This Week in Psychedelics - 3.18.16

Image by  Dahtamnay , courtesy of  Creative Commons  licensing.

Image by Dahtamnay, courtesy of Creative Commons licensing.


  • Legal Cannabis Outsold Girl Scout Cookies Last Year (Forbes)
  • Where the Presidential Candidates Stand on Marijuana (ATTN:)
  • Merrick Garland Helped Uphold the DEA's Refusal to Reclassify Marijuana (Reason)
  • New Study Suggests Marijuana's Impact on Crash Risk Has Been Exaggerated (Reason)
  • Proposed Massachusetts Stoned Driving Rule Is Better Than Washington's but Worse Than Current Law (Forbes)
  • Lee Harris, the moral crusader turned cannabis activist vying to be London mayor (The Guardian)
  • Israel wants to be the tech hub for the world cannabis industry (Quartz)
  • America's First Cannabis Resort Opens in Colorado (Business Wire)
  • Lib Dems vote to legalise cannabis (Mirror)
  • Marijuana Legalization 2016: Many Women Working In Cannabis Industry Are Smoking The Competition (International Business Times)
  • Cops Caught on Camera Eating Dispensary's Snack Bars Charged With Theft (Reason)
  • Marijuana Industry Will Add $44 Billion to Nation's Economy by 2020 (Disinfo)
  • GW Pharmaceuticals Gets Positive Result for Cannabis-based Epilepsy Drug (The Wall Street Journal)
  • New Zealand's 'cannabis crisis': smokers confirm chronic shortage (The Guardian)
  • High Times Moves Cannabis Cup to California After Troubles in Denver (Inc)
  • Poll: Voters Back Rescheduling And Legalizing Marijuana (NORML)
  • French tops teen cannabis use survey: WHO (France 24)
  • Cannabis Consumer Products Company Launches First Equity Crowdfunding Campaign (Black Enterprise)
  • More Municipalities Embrace Marijuana Decriminalization (NORML)
  • Legalized Cannabis and the Brain: NIDA Sounds the Alarm (Medscape)
  • New Guide Shows How To Get A Piece Of The Multi-Billion Dollar Cannabis Industry (
  • Forget the Startup Nation, Welcome to the Cannabis Nation (Haaretz)
  • Vox poll: the only drug Americans want to legalize is marijuana (Vox)
  • Palestinian Police in West Bank Cannabis Raid (High Times)
  • Purveyors of pot work to reverse stigma, rebrand cannabis (CP24 Toronto's Breaking News)
  • Leading California Anti-Pot Activist Says Marijuana Causes 'Almost All' Mass Murders (Reason)


  • Share this: LSD for breakfast may kick Facebook addiction (RT)
  • Remember That Time Dock Ellis Threw a No-Hitter on LSD? (Relix)
  • Villanova Student Charged With Dealing LSD From Dorm Room (CBS)
  • Naked teenager James McAllister-Barnard high on LSD accidentally sets fire to flat, tells officer 'Help me, I'm dead' (Metro)
  • Sterrett man nabbed in LSD trafficking bust (Shelby County Reporter)
  • Possibly LSD-influenced Man Tased Four Times After Attempting to Attack Deputies in McKinleyville, Says HCSO (Lost Coast Outpost)
  • Boy accused of having LSD at Roosevelt High School (Sioux Falls Argus Leader)

Psilocybin/Magic Mushrooms


  • Truth Behind the Push to Legalize a Street Drug (LifeZette)
  • Can You Really Die from an MDMA Allergy? (VICE)
  • Off-duty officer arrested over ecstasy tablets (U.TV)
  • Melbourne's gangland: Mafia link to worlds biggest ecstasy bust (Herald Sun)
  • 'Molly' and 'LSD' manufacturing operation uncovered inside storage facility (WPEC)
  • Legalization, MDMA, and Aggressive Behavior (American Thinker)
  • Six college students busted in $100K drug ring (
  • Russell County sheriff: Man found with ecstasy in form of lollipops (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer)
  • Dealer tried to smuggle ecstasy in Police Lego box (Edinburgh Evening News)
  • Ecstasy death: Man linked to Colorado Springs teen's overdose pleads guilty (The Denver Channel)
  • Long Branch cops find MDMA stash in traffic stop (Asbury Park Press)
  • Malaysian arrested for smuggling ecstasy pills into N.Sumatra (The Jakarta Post)



  • Voacanga: An Alternative, Sustainable Source of Ibogaine Treatment (Psychedelic Times)

Synthetic Cannabinoids/Psychoactive Research Chemicals

  • 'Legal LSD': Dangerous Party Drug Sold Online (Medscape)


  • U.K. man jailed 5 days in St. John's after friend's ashes mistaken for ketamine (
  • New Study Shows Ketamine May Regenerate Brain Cells, Relieving Depression with Lasting Benefit (PR Newswire)
  • Man who was seen handing €130000 of ketamine to another man during surveillance operation is given bail to 'prove himself' (Irish Independent)
  • $100K bail for Jersey City man facing PCP charges while on probation (
  • Prosecutor: Driver in crash that killed teens was on PCP (Fox News)
  • Wallingford PD: Local man grabbed employee by throat, in possession of PCP (Meriden Record-Journal)


  • The Right Chemistry: A history of morphine (Montreal Gazette)
  • What to Do About Heroin Addiction (The New York Times)
  • Mexico governor floats idea of medical opium growing to reduce drug violence (Yahoo! News)
  • CDC Prescription Guidelines Will Leave More Patients in Pain and Drive More Addicts to Heroin (Reason)
  • Roots of opioid epidemic can be traced back to two key changes in pain management (Disinfo)
  • The strange history of opiates in America: from morphine for kids to heroin for soldiers (The Guardian)
  • Americans Have Been Addicted to Prescription Opiates Forever (WIRED)
  • Opium crop failure: No high for these farmers in times of drought (The Indian Express)
  • The Devastating Effects Heroin Has on the Body and Mind (ABC News)
  • A Small Town Wanders What To Do When Heroin Is 'Everywhere' (NPR)
  • EpiPen For Heroin Overdose – Start-Up Solved Naloxone Administration (HealthAim)



  • N.H. Senate Passes Bill to Ban Kratom Use by Minors (NHPR)
  • The battle over Kratom in Shelby County (WIAT)
  • Bill to regulate kratom to go before committee (WBRC)
  • Kratom dealers busted in Krabi raid (Phuket Gazette)



  • Chinese Customs Confiscate 700 Kilos of Banned Plant Khat (China Topix)
  • 70-year-old arrested for 46kg of drugs (

Miscellaneous Psychedelics/Psychoactives/Drug Policy

  • Will UNGASS 2016 Be the Beginning of the End for the War on Drugs? (
  • The U.S. May Support Revolutionary Reform to International Drug Policy (ATTN:)
  • How Psychedelics Can Help You Meditate, and Why Meditation Makes Your Psychedelic Experience Easier (Psychedelic Times)
  • Ross Ulbricht's Sentencing Indecent, Based on Procedural and Substantive Errors, New Amicus Brief Argues (Reason)
  • This Trafficking Gang Posed as a Fake Flower Business to Smuggle Drugs into the UK (VICE)
  • The Darker Side of 'Just Say No' (Reason)
  • How Sex and Drugs Saved My Life (and Could Save the World) (AlterNet)
  • Why the War on Drugs Failed and How It Affects Psychedelic Addiction Treatment (Psychedelic Times)
  • Missouri State Patrol shows you how to make meth (Boing Boing)
  • Thomas Massie: War on Drugs in Afghanistan Has Been a Failure (Reason)
  • Watch How the Drug Overdose Epidemic Spread in America (TIME)
  • Miley Cyrus' Wedding Dreams: Marijuana, Aging Rock Stars & Psychedelia (Inquisitr)
  • Man high on psychedelic drug trashed Haworth school, cops say (

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