have experience as a writer and editor for multiple publications, including Psychedelic TimesReality Sandwich and The East Carolinian. Contact information is located at the bottom of each page, should you wish to provide any feedback or engage in conversation about any of the topics discussed here.

I hope that you find value in the pieces published on Think Wilder, and appreciate your checking out my work. I would like to advise all readers to keep an open mind and bear in mind that these are my personal observations and opinions that are being shared here. With that in mind, please feel free to explore and contact me if you wish.

Image by Joel Tonyan, courtesy of Creative Commons licensing.