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This Week in Psychoactives - 8.9.19



  • Study Reviews How Marijuana Compounds Inhibit Tumor Growth And Kill Cancer Cells (Marijuana Moment)

  • Study Finds Cannabis Dispensaries Reduce Opioid Deaths by 21% (Leafly)

  • 14% of Americans Say They Use CBD Products (Gallup)

  • The Mexican Government Is Taking Public Input On How Best To Legalize Marijuana (Marijuana Moment)

  • Louisiana Patients Finally Get Their Medical Marijuana (Leafly)

  • California OKs cannabis sales and use at San Francisco’s Outside Lands music festival (Los Angeles Times)

  • Federal Court Says Ohio Officials Can Block Local Marijuana Ballot Measures (Marijuana Moment)

  • Arizona Groups File 2020 Cannabis Legalization Initiative (Leafly)

  • Navy Bans Sailors From Using CBD Despite Federal Hemp Legalization, New Memo Says (Marijuana Moment)

  • Delaware: Law Signed Reducing Marijuana Penalties for Juvenile Offenders (NORML)

  • Study: Colorado Teens Reduce Cannabis Smoking, Increase Edibles (Leafly)

  • Florida Lawmaker Files Bill To Decriminalize Marijuana (Marijuana Moment)

  • With little funding or political will, Michigan police let black market weed slide (MLive)

  • Top Senate Democrat Announces Construction Of Only Hemp Seed Bank In The U.S. (Marijuana Moment)

  • Bernie Says He’d Legalize Cannabis Through Executive Order (Leafly)

  • Colorado Sold Twice As Much Recreational Marijuana As Medical Cannabis Last Year (Marijuana Moment)

  • Wisconsin man — who arrived in U.S. in ’81 as Cambodian refugee — is deported for marijuana offenses, leaving behind his wife and new baby (Chicago Tribune)

  • Is Cannabis Safe When Pregnant? Study Seeks Answer, Draws Critics (Leafly)

  • NASA Warns Employees That Using CBD Products Could Get Them Fired (Forbes)

  • Could a cannabis substance replace opioid pain relievers? (Medical News Today)

  • Idaho Medical Marijuana Initiative Clears Early Hurdle On Way To 2020 Ballot (Marijuana Moment)


  • Warning Issued for Dangerously Strong Ecstacy Pills in Europe (EDMTunes)

  • Number of people hospitalised with 'severe illness' from ecstasy at Indiependence Festival in Cork (Irish Mirror)

  • Alert after MDMA pill that is three time the adult dose is identified at Boomtown (Daily Echo)


  • Pieces of Ayahuasca, a Cash Crop (Chacruna)


  • Here are 7 notorious Peyote and Mescaline aficionados who used these drugs to open new doors in human perception and understanding (AlterNet)


  • The Encounter That Introduced Peyote to Western Science (Chacruna)


  • Sea of laughing gas canisters left on beach after Brighton Pride (Metro)


  • Ketamine Changes Course of Major Depressive Disorder Treatment (Psychiatry Advisor)

  • Royal Navy pleads with sailors to stop taking ketamine amid fears that the Class B drug is rife among junior naval personnel on ships and submarines (Daily Mail)


  • Decline in opioid deaths is tied to growing use of overdose-reversing drug, CDC says (Los Angeles Times)

  • Study Finds Increase in Pharmacy Dispensing of Naloxone, More Efforts Needed to Improve Access (Pharmacy Times)

  • “Go Slow”—Baltimore’s Peer-Led Fentanyl Harm Reduction Campaign (Filter)

  • Author Testifies That China Fails to Crack Down on Fentanyl (The Daily Signal)

  • Autopsy: Bonnaroo attendee died from drug overdose involving fentanyl and ecstasy (The Tennessean)


  • Colombia’s Drug Strategy Paradox – Less Coca Crops, More Cocaine (InSight Crime)


  • Here's How Much Caffeine May Trigger a Migraine, According to a New Study (TIME)

  • Why Alcohol, Nicotine Disrupt Your Sleep More Than Coffee (Healthline)

  • Teenager commits suicide by overdosing on caffeine (Independent Online)

  • Science Says Drinking Coffee Helps People Slow Aging, Lose Weight, and Cheat Death. These Fascinating Studies Explain Why It's a Miracle Drink (Inc.)

  • Caffeine and how it affect’s the central nervous system. (Thrive Global)


  • Dayton, Ohio, will no longer hire job applicants who use tobacco, nicotine (New York Daily News)

  • Tobacco plant buffet: Sticky surface traps insects and another feasts, study says (WRAL)


  • Low-level alcohol use increases miscarriage risk (Medical Xpress)

  • Alcohol Producers Tout Wellness Benefits. Health Experts Say Don't Swallow Claims (NPR)



  • Ohio delays kratom ban; bill proposed to regulate the herbal supplement (Cincinnati.com)

  • What is kratom? Users praise its pain-relieving ability, but Louisiana officials look to ban it (The Advocate)

  • PM says kratom can be legalised ‘if proved useful’ (ThaiVisa News)

  • Kratom: The Real Problem With This Botanical Drug (Medical Daily)

  • Kratom In Your Skin Care Products (Kratom Guides)


  • Ireland Partially Decriminalizes All Drugs (Cannabis Now)

  • Another Study Confirms Psychedelics Can Help Treat Depression and Anxiety (MERRY JANE)

  • CDC: Fatal Overdoses Are More Common in Cities Than Rural Areas (Filter)

  • The Top 10 Psychedelic Research Papers of the Last 10 Years (Psychedelic Science Review)

  • 2020 Candidate Andrew Yang Tweets Support for Safe Consumption Sites (Filter)

  • Bernie Sanders Wouldn’t Legalize Drugs Other Than Marijuana, He Tells Joe Rogan (Marijuana Moment)

  • The Most Psychedelic Technology in Human History is Here, and it’s Called Neuralink (Psychedelic Times)

  • Remembering Psychedelic Therapy Research Elder, Dr Claudio Naranjo (Kahpi)

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Disclaimer: "This Week in Psychoactives" does not censor or analyze the news links presented here. The purpose of this column is solely to catalogue how psychedelics are presented by the mass media, which includes everything from the latest scientific research to misinformation.

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This Week in Psychoactives - 6.28.19



  • Illinois just legalized marijuana (Vox)

  • Oregon Is Now the First State That Can Export Weed (MERRY JANE)

  • Oregon: Governor Signs Marijuana Expungement Measure Into Law (NORML)

  • House Resoundingly Approves Broad Marijuana Federalism (Reason)

  • Hungry at the Pot Shop? Anchorage Just Legalized Edibles Consumption in Dispensaries (MERRY JANE)

  • Hawaii: Governor to Let Marijuana Decriminalization Become Law (NORML)

  • Access to cannabis for medical reasons is now allowed in Ireland under new law (TheJournal.ie)

  • New Mexico: New Marijuana Decriminalization Law Goes Into Effect Next Week (NORML)

  • N.Y. Lawmakers Pass Bill to Decriminalize Marijuana and Expunge 900,000 Arrests (TIME)

  • Where Presidential Candidate Joe Sestak Stands On Marijuana (Marijuana Moment)

  • Cannabis Ingredient CBD Could One Day Become an Antibiotic (Newsweek)


  • Hallucinogenic Fungi Turn Cicadas Into Sex-Crazed Zombies (VICE)

  • Canadians Can Now Order Shrooms From This Dispensary (VICE)

  • Zero Psilocybin Arrests in Denver First Month After Decriminalization (Westword)


  • Inside the multi-million dollar drug labs where your MDMA is made (SBS)

  • Australians who use drugs like ecstasy are killing fish... in Holland (SBS)

  • Preston teenager dies after taking MDMA and cannabis (BBC)


  • A Natural Source of DMT Has Been Discovered in Mammal Brains (Inverse)


  • A Tribute to the Mother of Ayahuasca Research, Marlene Dobkin de Rios (1939-2012) (Kahpi)



  • Rotterdam to ban laughing gas at festivals, mayor says (DutchNews.nl)


  • Intranasal Ketamine for the Relief of Cluster Headache (Practical Pain Management)

  • Ketamine Infusion Improves Abstinence in Cocaine-Dependent Patients (MD Magazine)

  • Ketamine and dexmedetomidine combo requires close watch in surgical patients (Medical Dialogues)

  • VA Imposes Strict Limits on Controversial Ketamine-Based Depression Treatment (Military.com)

  • Lamar Odom Discusses How Ketamine Saved His Mental Health (The Fix)

  • Ketamine Against Depression: Does the New Drug Work? (Interesting Engineering)


  • Hartford Man Set House On Fire After Confrontation About PCP Use (Patch)


  • Naloxone coprescription laws may lead to more than 7-fold increase in dispensing (Healio)

  • How judges added to the grim toll of opioids (Reuters)

  • Get "Dosed": New Doc Explores Psychedelics as an Antidote to the Opioid Crisis (MERRY JANE)

  • Mexico is world’s No. 2 opium producer with 5.6% of production: UN (Mexico News Daily)

  • New Jersey’s naloxone giveaway distributes 32,000 doses of opioid-reversing drug (WHYY)

  • The Opioid Crisis: How the candidates would solve it (Big Think)

  • They Mentioned 'Narcan' on HBO's Euphoria—What Is That? (Men's Health)

  • In the midst of opioid crisis, Harrisburg dismisses evidence on treatment (The Philadelphia Inquirer)


  • ONDCP Reports Cocaine Production in Colombia is Leveling Off (The White House)

  • Kerry Katona admits ‘cocaine was my best friend’ at lowest point (The Sun)



  • San Francisco Becomes First U.S. City to Pass a Ban on E-Cigarettes (TIME)

  • Half of tobacco and vape shops don’t ID teens, undercover research finds (Fox 8)

  • Scientists engineer low-nicotine tobacco to help combat nicotine addiction (Earth.com)

  • Six months in, Philly assesses its smoking ban in inpatient rehabs (The Philadelphia Inquirer)

  • Low rates of recommended treatment for tobacco dependence in patients hospitalized with SUDs (News-Medical.Net)

  • Banning e-cigarettes, not tobacco products, is 'ludicrous,' some public health experts say (NBC News)

  • Bryon follows other southern MN locations by raising tobacco age to 21 (KIMT)


  • Alcohol is third leading preventable cause of death in US (Walla Walla Union-Bulletin)

  • Alcohol ranked most harmful drug in Australia, says report (SBS)

  • Breaking The Booze Habit, Even Briefly, Has Its Benefits (NPR)

  • Sam’s Club launches alcohol delivery through Instacart (TechCrunch)

  • Alcohol-Free Bars Caught on in the U.S. and U.K. But Can They Go Global? (Yahoo! Finance)



  • FDA issues warnings to companies selling kratom products for opioid addiction (NBC News)


  • How Previous Drug Use Can Stop You Getting Into America (VICE)

  • Illegal drug classifications are based on politics not science – report (The Guardian)

  • Dzulkefly: Govt to decriminalise drug possession for personal use (The Star)

  • Psychedelics research at Imperial College enters a new phase (Felix)

  • Drug dogs set to be used in schools and colleges (Daily Echo)

  • Campaigners accuse Tory politicians of drugs hypocrisy (The Guardian)

  • Attempts to Build a Safe Injection Site for San Francisco Drug Users Pushed to 2020 (Reason)

  • If Everyone Tripped on Psychedelics, We’d Do More About Climate Change (VICE)

  • What can we learn from studying psychedelics in special populations? (Chacruna)

  • The science of roadside drug testing (stuff.co.nz)

  • Dopey: ‘We needed somewhere to tell wild drug stories’ (BBC)

  • Why is psychedelic culture dominated by privileged white men? (Aeon)

  • What it’s like to test drugs for a living: inside the specialist unit that’s especially busy during festival season (inews.co.uk)

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Disclaimer: "This Week in Psychoactives" does not censor or analyze the news links presented here. The purpose of this column is solely to catalogue how psychedelics are presented by the mass media, which includes everything from the latest scientific research to misinformation.

Image by Psychedelic Astronaut.

On the Monday following each edition of “This Week in Psychoactives,” I post a “Last Week in Psychoactives” video recap to my YouTube channel. After that is done, I retroactively add the video to the corresponding blog post. Here is this week’s video recap:

This Week in Psychedelics - 7.27.18



  • Cannabis-based medicines get green light as UK eases rules (The Guardian)
  • 'It hits you very quickly': Canada brews first cannabis beer (The Guardian)
  • N.J. won't prosecute any weed cases until September. It's a big step toward legalization. (NJ.com)
  • Aurora Cannabis Inc. to offer medical pot coverage for employees (The Toronto Star)
  • Federal Report On Marijuana Legalization Required Under New Bill (Forbes)
  • Looming cannabis legalization forces 14 RCMP sniffer dogs into early retirement (The Globe and Mail)
  • California Officials Say No To Marijuana-Infused Alcohol And Bars With Cannabis Consumption (Marijuana Moment)
  • How Self-Care And Women's Health Are Shaping The Cannabis Industry (Forbes)
  • Sessions Says States Are Free To Legalize Marijuana, But DOJ Can Enforce Federal Law (Marijuana Moment)
  • Cannabis companies poaching key talent from the food and beverage sectors (The Globe and Mail)
  • Tennessee GOP Governor Candidate Puts Trump In Medical Marijuana Ad (Marijuana Moment)
  • Pennsylvania: Auditor’s Report Says Marijuana Legalization Would Yield Over $500 Million In New Annual Revenue (NORML)
  • Americans View Marijuana As Significantly Less Harmful Than Cigarettes (Marijuana Moment)
  • Legalizing Marijuana Brings Illicit Consumers To The Legal Market, Study Says (Marijuana Moment)
  • V.A. Shuns Medical Marijuana, Leaving Vets to Improvise (The New York Times)
  • Why Marijuana Consumers Have Smaller Waistlines Than Non-Users (Marijuana Moment)
  • The biggest American cannabis business is in Canada (Quartz)
  • Senators Push Sessions To Stop Blocking Marijuana Cultivation Applications (Marijuana Moment)
  • An exclusive look inside the UK’s legal medical cannabis farm (New Scientist)
  • West Virginia Congressional Candidate Running On Marijuana Gets Political Boost (Marijuana Moment)
  • Most in US think cannabis has health benefits, despite lack of data – study (The Guardian)
  • Cannabis, coworking, and the marijuana-industry land rush (Curbed)
  • Politicians Turn To Facebook To Promote Marijuana Legalization Views (Marijuana Moment)
  • A Look Inside Amsterdam's Cannabis Liberation Day 2018 (Leafly)
  • Blazing a trail: as legal cannabis goes global, will Britain be next? (The Guardian)
  • No, Marijuana DNA Is Not From Outer Space (And Other Cannabis-Related Fake News) (Marijuana Moment)
  • At 70, Founding A Cannabis Startup Can Be Quite A Trip (Forbes)
  • A More Palatable Cannabis Edible (Chicago Magazine)
  • The Paranoid Truth About Edible Weed (Psychedelic Heaven)


  • Exploring Meow Wolf on two hits of acid (Rooster)
  • GMU Student Sentenced to 3 Years for Selling LSD to Frat Brother Who Jumped to His Death (NBC4 Washington)

Psilocybin/Magic Mushrooms

  • No Magic Mushrooms On The Denver Ballot This Year. Supporters Are Looking To 2019 (Colorado Public Radio)
  • Psilocybin Truffles vs. Psilocybin Mushrooms (The Third Wave)
  • A startup backed by Peter Thiel has churned out 20,000 doses of magic mushrooms, and is making more (Business Insider)
  • Op Ed: Kicking Down the Doors of Perception Regarding Psilocybin (Westword)


  • What happens when you give an octopus MDMA? (Psymposia)
  • Sister of teen who died after taking ecstasy shares heartbreaking image of her brother on life support (The Sun)
  • Police warn 'fatal' Ecstasy pills shaped like Darth Vader being sold to schoolchildren online (Bristol Live)


  • Underground 5-MeO-DMT Facilitators: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly with James Oroc (Psychedelic Times)
  • Thieves caught on video stealing psychedelic toads from park (WGAL)
  • Jon Hopkins on Psychedelic Meditation and Taking DMT to His Own Music (SPIN)


  • What is iboga and can it actually cure opioid addiction? (ZME Science)


  • Hennepin Ketamine Study Raises Questions About Ethics And Consent (Forbes)
  • Ketamine could help reduce opioid use in the ER (Medical News Today)
  • Social anxiety is being cured by giving people cat tranquilizers (Rooster)
  • I tried ketamine to treat my depression. Within a day, I felt relief. (Vox)
  • PCP-fueled melee leaves officers injured, earns several assault charges (Maryland Independent)


  • Suboxone: Prescribed for addiction, diverted to the streets – an 'instant relief' for withdrawal (Cincinatti.com)
  • Governor of violent Mexican state wants regulation of opium poppies (WSAU)
  • Prison Inmates 40 Times More Likely to Die From Opioid Overdose Two Weeks After Release (Newsweek)
  • Thank Drug Warriors for the Escalating Death Toll From Superpotent Synthetic Opioids (Reason)
  • Fentanyl killed 763 people in Kentucky - twice as many as heroin (Courier Journal)
  • How to Stop a Heroin Overdose (Teen Vogue)
  • Narcan Saved My Life And Demi Lovato’s. Here’s What You Need To Know About It. (HuffPost)
  • “I really did not want to do it”: Smoking opium to investigate drug crime (New Statesman)


  • New Urban Practices Around Kambô (Chacruna)


  • What Is Kratom? How the Plant Could Help Fight the Opioid Crisis (Inverse)
  • 5 Reasons to add kratom to your life (NetNewsLedger)
  • What Is The Definition Of Kratom And How To Pronounce It? (Kratom Guides)
  • Psychoactive herb kratom on radar of B.C. doctors and poison control centre (Vancouver Sun)
  • White Vein Vs Green Vein Kratom: Differences And Similarities (Kratom Guides)

Miscellaneous Psychedelics/Psychoactives/Drug Policy

  • Czech Drug Tsar calls for legalisation and regulation of drugs (Transform Drug Policy Foundation)
  • Rethinking psychedelics: U of T study looks at the practice of microdosing to ease anxiety and sharpen focus (University of Toronto)
  • Legalizing Drugs Would Boost US Budgets By $100 Billion, Harvard Researcher Concludes (Marijuana Moment)
  • Drug finds in prison increased by 23% in one year, Ministry of Justice reveals (Sky News)
  • Melania Trump to be briefed on babies born addicted to drugs (Associated Press)
  • Colleges just don’t understand harm reduction (Psymposia)
  • Drug Testing Organizations Save Lives, So Why Haven't Rave and Concert Organizers Embraced Them? (The Appeal)
  • Healing With the Psychonauts: Psychedelic Medicine Goes Mainstream (Leafly)
  • How psychedelic microdosing might help ease anxiety and sharpen focus (Medical Xpress)
  • Gen Z Is More Into Coke, Ket and LSD Than We Thought (VICE)

Disclaimer: "This Week in Psychedelics" does not censor or analyze the news links presented here. The purpose of this column is solely to catalogue how psychedelics are presented by the mass media, which includes everything from the latest scientific research to misinformation.

Image by Dahtamnay, courtesy of Creative Commons licensing.

Book Review - Lean & Clean


This plant-based weight loss guide comes from Hannah Howlett, a YouTuber featured on the channels High Carb Hannah and Life Inside A Box. Inside Lean & Clean: The Ultimate Plant-Based Weight Loss Guide, readers will find a lot of valuable information and a 14-day meal plan that includes three recipes for each day.

The informational section of the book covers a plethora of topics, including Hannah's own weight loss journey, the positive effects of a starch-based diet, why calorie restriction doesn't work, food addictions, the importance of external factors such as sleep and exercise, advice for eating out, and many more. Hannah goes into depth about the reasons that a "Lean and Clean lifestyle" doesn't include salt, sugar, oil, and caffeine during this section as well. Although much of this material can be found in other places, it has been expertly compiled and presented in an easy-to-understand way in this book.

The 14-day meal plan includes shopping guide tips, a chapter on healthy snacks and desserts that can supplement the days when you're extra hungry (or craving something sweet), and two weeks worth of recipes, grocery shopping lists, and meal prep advice for each day's meals. The recipes include things like oatmeals, smoothie bowls, rice and quinoa dishes, salads, chilis, soups, and sushi. All of them are completely plant-based with no animal products included, and they are designed to be tasty while simultaneously promoting weight loss.

I found both the informational section and the 14-day meal plan to be very well done. The writing is extremely clear and concise, the photography and artwork throughout the book is appealing to the eye, and the recipes are simple to make and mostly scrumptious. There were some typos and grammatical errors in the book that bugged the editor inside of me, and there were a lot of additional blank pages added to the book (possibly so that chapters would line up optimally for double-sided printing?) that add empty bulk, but there isn't much else to dislike here. I would definitely recommend Lean and Clean to others who are interested in weight loss or improving their overall health, because there is a lot of valuable information in the book. And for anyone who hasn't already checked out Hannah's YouTube channels (linked above), I would definitely recommend those as well!

4/5 stars. 210 pages.