920 Coalition - Psilocybin Awareness Day


Today marks the inaugural 920 Psilocybin Awareness Day, inspired by the folks at 920 Coalition. From the coalition's website: "The 920 Coalition is a collaboration of non-profit organizations and individuals organizing events around the world on 9/20/2015 to bring attention to the role of psilocybin mushrooms in our society and health care system."

For the uninitiated reader, psilocybin is one of the primary psychoactive components of "magic mushrooms", a group of fungi that many consider to be sacred spiritual sacraments and medicinal healers, yet simultaneously they are finger-wagged by the authorities in our culture and placed in the highest-level section (Schedule I) of the United States' Controlled Substances List. I highly suggest reading the information in the afore-linked "magic mushrooms" website, which will lead you to the Erowid webpage on psilocybin mushrooms to learn more about them.

Today's event is intended to spread awareness about the current state of research on the role of psychedelic psilocybin mushrooms in our society and health care system. There are plenty of events located across the world in many countries, including Mexico, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and the United States. These events are structured in various formats, including speaker events, film screenings, demonstrations, small educational meetings, parties, concerts, and small home gatherings. If you are interested in learning about what may be happening today near you, please click the "920 Coalition" link at the top of this article.

I believe that psychedelic psilocybin mushrooms (along with other psychedelic substances) have the potential to help transform the world, one thought at a time. I encourage anyone interested to learn more about them by visiting Erowid (which synchronistically is running an annual fund drive at the moment and seriously deserves your support). And those of us who have knowledge to share can take some time today and speak to people who have open minds, ears, and hearts about the benefits of these sacraments and the grave injustice that has surrounded them for the past 45 years.