This Week in Psychoactives - 3.29.19



  • Guam Becomes First U.S. Territory To Send Marijuana Legalization To Governor In 2019 (Marijuana Moment)

  • House Will Vote To End Federal Marijuana Prohibition Within ‘Weeks,’ Key Chairman Says (Marijuana Moment)

  • Cannabis Out! New York Drops Legalization From Budget Bill (Leafly)

  • Marijuana Legalization Vote Cancelled Due To Lack of Support In New Jersey Senate (Marijuana Moment)

  • Marijuana Banking Bill Approved By Congressional Committee (Forbes)

  • Louisiana Takes a Step Toward Finally Delivering Medical Marijuana (Leafly)

  • Marijuana Legalization Bill Clears Another Major Hurdle In New Hampshire (Marijuana Moment)

  • Cannabis-related ER visits in Colorado jump threefold after legalization, study says (CNN)

  • Mexican Government Launches Poll To Ask Citizens If Marijuana Should Be Legal (Marijuana Moment)

  • Connecticut Lawmakers Approve Marijuana Legalization Bill In Key Committee (Marijuana Moment)

  • CVS Ignores DEA, Says It’s Already Selling CBD Products (Leafly)

  • Texas: Marijuana Decriminalization Bill Advances Out Of Key Committee (NORML)

  • San Diego Considers Cannabis Cafes (NBC Los Angeles)

  • States With More Immigrants Are More Likely To Legalize Marijuana, Study Finds (Marijuana Moment)

  • Seth Rogen launches weed company 'to make it easier for people to learn to love cannabis' (CNBC)

  • FDA Chief Clarifies Enforcement Priorities For CBD Products (Marijuana Moment)

  • Flood of products containing marijuana extract puts FDA in a bind (Politico)

  • CBD for sport: legality and benefits (The Sports Daily)

  • Where Presidential Candidate Pete Buttigieg Stands On Marijuana (Marijuana Moment)


  • Missouri Man Spikes Coworkers' Drinks With LSD (KOLR)

  • Stanford double checking applications following LSD and admissions scandals (Palo Alto Daily Post)


  • Explorer’s Guide: Taking Magic Psilocybin Truffles in Amsterdam (& The Netherlands) (Maps of the Mind)


  • 'Popular' schoolgirl, 13, died at home after taking ecstasy (Mirror)


  • We Need to Talk About When People Feel Worse After Ayahuasca (Kahpi)

  • Considerations for Engaging with Amazonian Ancestral Practices, People, and Places (Psymposia)

  • How Ayahuasca Can Be Used to Build Cohesion and Better the World (

  • Wade Davis on the Popularization of Ayahuasca and the Climate Crisis (Reality Sandwich)

  • How Ayahuasca Connected Me To The Divinity Of The Universe (


  • Study Finds 5-MeO-DMT Effective in Relieving Depression and Anxiety (Psychedelic Times)


  • Mice tripping on psychedelics help explain neural origins of hallucinations (New Atlas)

  • The Dangers of Synthetic Drugs (The Fix)



  • No laughing matter – nitrous oxide helps to unravel rapid antidepressant mechanisms (Medical Xpress)

  • Florida man was high on erotic-themed nitrous oxide when he killed lawyer, cops say (Miami Herald)

  • Jim Nielsen’s bill to ban sale of nitrous oxide passes committee (Chico Enterprise-Record)

  • Frat denies hazing claims in lawsuit over student's death (San Antonio Express-News)


  • From Popular Anesthetic to Antidepressant, Ketamine Isn’t the Drug You Think It Is (Discover Magazine)

  • Ketamine: A Promising Novel Therapy for Anxiety and PTSD (Psychiatry Advisor)

  • FDA Approves Ketamine Derivative as Depression Treatment for First Time (Discover Magazine)

  • Ketamine IV Infusions Made Me Myself Again. Here’s Everything You Need To Know (High Times)

  • Esketamine to become available for Yale students (Yale News)

  • Ketamine: can it really be an antidepressant? (The Guardian)


  • Purdue Pharma and Sacklers Reach $270 Million Settlement in Opioid Lawsuit (The New York Times)

  • You can’t overdose on fentanyl by touching it (Vox)

  • As They Profited From the Opioid Crisis, Sacklers Funded Anti-Muslim Network (Sludge)

  • The White House And Federal Scientists Are Pushing The Myth That Marijuana Is Laced With Fentanyl (BuzzFeed News)

  • New York State Sues Billionaire Sackler Family Behind OxyContin (TIME)

  • Want to Reduce Opioid Deaths? Get People the Medications They Need (The New York Times)

  • How I overcame my heroin addiction – and started to live (The Guardian)

  • ‘Mistreatment’ centers shouldn’t be adding to the opioid crisis (Philadelphia Inquirer)

  • Vt. committee approves bill decriminalizing drug (WCAX)

  • What NJ is doing to take down unimaginable number of heroin mills (New Jersey 101.5)

  • Mother charged in Mount Holly man's overdose death (The Sentinel)

  • FINDING HOPE: Utah law allows librarians to distribute opioid reversal drug, Naloxone (KiviTV)

  • Pharmacists Role in Providing Naloxone Is Expanding (Pharmacy Times)


  • Here’s What a Legal Market for Cocaine Could Look Like (Filter)

  • 'Special offers' on crack cocaine fuelling big rise in use in England (The Guardian)

  • Deaths from cocaine and fentanyl mixtures a growing concern in Northeast Ohio: What you need to know (

  • Cocaine making comeback amid opioid epidemic, officials say (WCVB)


  • Florida Woman Faced 10 Years For 'Meth' That Was 'Just a Rock' (The Appeal)


  • There's Evidence Coffee Acts on Your Brain Like Cannabis, But in Reverse (ScienceAlert)

  • Myanmar to try growing, exporting more coffee as alternative to opium (Myanmar Times)

  • Mouse Studies Suggest Protective Effects of Caffeine in Parkinson’s Disease (Parkinson's News Today)

  • If you have a daily caffeine habit, do you know how much is too much? (WXYZ)

  • Can Taking Caffeine During Your Workout Actually Be Dangerous? (Runners World)

  • 10 health benefits of living caffeine-free (MDLinx)


  • As Pa. prisons ban tobacco, new informal currencies arise: chips, ice cream tickets, ramen (The Philadelphia Inquirer)

  • How Big Tobacco uses Big Tech to hook new smokers (Fast Company)

  • Washington State Legislature Votes to Raise Age for Buying Tobacco to 21 (KPQ)

  • Two more Minnesota cities make 21 the legal age for tobacco purchases (MPR News)

  • New Denver proposal would ban tobacco sales to people under 21 years of age (FOX31 Denver)


  • Could ‘alcosynth’ provide all the joy of booze – without the dangers? (The Guardian)

  • Scientists Have Cured Alcoholic Rats by Shooting Lasers at Their Brains (ScienceAlert)

  • Utah's New Beer Law Isn't Lifting Many Spirits (Reason)




  • Acid test: how psychedelic virtual reality can help end society's mass bad trip (The Guardian)

  • Researchers examine classic versus novel psychedelic use in United States (University of Alabama at Birmingham)

  • Ralph Metzner, Bay Area expert on hallucinogens, death and psychology, dies (San Francisco Chronicle)

  • German biotech startup raises $43 million for psychedelic medicines (Axios)

  • Stigma Is Barrier to Health Care for People Who Inject Drugs (Boston University School of Public Health)

  • Schedule I Sacrament (Harvard Political Review)

  • Going to Burning Man? The Feds Want You Searched for Drugs (Reason)

  • A New Resource to Measure Good and Bad Drug Policies (Filter)

  • Investors are starting to bet big on psychedelic medicine (CNBC)

  • Wicked Ecstasy: Altered States in The Name of the Rose (The Oak Tree Review)

  • Jump in antidepressant prescriptions in England (BBC)

  • Houston police investigator probing failed drug raid relieved of duty (Chron)

  • Legal Syringe Programs Could Finally Be Arriving in Iowa (Filter)

  • Kensington neighbors angered by potential location of supervised injection site (WHYY)

  • Psychedelic Integration: The Importance of Community and a Daily Practice (Psychedelics Today)

  • Houston Narcs Implicated in Deadly Drug Raid Will Soon Be Receiving Pensions (Reason)

  • Here are 6 psychedelic trips from legal drugs you probably didn’t know about (Raw Story)

  • Could psychedelic medicine be the new cannabis? (Proactive Investors)

  • Are psychedelics the new anti-depressants? (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

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Disclaimer: "This Week in Psychoactives" does not censor or analyze the news links presented here. The purpose of this column is solely to catalogue how psychedelics are presented by the mass media, which includes everything from the latest scientific research to misinformation.

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This Week in Psychedelics - 12.16.16

Image by  Dahtamnay , courtesy of  Creative Commons  licensing.

Image by Dahtamnay, courtesy of Creative Commons licensing.


  • New DEA Rule Says CBD Oil is Really, Truly, No-Joke Illegal (Leafly)
  • Federal Marijuana Protections Extended Through April, But Face an Uncertain Future (NORML)
  • Marijuana Is Harder Than Ever for Younger Teens to Find (U.S. News and World Report)
  • Six States That Could Legalize Marijuana Next (ATTN:)
  • The Major Way Israel Is Putting America to Shame on Marijuana (ATTN:)
  • Mexico's Senate Passes Medical Cannabis Bill in Landslide Vote (Leafly)
  • Cannabis museum celebrates legal weed in Uruguay (AZ Central)
  • Massachusetts: Over a Century Of Cannabis Criminalization Comes to an End (NORML)
  • Do Animals Benefit From Medical Cannabis? (Weed News)
  • How The Medical Cannabis Program Helps My PTSD (Weed News)
  • What Happens When You Stop Smoking Weed (ATTN:)
  • Seattle cannabis shop sells pet-friendly pot products (KOMO News)
  • How Cannabis Incubators Help Budding Marijuana Startups Grow Into Booming Businesses (Los Angeles Weekly)
  • Canadian Government's Legal Marijuana Task Force Releases Recommendations (NORML)
  • Portland tries to make life easier for cannabis businesses (Portland Business Journal)
  • Colorado Cannabis Shops Hit $1-Billion In Sales (Civilized)
  • Pot task force recommends legal cannabis sales be limited to users 18 and over (CBC)
  • The end of an era in cannabis prosecutions? (Arutz Sheva)
  • Marijuana Side Effects: Regular Cannabis Use Affects Vision And Eye's Retina, Study Finds (Medical Daily)
  • Cannabis used to alleviate pain (Isle of Man Today)


Psilocybin/Magic Mushrooms

  • Renowned Clinical Pharmacologist Talks Magic Mushrooms & Their Therapeutic Value (Collective Evolution)
  • Psilocybin Mushrooms Shown to Alleviate Both Depression & Anxiety in Cancer Patients (Dr. Axe)
  • How Magic Mushrooms Affect Depression (ATTN:)


  • The Altered State of Medicine: Pros and Cons of Treating PTSD With MDMA Psychotherapy (Psychedelic Times)
  • FDA Approves Stage 3 Medical Trials For MDMA (Dance Music Northwest)
  • Ecstasy sold in US is less pure and more dangerous than in Europe, experts warn (The Guardian)
  • Nearly 60% of All Ecstasy Sold in the US is Not Pure (THUMP)
  • MDMA criminalization delayed research on drug's benefits: Sal Rodriguez (Los Angeles Daily News)
  • Number Of Ecstasy-Related Deaths In The UK At Highest Level In Ten Years (Your EDM)
  • Ecstasy 'teddy bear' pills: Cops' DEADLY warning as teen dies after Warehouse Project (Daily Star)
  • 'I woke up with wires and tubes everywhere' Ecstasy pill teen talks of drug hell which left her in coma (Scottish Daily Record)
  • 'The world has lost one amazing girl': Rugby club boss' agony as his beautician daughter, 19, dies after taking 'teddy bear' Ecstasy pills at an all-night rave (Daily Mail)
  • Teenager dies after taking ecstasy (The Independent)


  • Why Ayahuasca Is a New Age Spiritual Scam (Highsnobiety)
  • Sting takes powerful psychedelic to rehearse for death (New Magazine)


  • Party Drug/Cat Tranquilizer Ketamine Is a Great Antidepressant (Motherboard)
  • Ketamine trial led by Melbourne doctors key to cut lingering pain (Herald Sun)
  • PCP's powerful cousin: 3 things cops need to know about TCP (
  • Down the K-hole: How Ketamine Became Tel Aviv's Drug of Choice (Harretz)
  • My Ketamine Journeys, or Ketamine and the Enchantment of Other Worlds (Reality Sandwich)
  • Dr. Steven Reichbach Opens Only Ketamine Infusion Therapy Center In Sarasota-Manatee Area (Sarasota Post)
  • Philadelphia Ketamine Clinic Offers New Depression Treatment That Works in Hours! (Digital Journal)
  • Bridgeport man on PCP who shouted 'I love ISIS' gets prison for injuring others in crashes (The Times Herald)
  • Man high on PCP punches cop: Police (PennLive)


  • America risks losing the war on terror in Afghanistan unless it legalizes the opium trade (Quartz)
  • Heroin Overdoses Now Kill More in US Than Gun Homicides, CDC Says (Voice of America)
  • Heroin-Related Deaths Rise As Heroin Use Falls (Reason)
  • Make heroin available on prescription, official UK drug advisers say (The Guardian)
  • Fentanyl is not a problem. Drug laws are the problem. (American Thinker)
  • Mexican army faces uphill battle against opium poppies (MSN)
  • Naloxone is now mandatory in all B.C. rehab centres (CBC News)
  • DEA: Heroin Haul Largest Ever in Afghanistan, 'if Not the World' (ABC News)
  • Drug in the times of demonetisation: Chocolate spiked opium is cashless city's new high (India Today)
  • Problems Associated with the Rising Costs of Naloxone and Plausible Solutions (Pharmacy Times)
  • Lethal synthetic 'super heroin' triggers 1st Cook County overdose death (Chicago Tribune)
  • Digging Deeper Into North Carolina's Statewide Standing Order Of Naloxone (WFMY)
  • Utah pharmacists can now dispense naloxone without a prescription (Gephardt Daily)
  • The rising price of naloxone -- risks to efforts to stem overdose deaths (American Pharmacists Association)
  • Sharp Rise in Drug Withdrawal Symptoms in Rural-Born Babies (TIME)


  • How the Social Aspect of Traditional Kambo Ceremonies Creates Bonding and Helps Treat Addiction (Psychedelic Times)
  • Kambo In the West: Balancing Western Applications With Tribal Knowledge (Psychedelic Times)




  • Oman crime: ROP personnel foil bid to smuggle khat (Times of Oman)
  • Norwegian drug mule caught at Dublin Airport with suitcases of khat (Sunday World)

Miscellaneous Psychedelics/Psychoactives/Drug Policy

  • What Are The Medical Benefits of Psychedelics? (VICE)
  • For the Health Seeker, Micro-Dosing Psychedelics May be the Secret (EcoSalon)
  • Cliff Roth's OG viral video: The Reagans Speak Out on Drugs (Boing Boing)
  • These Harmless-Looking Patches Reveal a Problem With Our Police Culture (ATTN:)
  • Colombia's President Urges Drug Peace While Accepting Nobel Peace Prize (Reason)
  • This Hallucinogenic Honey from Nepal Costs Hundreds of Dollars per Pound (The Daily Meal)
  • Mexico quietly marks 10 years of drug war (
  • White Americans Are Twice as Likely to Take Psychiatric Drugs as Other Racial Groups (TIME)
  • Ending journalism's bad trip – why it's important to communicate responsibly about the health effects of psychedelic drugs (Health News Review)
  • How to Get High on the Nutmeg You Bought for Eggnog (Inverse)
  • These are the European cities that use the most drugs (based on their toilet water) (
  • The psychedelic era goes modern (The Daily Aztec)
  • The Fighter: How Leila de Lima Ended Up Leading the Opposition to Rodrigo Duterte's Drug War (TIME)
  • Tripping the comedy fantastic this weekend (The Daily Iowan)

Disclaimer: "This Week in Psychedelics" does not censor or analyze the news links presented here. The purpose of this column is solely to catalogue how psychedelics (and other psychoactives) are presented by the mass media, which includes everything from the latest scientific research to misinformation.