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This Week in Psychoactives - 6.28.19



  • Illinois just legalized marijuana (Vox)

  • Oregon Is Now the First State That Can Export Weed (MERRY JANE)

  • Oregon: Governor Signs Marijuana Expungement Measure Into Law (NORML)

  • House Resoundingly Approves Broad Marijuana Federalism (Reason)

  • Hungry at the Pot Shop? Anchorage Just Legalized Edibles Consumption in Dispensaries (MERRY JANE)

  • Hawaii: Governor to Let Marijuana Decriminalization Become Law (NORML)

  • Access to cannabis for medical reasons is now allowed in Ireland under new law (

  • New Mexico: New Marijuana Decriminalization Law Goes Into Effect Next Week (NORML)

  • N.Y. Lawmakers Pass Bill to Decriminalize Marijuana and Expunge 900,000 Arrests (TIME)

  • Where Presidential Candidate Joe Sestak Stands On Marijuana (Marijuana Moment)

  • Cannabis Ingredient CBD Could One Day Become an Antibiotic (Newsweek)


  • Hallucinogenic Fungi Turn Cicadas Into Sex-Crazed Zombies (VICE)

  • Canadians Can Now Order Shrooms From This Dispensary (VICE)

  • Zero Psilocybin Arrests in Denver First Month After Decriminalization (Westword)


  • Inside the multi-million dollar drug labs where your MDMA is made (SBS)

  • Australians who use drugs like ecstasy are killing fish... in Holland (SBS)

  • Preston teenager dies after taking MDMA and cannabis (BBC)


  • A Natural Source of DMT Has Been Discovered in Mammal Brains (Inverse)


  • A Tribute to the Mother of Ayahuasca Research, Marlene Dobkin de Rios (1939-2012) (Kahpi)



  • Rotterdam to ban laughing gas at festivals, mayor says (


  • Intranasal Ketamine for the Relief of Cluster Headache (Practical Pain Management)

  • Ketamine Infusion Improves Abstinence in Cocaine-Dependent Patients (MD Magazine)

  • Ketamine and dexmedetomidine combo requires close watch in surgical patients (Medical Dialogues)

  • VA Imposes Strict Limits on Controversial Ketamine-Based Depression Treatment (

  • Lamar Odom Discusses How Ketamine Saved His Mental Health (The Fix)

  • Ketamine Against Depression: Does the New Drug Work? (Interesting Engineering)


  • Hartford Man Set House On Fire After Confrontation About PCP Use (Patch)


  • Naloxone coprescription laws may lead to more than 7-fold increase in dispensing (Healio)

  • How judges added to the grim toll of opioids (Reuters)

  • Get "Dosed": New Doc Explores Psychedelics as an Antidote to the Opioid Crisis (MERRY JANE)

  • Mexico is world’s No. 2 opium producer with 5.6% of production: UN (Mexico News Daily)

  • New Jersey’s naloxone giveaway distributes 32,000 doses of opioid-reversing drug (WHYY)

  • The Opioid Crisis: How the candidates would solve it (Big Think)

  • They Mentioned 'Narcan' on HBO's Euphoria—What Is That? (Men's Health)

  • In the midst of opioid crisis, Harrisburg dismisses evidence on treatment (The Philadelphia Inquirer)


  • ONDCP Reports Cocaine Production in Colombia is Leveling Off (The White House)

  • Kerry Katona admits ‘cocaine was my best friend’ at lowest point (The Sun)



  • San Francisco Becomes First U.S. City to Pass a Ban on E-Cigarettes (TIME)

  • Half of tobacco and vape shops don’t ID teens, undercover research finds (Fox 8)

  • Scientists engineer low-nicotine tobacco to help combat nicotine addiction (

  • Six months in, Philly assesses its smoking ban in inpatient rehabs (The Philadelphia Inquirer)

  • Low rates of recommended treatment for tobacco dependence in patients hospitalized with SUDs (News-Medical.Net)

  • Banning e-cigarettes, not tobacco products, is 'ludicrous,' some public health experts say (NBC News)

  • Bryon follows other southern MN locations by raising tobacco age to 21 (KIMT)


  • Alcohol is third leading preventable cause of death in US (Walla Walla Union-Bulletin)

  • Alcohol ranked most harmful drug in Australia, says report (SBS)

  • Breaking The Booze Habit, Even Briefly, Has Its Benefits (NPR)

  • Sam’s Club launches alcohol delivery through Instacart (TechCrunch)

  • Alcohol-Free Bars Caught on in the U.S. and U.K. But Can They Go Global? (Yahoo! Finance)



  • FDA issues warnings to companies selling kratom products for opioid addiction (NBC News)


  • How Previous Drug Use Can Stop You Getting Into America (VICE)

  • Illegal drug classifications are based on politics not science – report (The Guardian)

  • Dzulkefly: Govt to decriminalise drug possession for personal use (The Star)

  • Psychedelics research at Imperial College enters a new phase (Felix)

  • Drug dogs set to be used in schools and colleges (Daily Echo)

  • Campaigners accuse Tory politicians of drugs hypocrisy (The Guardian)

  • Attempts to Build a Safe Injection Site for San Francisco Drug Users Pushed to 2020 (Reason)

  • If Everyone Tripped on Psychedelics, We’d Do More About Climate Change (VICE)

  • What can we learn from studying psychedelics in special populations? (Chacruna)

  • The science of roadside drug testing (

  • Dopey: ‘We needed somewhere to tell wild drug stories’ (BBC)

  • Why is psychedelic culture dominated by privileged white men? (Aeon)

  • What it’s like to test drugs for a living: inside the specialist unit that’s especially busy during festival season (

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Disclaimer: "This Week in Psychoactives" does not censor or analyze the news links presented here. The purpose of this column is solely to catalogue how psychedelics are presented by the mass media, which includes everything from the latest scientific research to misinformation.

Image by Psychedelic Astronaut.

On the Monday following each edition of “This Week in Psychoactives,” I post a “Last Week in Psychoactives” video recap to my YouTube channel. After that is done, I retroactively add the video to the corresponding blog post. Here is this week’s video recap:

This Week in Psychoactives - 6.14.19



  • Oldest evidence of cannabis smoking found in ancient Chinese cemetery (Ars Technica)

  • Nevada bans employers from refusing to hire those who fail marijuana tests (CNN)

  • Maryland Legalizes Medical Marijuana Edibles, With Caveats (Reason)

  • Drivers With Common THC Limit Are Not More Likely To Cause Accidents, Study Finds (Marijuana Moment)

  • Oregon: Governor Signs Law Prohibiting Landlords From Discriminating Against Medical Marijuana Patients (NORML)

  • Texas governor signs law legalizing hemp, CBD products (The Hill)

  • Court squashes Colombia’s ban on smoking pot and drinking beer in public (Colombia Reports)

  • Coroner claims woman overdosed on cannabis, scientists call bullshit (The Next Web)

  • Illinois Cancer Patient Sentenced to Four Years in Jail Over Cannabis Edibles (MERRY JANE)

  • Study: Veterans Often Substitute Medical Cannabis for Alcohol, Prescription Drugs (NORML)

  • U.S. Postal Services Unveils New Policy On Mailing Hemp-Derived CBD Products (Marijuana Moment)

  • Recreational Weed Hurts Medical Cannabis Programs, Study Finds (MERRY JANE)

  • Huge Cement Blocks Bar Access to Illicit Toronto Dispensaries (Leafly)

  • Poll Reveals Top Reasons People Support Or Oppose Marijuana Legalization (Marijuana Moment)

  • Nearly All Hospice Professionals Support Medical Marijuana Access, Study Finds (MERRY JANE)

  • Las Vegas OK’d Cannabis Lounges but Nevada Just Said No (Leafly)

  • Marijuana arrests target mostly blacks and Hispanics in region (Times Union)

  • Baby Boomers Are Consuming Pot at Ten Times the Rate of Past Senior Generations (MERRY JANE)

  • Ohio board rejects adding insomnia, depression as conditions for medical pot; tables autism, anxiety (WBNS)

  • California Appeals Court Rules Cannabis Possession in Prison Legal (Courthouse News)

  • Legal Cannabis May Not Lower Opioid Overdose Deaths After All (Gizmodo)

  • Ontario Law Now Prevents Pot Shops From Showing Vape Pens to Customers (MERRY JANE)

  • Oregon Is About to OK Cannabis Exports. What’s Next? (Leafly)

  • Alabama Bucks Its History of Prohibition, Plants First Hemp Crop Since 1937 (MERRY JANE)

  • Federal Employment Protections Demanded In Appropriations Bill (NORML)

  • Oklahoma’s Medical Marijuana Industry Sold $23 Million Worth of Weed in May (MERRY JANE)


  • The U.S. Army Once Kept $1 Billion Worth of LSD in a Maryland Office for Some Reason (Gizmodo)

  • The Highs and Lows of LSD Literature (The New York Times)


  • Magic mushrooms could replace antidepressants within five years, says new psychedelic research centre (The Independent)

  • 'They broke my mental shackles': could magic mushrooms be the answer to depression? (The Guardian)

  • I Took Magic Mushrooms To Treat The World’s Worst Headaches... And Got Arrested For It (HuffPost)


  • Ecstasy warning over high strength MDMA pills at Parklife (Daily Star)

  • More than 2000 children need help to ditch ecstasy problem (Mirror)


  • What’s DMT and why are techies and entrepreneurs secretly taking the drug? (The American Genius)


  • Psychedelics, dance steps and giant snakes: inside the ayahuasca show (The Guardian)


  • Mike Tyson Says Smoking Toad Venom Cured His Addictions (Civilized)


  • Synthetic Marijuana Is Making People Bleed From Their Eyes and Ears (Cosmopolitan)

  • Milton teens found in medical distress didn't overdose on opioids, police say (CBC)


  • FDA Overlooked Red Flags In Testing of New Depression Drug (Daily Beast)


  • 'It's an evil drug': Authorities see increase in demand of PCP (KTUL)


  • Naloxone nasal spray is more available in Philly neighborhoods with more white residents, study finds (Philly Voice)

  • Drug Users Armed With Naloxone Double As Medics On Streets Of San Francisco (California Healthline)

  • Free heroin? Unusual clinic offers 'chance at being human again' (CBC)

  • Insys, the Opioid Drug Maker, Files for Bankruptcy (The New York Times)

  • Former champion MMA fighter describes battle with heroin addiction (WKRC)


  • Michael Gove: Cocaine 'mistake' a 'deep regret' (BBC)

  • Plumbers, builders and cabbies are doing it in the local pub – stop calling cocaine a middle class drug (The Sun)

  • Why Peruvian wellness and a 'cocaine massage' could change your life (The Independent)

  • Teens with prenatal cocaine exposure exhibit altered patterns of amygdala functional connectivity (PsyPost)


  • Algorithm provides customized caffeine strategy for alertness (ScienceDaily)

  • If We Wrote About Caffeine Like We Do Other Drugs… (Filter)


  • Texas Raises Age To Buy Tobacco To 21 (Inquisitr)

  • A Flurry of States Have Raised Their Smoking Ages. But Big Tobacco's Involvement Has Some Health Groups Uneasy (TIME)

  • E-cig companies use cartoon characters as logos, and new study shows it works (The Conversation)

  • FDA finalizes guidance for premarket tobacco product applications for electronic nicotine delivery systems as part of commitment to continuing a strong oversight of e-cigarettes (FDA)

  • Tobacco 21 to take effect June 24 in Mankato (Mankato Free Press)


  • A Ten-Year Plan To Reduce Global Alcohol Consumption Is Showing Results (Forbes)

  • Prohibition worked better than you think (Vox)

  • Alcohol main cause of substance-related deaths in hospital (CBC)

  • Drinking alcohol at conception shown to harm rats – new study (The Conversation)

  • We Drink Basically The Same Wine As Ancient Romans — And That's Not So Great (NPR)


  • The Truth About Nootropics and What They Do to Our Brains, According to a Neuroscientist (Good Housekeeping)

  • 10 Modafinil Myths You Can’t Afford To Believe (Dreamland Magazine)



  • Australia’s discussion of kava imports reflects lack of cultural understanding (The Conversation)

  • Crackdown on health standards at Vanuatu kava bars (Radio New Zealand)



  • AOC Pushes To Make It Easier To Study Shrooms And Other Psychedelic Drugs (Forbes)

  • Seven Tory leadership candidates admit they’ve dabbled in drugs after Gove shock coke revelation (The Sun)

  • Say "High" to the World's First Venture Fund Exclusively for Psychedelics (MERRY JANE)

  • Drugs expert barred from policy panel after criticising Home Office (The Guardian)

  • Rhode Island Senate Approves Bill Allowing Supervised Consumption Sites For Illegal Drugs (Marijuana Moment)

  • Fashion is having a seriously psychedelic moment (Los Angeles Times)

  • I Think I Hated This Tech Conference on Psychedelics (WIRED)

  • New Government Estimates Offer Early Hope That Drug Overdose Deaths Are Waning (TIME)

  • Harm Production: Ontario’s Brutal Cuts Add Fuel to the Overdose Fire (Filter)

  • El Chapo: what the rise and fall of the kingpin reveals about the war on drugs (The Guardian)

  • Dark Web Drug Sellers Dodge Police Crackdowns (The New York Times)

  • Palm Beach County wants to start Florida’s second needle exchange program (The Palm Beach Post)

  • What to do when your friend gets too high (The Tab)

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Disclaimer: "This Week in Psychoactives" does not censor or analyze the news links presented here. The purpose of this column is solely to catalogue how psychedelics are presented by the mass media, which includes everything from the latest scientific research to misinformation.

Image by Psychedelic Astronaut.

On the Monday following each edition of “This Week in Psychoactives,” I post a “Last Week in Psychoactives” video recap to my YouTube channel. After that is done, I retroactively add the video to the corresponding blog post. Here is this week’s video recap:

The People Who Survive on Psychedelics Even When They Don’t Want To

Reilly Capps, writing for Rooster Magazine:

About once a month, when Ashley Hattle has to take her powerful and effective headache medicine, she preps for the unwanted side effects.

She clears her schedule for eight hours. She gets out the finger paint. She turns on a Harry Potter movie. Why? “Because it’s magic,” she says. And then she downs 1.5 grams of psilocybin mushrooms.

Side effects include: walls that breathe, trees that shimmy, and clouds that morph in geometric patterns.

“If I was just doing it for fun, I might enjoy it,” she says. “But I resent that I have to do this for my health.”

Her medical problem, cluster headaches, is the most painful thing a human can experience — worse than broken bones, childbirth and gunshot wounds. And story after story and study after study says psychedelics like magic mushrooms are about the best medicine.

But tripping, for Hattle, a 27-year-old advertising writer, is a pain. It’s hard to write or make phone calls. She can’t drive. She doesn’t feel comfortable hanging out with most people. And she has to spend the whole next day recovering, feeling groggy and dull.

What an interesting story. I was definitely aware that people have been using psychedelics to treat cluster headaches for years, but I didn't realize that they had to re-dose so often. I couldn't imagine feeling forced to trip multiple times a week—it sounds pretty terrible.

This Week in Psychedelics - 6.15.18



  • Canadian Senate Signs Off On Historic Cannabis Regulation Measure (NORML)
  • President Trump Expresses Support For Bipartisan Marijuana Fix (NORML)
  • Expect Fully Legal Weed Within 5 Years, Says Former Top Pharma Lobbyist and Congressman Billy Tauzin (Reason)
  • Parisians queue for cannabis after softening of drug laws  (The Telegraph)
  • Minneapolis cops halt low-level marijuana stings after racial disparity revealed (StarTribune)
  • CBD Could Help People Smoke Fewer Cigarettes (Tonic)
  • Oklahomans To Decide In Two Weeks On Providing Medical Marijuana Access (NORML)
  • Meet the Cannasexuals: Can your vagina get high? (BBC)
  • UN Drug Committee Finds Cannabis an Effective, ‘Relatively Safe Drug’ (Leafly)
  • Five Danish political parties support legalisation of cannabis (The Local)
  • Senators Include Medical Marijuana Protections In Justice Department Bill (Forbes)
  • The Pot Industry Is Overwhelmingly White, and One Congresswoman Wants to Change That (Rolling Stone)
  • 7 mayors want pot removed from federal list of illegal drugs (Associated Press)
  • House Appropriations Committee Blocks Cannabis Banking Amendment (NORML)
  • Subjective Reports Positive for Cannabis in MS, but Caution Urged (Medscape)
  • Senate Majority Leader Announces Progress On Hemp Reform Legislation (NORML)
  • S.C. Democrats overwhelmingly supported medical marijuana on the ballot Tuesday. Experts weigh in on what that really means. (Charleston City Paper)
  • How Will Employers Handle Cannabis In The Workplace? (Civilized)
  • Congressional Black Caucus Announces Support for Marijuana Law Reforms (NORML)
  • Uruguay struggling to meet demand for legal marijuana (Associated Press)
  • Using Marijuana to Treat Opioid Addiction (The Fix)
  • Can Legal Cannabis Help Slow the Opioid Drug Epidemic in the U.S.? (TheStreet)
  • How Mapping Marijuana DNA Could Change the Future of Pot (Rolling Stone)
  • Rules around marijuana marketing irk some in the cannabis industry (CBC)
  • Marijuana Cultivation Is Where Cannabis Workers Can Earn The Largest Salaries (Forbes)
  • How to Throw a Cannabis Dinner Party (High Times)
  • Ask a Stoner: What Are Some Good Psychedelic Strains? (Westword)
  • Art Of The Deal: Trump Looks To Trade Cannabis Legalization for Justice Department Nominees (Forbes)
  • How The Cannabis Industry Became America's Hotbed Of Invention (Forbes)
  • U.S. Markets 'Definitively' Missing Out on Capital by Barring Cannabis Companies (TheStreet)


  • Did An Acid Trip Change Your Life? Scientists Want To Know About It (Futurism)
  • LSD And Toxic Lies (The Third Wave)
  • '70s Flashback: When Howard Stern Took LSD (CelebStoner)

Psilocybin/Magic Mushrooms

  • LSD and magic mushrooms could heal damaged brain cells in people suffering from depression, study shows (The Independent)


  • Why is Britain suffering from an ecstasy overdose? (ShortList)
  • Cannabis and MDMA use is on the rise among Irish young people (
  • This Piece of Art Is Made Out of 4,000 Ecstasy Pills (VICE)
  • Warning as deadly blue ‘Punisher’ and ‘Duracell’ ecstasy pills found at Manchester’s Parklife Festival (The Sun)


Morning Glory Seeds

  • UAE legal Q&As: What is the punishment for being caught having taken 'Morning Glory'? (The National)

Synthetic Cannabinoids/Psychoactive Research Chemicals

  • Warning over potent 'fake MDMA' drug which causes psychosis and keeps users awake for three days (The Telegraph)


  • Ketamine is likely one solution to prevent school massacres, doctors agree (Rooster)
  • Ketamine and Psychedelic Drugs Change Structure of Neurons (Neuroscience News)
  • Hit-and-run suspect ran over Deep Ellum bartender while smoking PCP, passenger says (Dallas News)


  • One easy, cost-free thing Trump can do to ease the opioid crisis (The Washington Post)
  • Lack of evidence casts doubt on police claims of officers overdosing after accidental opioid contact (The Star Vancouver)
  • Beyond Books: How Libraries Are the Latest Front in the Opioid Fight (Governing)
  • Big Opium's fines could approach Big Tobacco's as lawsuits mount (Rooster)
  • Afghanistan is producing a lot more opium than before the US invasion. The US just can't stop it (Business Insider)
  • Nan Goldin's Misleading OxyContin Story Feeds the Myth of 'Highly Addictive' Pain Pills (Reason)


  • What Can We Learn About Moral Panics from Absinthe? (Patheos)


  • Kratom Advocates Take Their Fight To Washington As Potential Federal Ban Looms (HuffPost)
  • Kratom Could Be Illegal Before It Gets a Chance to Solve the Opioid Crisis (Inverse)
  • Can Kratom Be Detected In Urine And Drug Test? (Kratom Guides)
  • Photos: US hunger for opioid alternative drives Kratom boom in Indonesia (Hindustan Times)
  • 5 Kratom Strains to Help Increase Your Productivity At Work (Kratom Guides)
  • Edmonton kratom retailer frustrated by 'aggressive' Health Canada raids (CBC)
  • Yellow Maeng da Kratom Review: Origin, Benefits and Side Effects (Kratom Guides)


Miscellaneous Psychedelics/Psychoactives/Drug Policy

  • Psychedelics Promote Structural and Functional Neural Plasticity (Cell Reports)
  • How Big Pharma Hopes to Make Psychedelics Profitable (The Market Mogul)
  • Psychedelic drugs promote neural plasticity in rats and flies (EurekAlert!)
  • Men who have used psychedelics are roughly half as likely to commit intimate partner violence (PsyPost)
  • E3 Attendees Get High on Digital Psychedelics (GlobeNewsWire)
  • Can psychedelics help prevent suicide? (Big Think)
  • Group Therapy for Psychedelic Integration (Chacruna)
  • Balancing Cultural Traditions and Science in Entheogenic Research: A Conversation with Brad Adams, Ph.D. (Psychedelic Times)
  • New Resolution Demands Congress Apologize For Failed Drug War (Marijuana Moment)
  • Why Is Everyone Into Microdosing Right Now? (Girlboss)
  • This Is Why Xanax Is Blowing Up in America (VICE)
  • Trump Should Hurt Sessions by Helping Drug Offenders (Reason)
  • Can Psychedelics Induce Flow States? (The Third Wave)
  • The Holy Trinity of Music, Religion, and Psychedelics: Interview with Tim Ferson of OM Collective (Psychedelic Times)
  • I talked with Adam Strauss about Ketamine for OCD, Trip Sitters, and The Mushroom Cure Los Angeles (Psymposia)
  • Why Are Rhode Island Democrats Pushing a Bill That Could Send Some Drug Dealers to Prison For Life? (Medium)
  • 1 In 3 Adults In The U.S. Takes Medications Linked To Depression (NPR)
  • Drug testers at festivals will tell you if that MDMA you bought is actually sugar (Metro)
  • As Mind-Altering Drugs Meet The Mainstream, The D.C. Psychedelic Society Is Bringing The City's 'Trippy People' Together (DCist)
  • Agony and Ecstasy: Psychedelics as the next big health remedy? (The Irish Times)
  • Psychedelic Drugs Can Cure 'The Most Painful Condition Known to Man' (Andrew Joseph)

Disclaimer: "This Week in Psychedelics" does not censor or analyze the news links presented here. The purpose of this column is solely to catalogue how psychedelics are presented by the mass media, which includes everything from the latest scientific research to misinformation.

Image by Dahtamnay, courtesy of Creative Commons licensing.

This Week in Psychedelics - 6.1.18



  • Marijuana Compound Removes Toxic Alzheimer's Protein From The Brain (Science Alert)
  • Forget protein shakes. The newest workout supplement? Marijuana. (The Boston Globe)
  • Research Finds That Cannabis Used To Grow Wild In Ancient Europe (Herb)
  • Craft brewers walk regulatory tightrope with cannabis-related products (MiBiz)
  • Utah: Medical Access Initiative Certified For 2018 Ballot (NORML)
  • Use of Toxic Pesticides Increased in California’s Illegal Weed Farms (High Times)
  • Cannabis: the new tobacco? (CBC)
  • Florida: Court Strikes Down Legislative Ban On Medical Cannabis Smoking (NORML)
  • Oklahoma: Polling Shows Strong Voter Support For Upcoming Medical Marijuana Vote (NORML)
  • World’s First Cannabis Bank Advances in California (Leafly)
  • Bad Vibes? Heavy Marijuana Users Hold On to Negative Feelings (Live Science)
  • Greece Prepares for First Government-Backed Medical Marijuana Expo (High Times)
  • Senators Approve Funds For Feds To Restore Cannabis Genetics (Forbes)
  • Epileptic HS football player ineligible for college play because of cannabis oil use (FOX4KC)
  • Longtime Cannabis Activist Marc Emery Fined $5,000 For Drug Trafficking (High Times)
  • Georgia Kidnapped This Boy Because His Parents Used Marijuana to Stop His Seizures (Reason)
  • Cannabis Entrepreneurs Specialize Way Beyond Buds And Brownies (Forbes)
  • Nick Etten: Rescue the returned: Medical cannabis could save veterans’ lives (The Spokesman-Review)
  • Cannabis-based autism treatments front and center at suburban conference (Chicago Sun-Times)
  • Wine may battle cannabis for key consumers with legalization (North Day Business Journal)
  • Smoking Not Your Style? Try a Cannabis Cocktail. (Reason)
  • Does cannabis kill brain cells? (Mashable)
  • American Cannabis Stocks Offer Compelling Relative Value (Forbes)
  • Reason's Classic Pot Brownies (Reason)
  • Cannabis Tax Relief, Workers' Rights Bills Fail in Sacramento (East Bay Express)
  • This Is Not a Pot Pipe (Reason)
  • Enforcement grapples with new cannabis environment (The Ledger)


  • Security Troops At Wyoming Nuclear Missile Base Used And Distributed LSD – OpEd (Eurasia Review)
  • Does Microdosing LSD Really Improve Cognition? (71Republic)

Psilocybin/Magic Mushrooms

  • Fifteen years of crime reporting left me with PTSD. Magic mushrooms helped me begin to recover (The Independent)
  • Mushrooms Aren't Magic (Reason)
  • 'Magic' mushrooms: The next great legalization debate (The Sacramento Bee)


  • We went undercover in a Chinese MDMA factory (Mixmag)
  • Study: Party Drug ‘Molly’ Often Not Really Pure MDMA; Pill-Testing At Concerts Could Curb Use (Study Finds)
  • Dad who lost two sons to MDMA overdoses on same night calls for drugs to be legalised after Mutiny festival deaths (The Sun)
  • Tragic young dad and teenage girl may have taken ‘Green Heineken ecstasy pills’ before festival drug deaths (The Sun)


  • The Muká Diet of the Yawanawá Indigenous People in Acre, Brazil (Chacruna)

Synthetic Cannabinoids/Psychoactive Research Chemicals


  • A ‘breakthrough’ depression drug inspired by ketamine is attracting more attention from big pharma (Business Insider)


  • Mexico detains wife of drug baron blamed for U.S. heroin scourge (Reuters)
  • Taliban commander orders closure of opium labs in towns and cities (The Guardian)
  • Naloxone and the High Price of Doing Nothing (The Fix)
  • Tons of Poppies Destroyed in California’s Biggest Opium Bust (FOX40)
  • AMA Castigated for Rightly Opposing a National 3-Day Limit on Opioid Prescriptions (Reason)
  • One-Third of New Heroin Users Become Dependent on It (Live Science)


  • DEA 'waiting for analysis': Kratom may soon be banned (KIRO)
  • Source of Kratom Contaminated With Salmonella Is Unknown, CDC Warns (Inverse)
  • Which Brands Linked With Nationwide Kratom Salmonella Outbreak? (Kratom Guides)
  • Could Kratom Solve the Opioid Epidemic? (San Diego Entertainer Magazine)
  • Is Kratom Legal In Georgia 2018 (Kratom Guides)
  • Confusion persists over Kratom law in Tennessee (WSMV)


  • Authorities arrest three suspects for smuggling Khat leaves (ANTARA News)

Miscellaneous Psychedelics/Psychoactives/Drug Policy

  • The Psychedelic Renaissance: Trip Reports from Timothy Leary, Michael Pollan, and Tao Lin (The New Yorker)
  • Trips Worth Telling (Medium)
  • Asia's newest drug war leaves more than 90 people dead in less than two weeks (Los Angeles Times)
  • You're Not a Drug Dealer? Here's Why the Police Might Disagree (The New York Times)
  • Ending America's War on Drugs Would Finally Unleash the Therapeutic Potential of Psychadelics (TIME)
  • Navigating Your Way Through the Psychedelic Field: How to Get Involved (Psychedelics Today)
  • LAPSS Into Higher Consciousness: Interview with Brad Adams, Ph.D. (Psychedelic Times)
  • Prohibition, the Constitution, and the Path to Legalization (Andrew Joseph)
  • Bangladesh's Deadly Narcotics Crackdown Sparks Fears of a Philippines-Style Drug War (TIME)
  • Hidden Horrors of "Zero Tolerance" – Mass Trials and Children Taken From Their Parents (The Intercept)
  • Psychedelics And Cluster Headaches (Psychedelic Heaven)
  • An Overdose Is Not a Murder (Reason)
  • Microdosing - All You Need to Know About This Dangerous Fad (The Quint)

Disclaimer: "This Week in Psychedelics" does not censor or analyze the news links presented here. The purpose of this column is solely to catalogue how psychedelics are presented by the mass media, which includes everything from the latest scientific research to misinformation.

Image by Dahtamnay, courtesy of Creative Commons licensing.