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This Week in Psychoactives - 5.10.19



  • Debunking Reefer Madness: New Study Says Weed Doesn’t Actually Cause Psychosis (MERRY JANE)

  • Top Congressional Democrats Announce Bill To Federally Deschedule Marijuana (Marijuana Moment)

  • Study: 80 percent of cannabis users say weed helps their workouts (Fox 8)

  • New Zealand Government Releases Details Of Marijuana Legalization Referendum (Marijuana Moment)

  • China Cashes In on the Cannabis Boom (The New York Times)

  • Illinois Governor Announces Plan to Legalize Marijuana (TIME)

  • THC-Blood Levels Can’t Be Determined Postmortem, Research Finds (Leafly)

  • Cannabis Users Have Worse Sperm Health Than Tobacco Smokers, Study Finds (MERRY JANE)

  • North Dakota: Governor Signs Law Reducing Marijuana Possession Penalties (NORML)

  • The First Arkansas Medical Marijuana Dispensary Just Got Its License (Leafly)

  • TSA to Travelers: We’re Not Looking for Your Weed (MERRY JANE)

  • Louisiana House Unanimously Approves Bill to Allow CBD Sales (Leafly)

  • Cannabis Industry Work Costing U.S. Veterans Their Retirement Pensions (Forbes)

  • The Great White Shortage: Canada May Soon Run Out of CBD (MERRY JANE)

  • Alabama Senate Approves Bill To Legalize Medical Marijuana (Marijuana Moment)

  • Workers Are Smoking Weed More Than Ever, So Employers Are Dropping Drug Tests (MERRY JANE)

  • California Cannabis Market Not Tracked or Traced as Promised (Leafly)

  • Marijuana Patients Are Ditching Benzos for Weed, Study Says (MERRY JANE)

  • The Feds Prosecuted Even Fewer Marijuana Trafficking Cases In 2018 (Marijuana Moment)

  • Ohio May Become First State to OK Medical Marijuana for Depression and Insomnia (MERRY JANE)

  • Federal Agency Clarifies Rules On Adding CBD To Alcoholic Beverages (Marijuana Moment)

  • American Accused of Growing Weed in Myanmar Faces 10 Years in Prison (MERRY JANE)

  • Texas House Votes To Expand State’s Medical Marijuana Program (Marijuana Moment)

  • The Science Behind Combining Cannabis And Caffeine (Benzinga)


  • Denver Voters Approve Measure To Decriminalize Psychedelic Mushrooms (Forbes)

  • California Activists Take First Steps To Decriminalize Psilocybin Mushrooms Statewide (Marijuana Moment)


  • MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for PTSD may have benefits beyond reductions in clinical symptoms (PsyPost)

  • MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for treatment of PTSD: study design and rationale for phase 3 trials based on pooled analysis of six phase 2 randomized controlled trials (Springer Link)

  • Consider This Before Self-Medicating With MDMA (The Wall Street Journal)


  • Health Canada allows more religious groups to import ayahuasca (Global News)

  • Ayahuasca and the Twelve Steps: An Anonymous Friendship (Chacruna)

  • The Problem With Ayahuasca (Thrive Global)


  • CDC traces unexplained bleeding outbreak to synthetic cannabinoids (Healio)


  • Former Playboy Model’s Killer Was ‘Out Of His Mind’ On Ketamine During The Brutal Slaying, Lawyer Says (Oxygen)


  • Opioid overdose deaths decline when pharmacists can dispense naloxone (Reuters)

  • Study: Naloxone Prescriptions Low Despite Deadly Opioid Crisis (U.S. News and World Report)

  • Federal Court Rules Inmate Must Have Access to Opioid Addiction Treatment (Reason)

  • Narcan, the lifesaving overdose-reversal drug, is scarce in N.J. cities that need it most (Philadelphia Inquirer)

  • AHN Researcher Working To Develop Longer-Lasting Naloxone For Opioid Overdoses (WESA)

  • Inside Elizabeth Warren's $100 Billion Policy Plan to Tackle the Opioid Epidemic (Fortune)

  • White patients far more likely to get popular addiction treatment prescription, study finds (Philadelphia Inquirer)

  • Report: nurses who carry naloxone denied life insurance coverage (WKBW)

  • Louisiana prisons pilot addiction-fighting implants for inmates; lack of FDA approval draws criticism (The Advocate)

  • Deputy and two firefighters hospitalized after fentanyl exposure (WDBO)


  • Feds: A popular drug from the disco era is making a deadly return (NBC News)

  • The mums who took cocaine during play dates (BBC)

  • FLASHBACK: Bernie Asks Group Of Young Children: ‘Anyone Ever Seen Cocaine?’ (The Libertarian Republic)


  • Meth Abusers At Risk For Little-Known But Potentially Deadly Disease (NBC 7 San Diego)



  • Alcohol use soaring worldwide: The average adult now consumes about 1.7 gallons of pure alcohol per year (USA Today)

  • These policies were supposed to stop pregnant women from drinking. A new study says they’re hurting babies. (Vox)

  • One in five harmed by others drinking alcohol over past year, survey finds (The Guardian)

  • The War On Alcohol: Is This Prohibition 2.0 (Forbes)


  • The Debate Over Kratom, An Opioid-Like Plant Legal In Massachusetts (CBS Boston)

  • Oxford Police proposes ban on Kratom products (The Oxford Eagle)

  • How Cannabis and Kratom Can Help With Addiction Recovery (Civilized)


  • 1,000-Year-Old Pouch Contains Traces of 5 Ancient Psychoactive Drugs (Inverse)

  • Mexico’s President Proposes Drug Decriminalization With Legal Supply Via Prescription (Marijuana Moment)

  • Feds Dismantled the Dark Web Drug Trade—but It's Already Rebuilding (WIRED)

  • Berlin park designates 'pink zone' areas for drug dealers (The Guardian)

  • Drug-testing device gives false positives on poppy seeds, CBD oil, says Vancouver lawyer (CBC)

  • Overdose In An Arizona Prison? Get Ready to Pay Up. (The Appeal)

  • Where Philadelphia stands on supervised-injection sites, per two polls (Philadelphia Inquirer)

  • Houston Police Shot Man Killed in Fraudulent Drug Raid at Least Eight Times (Reason)

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Disclaimer: "This Week in Psychoactives" does not censor or analyze the news links presented here. The purpose of this column is solely to catalogue how psychedelics are presented by the mass media, which includes everything from the latest scientific research to misinformation.

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On the Monday following each edition of “This Week in Psychoactives,” I post a “Last Week in Psychoactives” video recap to my YouTube channel. After that is done, I retroactively add the video to the corresponding blog post. Here is this week’s video recap:

This Week in Psychoactives - 3.1.19



  • Vermont Senate Passes Marijuana Sales Legalization Bill (Marijuana Moment)

  • San Francisco will remove more than 9,300 marijuana-related crimes from people’s records (Los Angeles Times)

  • THC found more important for therapeutic effects in cannabis than originally thought (Science Daily)

  • Portugal Rejects Recreational Cannabis, as Medical Becomes Legal (Talking Drugs)

  • Cory Booker just reintroduced a bill that would legalize weed (Roll Call)

  • Yeast produce low-cost, high-quality cannabinoids (Science Daily)

  • New Hampshire House Passes Marijuana Legalization Bill (Marijuana Moment)

  • Multistate Cannabis Operators Facing Unique Challenges (Forbes)

  • Uh-Oh, California Could Run Out of Legal Cannabis by Summer (Leafly)

  • Denver just made a big change on social-use cannabis: It will be permanent (The Denver Post)

  • Marijuana Decriminalization Approved By Hawaii House Committee (Marijuana Moment)

  • Studies: Cannabis Exposure Not Associated With Significant Changes In Brain Morphology (NORML)

  • This ER doctor is about to launch the first marijuana breathalyzer, and it could completely upend how we do drug testing (Business Insider)

  • Maryland Sets Sights on Cannabis Bills—18 of Them (Leafly)

  • Florida Senator Wants To Let Voters Decide On Marijuana Legalization (Marijuana Moment)

  • Delaware: Attorney General Calls For Expanding Use Of Civil Penalties For Marijuana Violations (NORML)

  • This Anti-Vaping Bill Bans Everything But Edibles Indoors and Outdoors (Civilized)

  • GOP Congressman Files Bill To Protect Native American Tribes That Legalize Marijuana (Marijuana Moment)

  • Weston-super-Mare cannabis centre to show 'safe use' (BBC)

  • Federal Reserve Head Calls For Clarity On Marijuana Banking Issues (Marijuana Moment)

  • As Expected The UN Delays Voting On Cannabis (Forbes)

  • USDA Gives Farmers A Status Update On Hemp Legalization Plans (Marijuana Moment)

  • Rhode Island: Gov. Raimondo’s Proposed Marijuana Legalization Budget Plan (NORML)

  • Elizabeth Warren Talks Marijuana In New Hampshire Presidential Campaign Stop (Marijuana Moment)

  • Don't Expect A Big, National Cannabis Brand Anytime Soon (Forbes)

  • Oregon Lawmakers Weigh Bill Allowing Marijuana Lounges And Cannabis Business Tours (Marijuana Moment)

  • Legalized Cannabis Remains a Burning Topic for Employers (Workforce Management)

  • FDA Head Reveals New Details About Agency’s CBD Regulation Plans (Marijuana Moment)

  • Behind The Scenes With Cannabis Charities (Forbes)

  • Marijuana Tax Revenue Should Fund Subway Improvement, New York’s Cuomo And De Blasio Say (Marijuana Moment)


  • Bootsy Collins Explains How LSD Played A Role In His Split With James Brown’s Band (Live for Live Music)

  • Life inside notorious cult The Family where children were starved, tortured and given LSD is revealed by former member (The Scottish Sun)

  • A trip with the acid countess: Amanda Feilding and the medical case for drugs reform (New Statesmen)



  • Capsule v zip lock bag: How the law views the way party drugs are carried (The Sydney Morning Herald)

  • What It’s Like to Treat a Psychopath with MDMA Therapy: Interview with Luna (Psychedelic Times)

  • Wedded Ecstasy: The Couples Using MDMA to Fix Their Marriages (Fatherly)

  • Brit died plunging into Amsterdam canal after taking MDMA and 'behaving strangely' (Daily Star)

  • Teen placed in juvenile facility for providing fatal dose of MDMA (The Intelligencer)

  • Homicide rap filed against boyfriend of Cebu teen who died of ecstasy overdose (ABS-CBN News)


  • What is 2-CP, what does it do and where does it come from? (Mixmag)

  • Remembering the Great British Mephedrone Craze (VICE)



  • Ketamine Seems to Ease Depression. We’ll Soon See What Else It Does. (Bloomberg)

  • Psychedelic Afterlife? Researchers Determine Which Hallucinogenic 'Trip' is Most Similar to the Near-Death Experience (Daily Grail)

  • Ketamine is becoming increasingly popular under clubbers in the Netherlands (Rave Jungle)

  • Ontario clinic treating depression with ketamine (CTV News)

  • Old drug with racy history is a new suicide prevention weapon (Standard-Examiner)


  • PCP smoker gets prison time for assaulting ex-girlfriend and trying to set her apartment door on fire (Hartford Courant)


  • Opium-Addicted Parrots Keep Raiding Poppy Farms in India (VICE)

  • Allegations Against the Maker of OxyContin Are Piling Up. Here’s What They Could Mean for the Billionaire Family Behind Purdue Pharma (TIME)

  • US Quietly Ends Anti-Opium Airstrikes Amid Taliban Peace Talks (Breitbart)

  • The Opioid Crisis Isn’t White (The New York Times)

  • “Mom, When They Look at Me, They See Dollar Signs” (Mother Jones)

  • Bus Driver Overdosing on Heroin Crashes Bus With 12 Students Aboard, Police Say (TIME)

  • FDA May Recommend Naloxone Be Co-Prescribed With Opioids (The Fix)

  • Carfentanil found in heroin siezed in Uxbridge (Worcester Telegram)

  • Naloxone in Maryland schools (WMDT)

  • Pain patients on opioids also are getting rescue drug naloxone to prevent overdose (The Philadelphia Inquirer)


  • Woman calls police, complains drug dealer sold her sugar instead of cocaine (Newshub)


  • KTLA Anchor Chris Burrous Dies After Putting Crystal Meth In Anus (Hip-Hop Wired)

  • North Koreans reportedly use crystal meth as casually as cigarettes and are shipping the drug to China (INSIDER)


  • The Alcohol Crisis In America Has Been Overshadowed By Opioids, But Can No Longer Be Ignored (Forbes)

  • Mothers return to pre-pregnancy drinking within five years: study (The Sydney Morning Herald)

  • Arkansas county sells alcohol after 70-year ban (KLFY)

  • New bill would lower blood alcohol content limit for some drivers (ABC 13)

  • Smoking and alcohol: Double trouble for the brain? (Science Daily)

  • Online poll finds Chinese university students favour alcohol ban on campus (The Drinks Business)

  • India toxic alcohol: At least 130 tea workers dead from bootleg drink (BBC)

  • Liver transplants tied to alcohol use in the US doubled since 2002 (Health24)

  • Is alcohol consumption more helpful than harmful? It depends on your age (EurekAlert!)

  • Increasing alcohol limits in Utah beer gets Senate support (AP News)


  • Nootropics Found to be Useful Memory Aid (The Avion)


  • Can You Drive on Kratom? Is It Safe To Drive After Taking Kratom? (Kratom Guides)

  • Poison reports related to herbal drug kratom soar, new study says (USA Today)

  • Is kratom nature’s answer to opioids? (Honolulu Star-Advertiser)

  • Some patients use Kratom to fight opioid addiction (WESH)


  • Home Office gives green light to first drug testing clinic (The Guardian)

  • Is Scanning Inmates' Mail To Stop the Spread Of Drugs Legal? (The Fix)

  • Has the decade-old war on drugs in Asia succeeded? (Al Jazeera)

  • Psychedelic therapy — the metamorphosis of mental health care (Medium)

  • Legal Weed Did More to Stop Drug Smuggling Than Any Wall (Reason)

  • To Fight Addiction, Neronha Calls For Reclassifying Simple Drug Possession From Felony To A Misdemeanor (The Public's Radio)

  • Pharma execs offer Senate ideas to lower drug costs – except actually cutting prices (CNBC)

  • Joe Biden’s Drug War Record Is So Much Worse Than You Think (Leafly)

  • Peganum Harmala, the “Ayahuasca” of North Africa and Eurasia (Kahpi)

  • Climax Is The Scariest Movie About Drugs You Will Ever See (Refinery29)

  • Magic in the Margins: Interview with an Underground Psychedelic Therapist (Psychedelic Times)

  • New study claims microdosing improves focus and fights depression (Mixmag)

  • Psychedelics: A Historical Account of Use and Rejection (71 Republic)

On the Monday following each edition of “This Week in Psychoactives,” I post a “Last Week in Psychoactives” video recap to my YouTube channel. After that is done, I retroactively add the video to the corresponding blog post. Here is this week’s video recap:

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Disclaimer: "This Week in Psychoactives" does not censor or analyze the news links presented here. The purpose of this column is solely to catalogue how psychedelics are presented by the mass media, which includes everything from the latest scientific research to misinformation.

Image by Psychedelic Astronaut.

This Week in Psychoactives - 1.4.19



  • Israeli Parliament Passes Bill Allowing Export Of Medical Marijuana (Forbes)

  • The New Congress Just Started And There’s Already A Bipartisan Marijuana Bill (Marijuana Moment)

  • New Analysis Explores Relationship Between Medical Marijuana And Opioid Overdoses (Marijuana Moment)

  • Cannabis 'twice as strong as a decade ago' (Sky News)

  • Study: Festival Attendees Use Different Drugs Based On Music Genre, But They All Love Marijuana (Marijuana Moment)

  • Cannabis Companies Expect Big Growth After Trump Legalizes Hemp (Forbes)

  • The Government Shutdown Is Preventing Farmers From Growing Hemp (Marijuana Moment)

  • New laws ban ‘fake weed,’ create certification requirement for pot workers (Chicago Sun-Times)

  • Federal Marijuana Prosecutions Are Dropping In Era Of Legalization, Chief Justice Reports (Marijuana Moment)

  • Public banking plan for California’s marijuana industry takes big hit (San Francisco Chronicle)

  • Terpenoids In Marijuana Also Help Reduce Inflammation, New Study Finds (Marijuana Moment)

  • First study to track EU cannabis products finds increased price and potency (The GrowthOp)

  • New York Gov. Cuomo Pledges Marijuana Legalization In Inaugural Address (Marijuana Moment)

  • Protecting Your IP Is (No Surprise) Even Harder in the Cannabis Business (San Antonio Express-News)

  • What Makes a Hotel 420-Friendly? Portland's Jupiter Hotel Might Have the Answer (Civilized)

  • Where Presidential Contender Elizabeth Warren Stands On Marijuana (Marijuana Moment)

  • 2018: The Year Politicians Realized People Love Cannabis Reform (Forbes)

  • Will a New Democratic Congress Help Make Marijuana Dreams a Reality? (Civilized)

  • Top New Hampshire Lawmaker Says Marijuana Could Be Legalized Despite Governor's Opposition (Forbes)

  • A Portland Inventor Has Come Up with a Crazy New Cannabis Device That Turns Any Pipe into a Vaporizer (Willamette Week)

  • Medical Marijuana Protected Under Democrats' Spending Bill, But DC Blocked From Legalizing Sales (Forbes)

  • Oregon Marijuana Could Be Exported Across State Lines Under Proposed Bill (Marijuana Moment)

  • Marijuana Is More Dangerous Than You Think (The Wall Street Journal)

  • DEA Says It’ll Get Around To Approving Marijuana Cultivator Applications… Eventually (Marijuana Moment)

  • Ex-top cop Bratton says legalizing weed would be 'opening up Pandora's box' (New York Daily News)

  • 15 Of The Best Marijuana-Related Tweets From Politicians In 2018 (Marijuana Moment)

Magic Mushrooms

  • Psychedelic Mushroom Supporters Push For Oregon Legalization — With Caveats (OPB)


  • They See Me Pourin’, They Hatin’: Interview with Kentucky Ayahuasca Shaman Steve Hupp (Psychedelic Times)

  • A practical guide to starting a spiritual journey, like reiki and ayahuasca (Quartz)


  • ESR offers testing in fight against synthetic drugs (Scoop)

  • 'Monkey dust' users are turning to drug as 'cheap alternative' to heroin and cocaine (Staffordshire Live)


  • New law bans synthetic cannabinoids in Illinois (WICS)

  • Parc Prison inmate who became delirious because of the drug spice hanged himself in shower room (WalesOnline)

  • What you must do if you see someone who has taken zombie drug spice (Hull Daily Mail)


  • I Battled Depression for 20 Years and This Is the Treatment that Finally Worked (Reader's Digest)

  • 5 Things to Know About Ketamine for Depression (MedShadow)


  • US National Trends in Pediatric Deaths From Prescription and Illicit Opioids, 1999-2016 (JAMA Network)

  • In Rehab, 'Two Warring Factions': Abstinence vs. Medication (The New York Times)

  • Adamis Pharmaceuticals (ADMP) Submits NDA for Naloxone Pre-Filled Syringe (StreetInsider)

  • Her husband invented naloxone, her son died from overdose, now she advocates for harm reduction (CBC)

  • The opioid epidemic is a disease of the spirit (The Laconia Daily Sun)


  • Deaths from opioid-cocaine cocktails have surged since 2010 (Washington Examiner)

  • Colombia coca production: US 'deeply concerned' by rise (BBC)

  • Brit who snorted cocaine off Pablo Escobar's grave receives death threats (Mirror)



  • Embu miraa farmers fight tag of khat variety as bhang (The Standard)


  • Saudi Arabia Begins 2019 with Three Executions for Drug Offences (TalkingDrugs)

  • The Big Trip: How psychedelic drugs are changing lives and transforming psychiatry (CBC)

  • A Journey of the Mind and Soul | Alan Badiner on Buddhism and Psychedelics (VICE)

  • Overdoses, Riots, and Escapes Roil a Rural Kentucky Jail (The Appeal)

  • New ‘Church’ Wants To Save Lives — By Offering A Safe Place To Shoot Up (HuffPost)

  • Psychedelic Stories (The Third Wave)

  • From Facebook: Harahan police would like to test the public’s crystal meth (WAFB)

  • 'Dangerous orange pill' prompts Australia festival warning (BBC)

  • What's really inside illegal New Year's party drugs - horrific cocktail revealed (Mirror)

  • Editorial: Testing drugs for safety can send the wrong message (New Zealand Herald)

  • I-Team: As 'Microdosing' Explodes in Popularity, New Look at Benefits, Side Effects of Daily Psychedelics Use (NBC New York)

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Disclaimer: "This Week in Psychoactives" does not censor or analyze the news links presented here. The purpose of this column is solely to catalogue how psychedelics are presented by the mass media, which includes everything from the latest scientific research to misinformation.

Image by Psychedelic Astronaut.

This Week in Psychedelics - 8.31.18



  • Inside The Trump Administration’s Secret War On Weed (BuzzFeed News)
  • Delaware: Governor Signs Marijuana Expungement Bill Into Law (NORML)
  • Medicinal cannabis cultivation licence issued to East Coast business for first time (Newshub)
  • Alarmed By Large Marijuana Purchases, Oregon Imposes Strict Temporary Limits (Marijuana Moment)
  • Lawmakers In US Territory Send Marijuana Legalization Bill To Governor (Marijuana Moment)
  • US Lawmakers Discuss Marijuana Legalization With New Mexican President’s Team (Marijuana Moment)
  • Whole-Plant Marijuana ‘Entourage Effect’ Helps Patients More Than Purified CBD, Study Finds (Marijuana Moment)
  • 'Cannabis-Involved' Traffic Fatalities Fall in Colorado (Reason)
  • Clean Slate Act To Seal Records Introduced To Congress (NORML)
  • GOP Senator Pushes Back Against White House Anti-Marijuana Plans (Marijuana Moment)
  • The White House Allegedly Has A Marijuana Smear Squad. Cannabis Experts Say Bring It On. (Forbes)
  • Pediatrician Report Says Risk of Marijuana Use During Pregnancy Remains Uncertain (Reason)
  • Canadian Voters Are Way More Worried About Donald Trump Than Marijuana Legalization (Marijuana Moment)
  • Woman Charged for ‘Gifting’ Weed, Which Is Totally Legal in Massachusetts (Reason)
  • Almost Half of Wisconsin Voters Will See Marijuana Ballot Questions In November (Marijuana Moment)
  • Pot Topics: Illinois opioid patients may soon have medical cannabis alternative (Chicago Sun-Times)
  • Push To Legalize Marijuana Consumption Spaces In Oregon Kicks Off (Marijuana Moment)
  • 23andMe Data Suggests Cannabis Use Can Be Inherited—and Linked to Schizophrenia (Fortune)
  • Brain scans show how cannabis extract may help people with psychosis (The Guardian)
  • Vermont Democratic Party Calls For Marijuana Legalization Expansion (Marijuana Moment)
  • Burners are stopping at Nevada's pot shops, taking the risk (Reno Gazette Journal)
  • Where Florida’s Gubernatorial Candidates Stand On Marijuana (Marijuana Moment)
  • Big Alcohol moves in to dominate the cannabis market (Rooster Magazine)
  • New York Lawmakers Announce Four Marijuana Legalization Hearings This Fall (Marijuana Moment)
  • N.J. to resume minor marijuana prosecutions, but AG asks for discretion (The Philadelphia Inquirer)
  • Cannabis Marketers Try To Crack The Compliance Code (Forbes)
  • State Financial Regulators Push Congress To Fix Marijuana Banking Problems (Marijuana Moment)
  • A Look At The Limitless Possibilities Of Drinkable Cannabis (Forbes)
  • Cannabis in Spiritual Practice: Celebration of the Life Force (Reality Sandwich)
  • Why Kim Kardashian's Favorite Hair Care Company Cancelled Its Line of CBD Products (Reason)
  • Elizabeth Warren Falsely Claims She Endorsed Massachusetts Marijuana Legalization (Marijuana Moment)
  • Cannabis Entrepreneurs Ask For More 'Science' (Forbes)
  • Cannabis And Cancer (Psychedelic Heaven)
  • Why is Homegrown Cannabis Federally Illegal? (Forbes)
  • No, CVS Pharmacy Is Not Entering The California Marijuana Business (Marijuana Moment)
  • With A Wave Of Consolidation, The Cannabis Industry Rises To The Next Level (Forbes)
  • Is Aurora Cannabis Inc. a Buy? (The Motley Fool)
  • Will Canadian Cannabis Producer Aphria Join The M&A Bandwagon? (Forbes)


  • LSD Administered as a Single Dose Reduces Alcohol Consumption in C57BL/6J Mice (Frontiers in Pharmacology)
  • On LSD at a 'Rainbow Gathering,' man strangled woman and bit someone's finger off (Bring Me The News)

Psilocybin/Magic Mushrooms

  • Magic Mushrooms Break on Through to Biosynthetic Reality (GEN)
  • FDA Approves Landmark Psilocybin Trial for Treatment-Resistant Depression (MD Magazine)


  • Dutch ecstasy, amphetamine production among world's largest (Deutsche Welle)
  • Mum's horrific warning as 14-year-old son 'left to die' in street after taking 'MDMA' (Scottish Daily Record)


  • Study Investigates Near-Death Experiences and Dimethyltryptamine (Psychedelic Times)
  • Why Some Meth and DMT Users Are Using Vapes (VICE)
  • British teen died after drinking ayahuasca with Colombian tribe (New York Post)
  • Ayahuasca Freed Me From Chronic Depression and Suicidal Thoughts (Reset.me)
  • 'Patients Say Ayahuasca Is Like a Reboot for the Brain' (Haaretz)

Peyote/San Pedro/Mescaline

Synthetic Cannabinoids/Psychoactive Research Chemicals

  • Spice should be upgraded to Class A drug, say police and crime commissioners (The Independent)
  • 'Fake MDMA' that keeps users awake for three days found in London for first time (Metro)
  • 'UPS' pills being sold as MDMA can cause "extreme anxiety, paranoia and hallucinations" (Mixmag)


  • Ketamine May Ease Depression By Acting Like an Opioid, Study Suggests (TIME)
  • Ketamine Offers Hope For Chronic Depression But Is Hard To Obtain (Ladybud)


  • Huge North Carolina Fentanyl Bust Turns Out To Be 13 Pounds of Sugar (Reason)
  • Mexicans Urge Legalizing Poppies to Weaken Drug Cartels (Latin American Herald Tribune)
  • Mexico Congress receives initiative to legalize opium poppy (The Yucatan Times)
  • Opioid crisis: breakthrough in hunt for non-addictive painkiller (The Guardian)
  • Fentanyl for sale to UK users through Chinese websites (The Guardian)
  • Beijing rejects Trump's claims that China is behind fentanyl crisis (CNN)
  • Dozens sickened after exposure to heroin, fentanyl at Ohio, Pennsylvania prisons (NBC News)


  • Kratom proponents act as feds push to make it a controlled substance (KNOE)
  • CU Kratom Critic: "We Don't Know If It Works or What the Proof Is" (Westword)
  • Benefits and advantages of kratom powder (Augusta Free Press)


  • Kava bar workers find a new home after striking out at Bushwick tea room (amNY)


Miscellaneous Psychedelics/Psychoactives/Drug Policy

  • Study finds religion influences how you experience psychedelic drugs (PsyPost)
  • Prison officials are blaming inmate letters soaked in K2 for making guards sick (VICE News)
  • Psychedelic Psychotherapy Is Coming: Who Will Be Included? (Psychology Today)
  • The overdose crisis, beyond opioids: Stimulants remain a huge and growing problem to smartly confront (New York Daily News)
  • Here’s What Happens When a Few Dozen People Take Small Doses of Psychedelics (The Atlantic)
  • Why Psychedelic Drugs Are Entering The World Of Psychiatry (GQ)
  • The hidden world of underground psychedelic psychotherapy in Australia (ABC News)
  • Beyond Psychedelics — Why Respectful Integration is the Key to Transformative Experiences (Live Learn Evolve)
  • Fight Drug Abuse, Don't Subsidize It (The New York Times)
  • Duterte's Deadly Drug War Targets a Catholic Priest (Reason)

Disclaimer: "This Week in Psychedelics" does not censor or analyze the news links presented here. The purpose of this column is solely to catalogue how psychedelics are presented by the mass media, which includes everything from the latest scientific research to misinformation.

Image by Dahtamnay, courtesy of Creative Commons licensing.

This Week in Psychedelics - 10.27.17

Image by  Dahtamnay , courtesy of  Creative Commons  licensing.

Image by Dahtamnay, courtesy of Creative Commons licensing.


  • A Record High 64% of Americans Say Cannabis Should be Legal (Leafly)
  • Legal Marijuana Is Becoming the Norm (Reason)
  • Study: Cannabis Use Inversely Associated With Fatty Liver Disease (NORML)
  • Israel Decriminalized Marijuana (ATTN:)
  • Digital Currency Looks to Solve Cannabis Industry's Cash Problem (The CoinTelegraph)
  • Washington Tops $1.1 Billion in Cannabis Sales at 9-Month Mark (Leafly)
  • Arizona Judge Rules Medical Cannabis Extracts Are Illegal (High Times)
  • People Who Smoke Pot Have More Sex, Study Says (TIME)
  • #ACT: Medical Marijuana Could Be On The Line (NORML)
  • Five Things Canada's Cannabis Act Will Legalize Besides Possession (Leafly)
  • Eventbrite Is Pulling Some Cannabis Events From Its Site, Leaving Organizers Frustrated (Forbes)
  • Can Cannabis Treat Asthma? (High Times)
  • Marijuana Can Replace Deadly Prescription Drugs (ATTN:)
  • South Carolina Congressman Co-Sponsors Cannabis Business Bill (Leafly)
  • Former NFL Players Say League Should Allow Players to Use Marijuana to Treat Pain, Injuries (Reason)
  • Ex-policewoman's cannabis use to relieve pain from MS (BBC)
  • Sessions Continues to Push 'Gateway Drug' Myth About Marijuana (Reason)
  • Companies That Drug Test for Marijuana Are Losing out on Good Employees (ATTN:)
  • Jeff Sessions: We Will Do Our Best To Enforce The Laws As We're Required To Do (NORML)
  • Colorado's Top Doc Debunks Legalization Fears (NORML)
  • Legal Cannabis Grow and Retail Operations Enjoying Continued Growth and Increasing Revenue Opportunities (MarketWatch)
  • Are Stoned Motorists Driving Amok in Post-Legalization Colorado? (Reason)
  • Non-Antagonistic Medication with Cannabis Oils from Craft 1861 (Forbes)
  • N.J. Cops Say Someone Might Distribute Marijuana Edibles on Halloween (Reason)
  • Police investigate after 65 pounds of weed included with Orlando couple's Amazon order (WFTV)
  • Cannabis Crunch – Texas Medical Marijuana, Weed Delivery Driver Sting And New Zealand Considering Cannabis Legalization (Psychedelic Times)
  • Take Control of Mites in Cannabis Crops (Greenhouse Grower)
  • Facebook is slammed after cannabis seeds including 'lemon haze' and 'double bubble' were brazenly sold on its site (Daily Mail)


  • Mind-blowing secret of Italy's 'LSD Island' where locals were once so high 24/7 they saw flying witches (The Sun)
  • Could LSD Lessen Lawlessness? (Pacific Standard)
  • Why Colorado Tokers Love LSD (Westword)

Psilocybin/Magic Mushrooms

  • Magic Mushrooms Show Promise As Depression Remedy By 'Resetting' The Brain (Forbes)


  • Ecstasy users are increasingly young adults with higher education, study finds (PsyPost)
  • The FDA says this recreational drug is 'breakthrough' treatment for PTSD (Metro)
  • Partiers Confuse Ecstasy and Molly Confound Rates of U.S. Drug Use (Inverse)
  • Law Student Dies En Route to BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend After Consuming 2.3 Grams of Molly (YourEDM)
  • Girl, 14, hospitalised after taking 'ecstasy' at Dorset nightclub party as boy, 15, is arrested on suspicion of supplying Class A drugs (The Sun)



  • Ketamine may help treat migraine pain unresponsive to other therapies (EurekAlert)
  • PCP-addled woman hits pedestrian at Lazarre Park: WMPD (The News Star)


  • Narcan Opioid Overdose Spray Is Now Stocked By All Walgreens Pharmacies (NPR)
  • How the DEA Changed the Overdose Numbers (Pain News Network)
  • FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb Goes to Bat For Evidence-Based Opioid Policies (Reason)
  • President Trump Revealed His Plan to Deal With the Opioid Crisis. Here's What Experts Think (TIME)
  • Heroin: A Clear And Present Danger (HuffPost)
  • The Hidden Tragedy of the Opioid Crisis (TIME)
  • Why Are Local Officials Shutting Down Needle Exchange Programs During an Crisis? (Reason)
  • Puppy That Collapsed From Opioid Overdose Is Saved by Reversal Drug (TIME)
  • U.S. urges Mexico to tackle "increase" in heroin trafficking (CBS)
  • IACP Quick Take: Why the fight against the opioid crisis can't stop with naloxone (PoliceOne)


  • American Kratom Association Questions DEA on Kratom Concerns (KNWA)
  • Turning to Kratom For Opioid Withdrawal (WebMD)
  • Critics slam reports linking controversial supplement Kratom to recent deaths (WRIC)
  • Can the kratom plant help fix the opioid crisis? (CNN)
  • Kratom For Pain Relief In Pets: Is That Good Or Bad? (Kratom Guides)
  • "Fake News" Of Kratom Deaths Spurs Demands For Tennessee TV Station Retraction, Reprimands By Georgia County And State Coroners Group (PR Newswire)


  • No Kava For New Chief (Fiji Sun)
  • Increasing theft of kava plants in Vava'u (Matangi Tonga)
  • Traditional ceremony to be held during the installation of Roko Tui Bau (Fijivillage)


  • Khat consumer population reaches 16 percent in Ethiopia : Study (Borkena)

Miscellaneous Psychedelics/Psychoactives/Drug Policy

  • Neuroscientists improve human memory by electrically stimulating brain (Medical Xpress)
  • New study suggests psychedelic drugs may reduce criminal behavior (EurekAlert!)
  • An Oxford professor explains what it feels like to take a "true" smart drug (Quartz)
  • The Shadow of Underground Entheogenic Use: Interview With Eleonora Molnar (Psychedelic Times)
  • Massachusetts Mulls Whether to Classify Drug Dealers as Murderers (Reason)
  • Overcoming the trauma through the psychedelic in One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest (Journal of Advances in Humanities and Social Sciences)
  • Thailand Drug Decriminalization Edges Forward - With Little Fanfare (Khaosod English)
  • Senator Elizabeth Warren Discusses Jailing Low-Level Drug Offenders (ATTN:)
  • James Fadiman Discusses the Many Benefits of Microdosing (Psychedelic Frontier)
  • Donald Trump Wants to Spend Big on Anti-Drug Ads. Here's Why They Don't Work (TIME)
  • 'Stranger Things' Actor Charlie Heaton Denied U.S. Entry Over Drugs, Official Says (TIME)
  • Jeff Sessions Says MS-13 Is a Major Player in the Narcotics Trade. The DEA Disagrees. (Reason)
  • Misguided Mainstreaming of Psychedelic Drugs: Challenging Experiences (Rick Strassman MD)
  • Scientists have developed "mini-brains" to test the way psychedelic drugs affect the brain (Addiction Now)
  • Psychedelics and Mental Health (Psymposia)
  • Misplaced Ecstasy? Questioning the Role of Psychedelics as Therapy (Medscape)
  • The necessity of legalizing ecstasy and LSD (The Massachusetts Daily Collegian)
  • Shane Mauss – A Good Trip (Alt Media)
  • This british conservative thinks drug prohibition is about as intelligent as alcohol prohibition in US (Psymposia)

Disclaimer: "This Week in Psychedelics" does not censor or analyze the news links presented here. The purpose of this column is solely to catalogue how psychedelics are presented by the mass media, which includes everything from the latest scientific research to misinformation.