This Week in Psychedelics - 10.14.16

Image by  Dahtamnay , courtesy of  Creative Commons  licensing.

Image by Dahtamnay, courtesy of Creative Commons licensing.


  • Police arrest more people for marijuana use than for all violent crimes combined (Boing Boing)
  • Pew Poll: Public's Attitude Shifts Dramatically In Favor Of Marijuana Legalization (NORML)
  • Former NFL Players Dump Painkillers for Cannabis (Merry Jane)
  • Legal Medical Pot Helps Older Americans Remain in the Workforce (Reason)
  • Police use military helicopter to seize one cannabis plant from 81yo arthritis patient (RT)
  • Arkansas Can Vote on Medical Marijuana Proposal in November, State Supreme Court Rules (TIME)
  • SNP members to vote on medicinal cannabis (The Scotsman)
  • Will Voting Yes on the Cannabis Social-Use Initiative Allow Consumption at Concerts? (Westword)
  • Military Veterans Are Finding Careers, Community, Purpose, and Treatment in the Cannabis Industry (Merry Jane)
  • U.K. Regulator Says Some Cannabis Products Count as Medicine (TIME)
  • Study: Cannabis Inhalation Improves Parkinson's Symptoms (NORML)
  • Cannabis Suppositories Show Immense Promise (Green Rush Daily)
  • Is Cannabis the World's Next Disruptive Innovator? (Leafly)
  • Cannabis Beer Brewer Prepares for National Distribution (U.S. News and World Report)
  • Cannabis Summit Suggests Shift in Utah's Stance on Medical Marijuana (Leafly)
  • The Martha Stewart of pot? Seattle entrepreneur JJ McKay launches cannabis lifestyle brand 'The Fresh Toast' (GeekWire)
  • Cancer Patient Battles for Medical Cannabis (NBC 5 Chicago)
  • Growing good cannabis businesses in Detroit (Detroit Metro Times)
  • Are Stock Options Limited for Cannabis Investors? (Marijuana Times)
  • 20 Small Business Ideas in the Growing Cannabis Industry (Small Business Trends)
  • Smoking cannabis can 'make teenagers stupid' - and the younger they start the worse it will be (Mirror)
  • Study links heavy cannabis use with bone disease (UPI)


  • How MDMA can help patients suffering from PTSD (International Business Times
  • My Brother Died of An Ecstasy Overdose But I'm Still Campaigning to Reopen Fabric (THUMP)
  • Rush's Lifeson: That Time I Did Ecstasy With My Wife, We Drank Orange Juice & Listened to Tool on 6k Watts (Ultimate Guitar)
  • Robbie Williams admits he still thinks about taking ecstasy, despite being a teetotal for years (Digital Spy)


  • How ayahuasca is drawing western travellers to the Amazon (
  • Inside the disturbing psychotropic drug that tormented Cy Walsh before he killed his father, Adelaide Crows coach Phil Walsh (The Advertiser)

Synthetic Cannabinoids/Psychoactive Research Chemicals


  • Ketamine offers hope for recurrent depression sufferers (Irish Examiner)
  • What are PCP and TCP? (KOKI)
  • 'I returned to the music festival where my daughter died after taking ketamine' (Metro)
  • Autopsy: Oklahoma police victim had PCP in system when he died (Fox News)
  • Cops: Middletown woman threatened victim with two knives after taking PCP (The Middletown Press)


  • 'Eradication has been close to zero' in the worlds biggest producer of heroin (Business Insider)
  • Fake, Deadly Xanax Is Appearing Around the U.S., and It's Dangerous (ATTN:)
  • Combating overdoses: Ontario to expand use of methadone alternative Suboxone (CTV News)
  • President Obama and Macklemore Discuss the Dangers of Opioid Addiction in New Documentary (TIME)
  • FDA splits on naloxone dose (American Pharmacists Association)
  • Should Public Schools Stock Naloxone? (West Virginia Public Broadcasting)
  • Heroin: The poisoning of America (CNN)


  • DEA Withdrawing Awful Attempt to Completely Ban Kratom (Reason)
  • How the DEA's Attempt to Reschedule Kratom Could Endanger Public Health and Addiction Treatment (Psychedelic Times)
  • Kratom Vendors File Lawsuit Against Feds (Pain News Network)
  • Fed's Kratom crackdown remains in limbo (Lagniappe)
  • Critics Say Fed Kratom Research Flawed (Pain News Network)


  • Kava: from Ceremonial Drink to Modern Mood-Booster (Smart Drug Smarts)
  • What is kava, is it really a good remedy for anxiety and can you get it in the UK? (Metro)


  • Projection neurons in the cortex and hippocampus: differential effects of chronic khat and ethanol exposure in adult male rats (Dove Medical Press)

Miscellaneous Psychedelics/Psychoactives/Drug Policy

  • Every 25 Seconds: The Human Toll of Criminalizing Drug Use in the United States (Human Rights Watch)
  • Ross Ulbricht's Silk Road Appeal: One Judge Seems to Question His Life Sentence Without Parole (Reason)
  • The Man Who Invented the Drug Memoir (The New Yorker)
  • A New Class of Psychedelic Research and Therapy Specialists: Interview with Janis Phelps of CIIS (Psychedelic Times)
  • "Psychedelic Supervisor" Could Be Upcoming Profession (EDM Tunes)
  • Looney Tunes Anti-Drug PSAs from the 1970s (Boing Boing)
  • Psychedelic Series #1: Over the Mountain (Mad in America)
  • State Duma Committee approves blocking websites with information on psychedelic drugs (Russian Legal Information Agency)
  • How Doctors Can Tell If You're Looking for Drugs (ATTN:)
  • Brian Wilson: 'Psychedelics fried my brain' (Xposé.ie)
  • How to Treat Your Pain Without Drugs (TIME)
  • Three drugs that could transform mental health treatment (Imperial College London)
  • Drug Sentences Will Never Be Fair (Reason)
  • Bringing Mindfulness to Addiction: My Session with a Psychedelic Integration and Recovery Coach (Psychedelic Times)

Disclaimer: "This Week in Psychedelics" does not censor or analyze the news links presented here. The purpose of this column is solely to catalogue how psychedelics (and other psychoactives) are presented by the mass media, which includes everything from the latest scientific research to misinformation.