This Week in Psychedelics - 3.9.18

Image by  Dahtamnay , courtesy of  Creative Commons  licensing.

Image by Dahtamnay, courtesy of Creative Commons licensing.


  • Marijuana for Moms (The Atlantic)
  • Study: Cannabis Effective At Treating Symptoms Of Fibromyalgia (NORML)
  • Cannabis Activism Group Selling 'Jeff Sessions' Rolling Papers (High Times)
  • Former Congressional Aide Convicted of Taking Cannabis Bribe (Leafly)
  • New studies show that legal cannabis access reduces opioid abuse (The Hill)
  • The Beginner's Guide to Cannabis Lingo (Lifehacker)
  • Home Pot Delivery Is Cool, but California's Taxes and Regulations Are Still Onerous (Reason)
  • Cannabis and Schizophrenia: Do THC and CBD Affect It Differently? (Leafly)
  • How Cannabis Entrepreneurs Feel About Sessions' Reversal Of The Cole Memo (Forbes)
  • This Country Bans Cannabis While Exporting The Most In The World (High Times)
  • California: Sonoma County District Attorney To Vacate Thousands Of Past Marijuana Convictions (NORML)
  • Israeli medical cannabis company announces record $110 million deal (The Times of Israel)
  • Michigan: Voter Support Grows For Proposed Adult Use Initiative (NORML)
  • How does resolving cannabis problems differ from problems with alcohol or other drugs? (Science Daily)
  • Part 2, Is Cannabis Legal in New York City? Well... it's Complicated (Leafly)
  • Female Cannabis Users Fear Judgement From Others (Green Market Report)
  • UK world's largest producer of legal cannabis, finds UN body (The Independent)
  • Raid at 'Cannabis Church' Prompts Lawsuit (NBC)
  • Cannabis Producer Canopy Bids for Spain's Alcaliber (Bloomberg)
  • When It Comes to Pot, Pain, and Cancer, Jeff Sessions Is An Idiot (Reason)
  • Better Marijuana Stock: Aurora Cannabis vs. The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company (The Motley Fool)
  • Driving and Cannabis Hit the Skids (SF Weekly)
  • 10 Things You Should Know About Aurora Cannabis (The Motley Fool)


  • LSD Can Treat Mental Disorders By 'Harmonizing' The Brain (Newsweek)
  • LSD alters the neural response to music in a number of brain regions, study finds (PsyPost)
  • Tripping on LSD Really Is Like Lucid Dreaming (Live Science)
  • Deepak Chopra has tried LSD and pot (Page Six)
  • Politics and LSD On the Brain (The Georgetown Voice)

Psilocybin/Magic Mushrooms

  • Denver May Get To Vote On Whether To Make Magic Mushrooms Legal (Colorado Public Radio)
  • Advocacy groups fight for your right to do magic mushrooms (Salon)
  • Stand-Up Comedy on Shrooms (OZY)
  • Scientists have uncovered an amazing mystery of hallucinogenic mushrooms (The Bobr Times)


  • MAPS Researchers Explore the Potential for Psychedelic Drugs to Treat PTSD (The Runner)
  • MDMDA Research Group Now Accepts Monero (XMR) Donations (The Market Mogul)
  • Study says Amsterdam's wastewater has highest ecstasy concentration in Europe (Dancing Astronaut)
  • Warnings have been made about blue 'Punisher' ecstasy pills (Mixmag)


  • Scientists Gave Monkeys Ayahuasca and It Helped Their Depression (Discover Magazine)
  • Four weekly ayahuasca sessions lead to increases in "acceptance" capacities: a comparison study with a standard 8-week mindfulness training program (Frontiers)

Peyote/San Pedro/Mescaline


  • Getting the Inside Dope on Ketamine's Mysterious Ability to Rapidly Relieve Depression (Scientific American)
  • Ketamine Infusion May Be Effective for the Short-Term Relief of CRPS-Associated Pain (Clinical Pain Advisor)


  • FDA Chief Wants to Increase Package Inspection to Combat Opioid Crisis (TIME)
  • Medical Examiner Exchanged Opioids for Sexual Favors, Prosecutors Say (TIME)
  • Trump wants to end the opioid crisis. But what if he is himself its prime symptom? (Spectator)
  • The 'moral hazard' of naloxone in the opioid crisis (The Washington Post)
  • A New Study Says Naloxone Might Cause More Opioid Deaths. I'm Skeptical. (Mother Jones)
  • Are We Reviving Too Many Opioid Overdoses? Is This Really a Question? (Slate)
  • Childhood Opioid Overdoses Nearly Doubled in Last 10 Years (TIME)
  • The New Opium War (The Signal)
  • 'Heroin(e)': The Women Fighting Addiction In Appalachia (NPR)
  • Opioid addicts are turning to a clinic in Mexico to break their addiction, but there's a catch. The treatment is illegal in the US. (PRI)
  • Record Afghan Opium Crop Signals Violent Year for U.S. Forces (Consortium News)
  • Florida Lobbyist Says There's No Data on Opioid Trafficking Laws. There Is. Reason Published It. (Reason)
  • Are We Finally Doing Something About the Opioid Crisis? (Disinfo)


  • It's National Absinthe Day! Here's How to Enjoy the Potent Green Drink (Parade)
  • Absinthe is having a moment in Baltimore. Here's what to know about the mythical green spirit (The Baltimore Sun)
  • Dancing With the Green Fairy: 4 Absinthes to Try Right Now (The Manual)


  • Salmonella Found In Kratom Samples As Multi-State Outbreak Expands (Forbes)
  • Kratom: Why Did the FDA Declare the Herbal Supplement an Opiate? (Rolling Stone)
  • Nine Leading Scientists Support The Safe Use Of Kratom In The US (Kratom Guides)
  • Four Leading Kratom Researchers Urge FDA To Focus On Science Rather Than Rhetoric (PR Newswire)
  • Wash. State Health Dept. Says Do NOT Consume Kratom (Sky Valley Chronicle)
  • Kratom For Stress Relief (Reports Healthcare)
  • Why the Asian Herb Kratom is all over the news? (Kratom Guides)



  • Khat consumption induced chronic liver disease; is it all autoimmune? (MedCrave)
  • Kwale bans sale and consumption of miraa (Citizen TV)

Miscellaneous Psychedelics/Psychoactives/Drug Policy

  • Just One Psychedelic Drug Trip Can Cause Changes In Personality That Could Last Years (Newsweek)
  • The Eleusinian Psychedelic Psychedelic Rebirth Rites of Ancient Greece are Making a Comeback (Ancient Origins)
  • Mother Nurture: Female Shaman Defines Girl Power in Male-Dominated Culture (Pulitzer Center)
  • Report: Imprisoning Drug Users Doesn't Stop Drug Use or Prevent Overdoses (Reason)
  • The changing political realities of drug policy (Drug WarRant)
  • Benzo Conversion Tool Updates and Discussion (TripSit)
  • Unifying Theories of Psychedelic Drug Effects (Frontiers)
  • Have a Safe Trip: The Zendo Project Guides Festivalgoers Through Bad Drug Experiences (Dope Magazine)
  • Hundreds of drug-fuelled soldiers facing the boot after testing positive for cocaine, ecstasy and ketamine in just four months (Mirror)
  • Zig Zag Zen: An Interview with Author Allan Badiner (Psychedelic Frontier)
  • Oslo is among Europe's worst for drug use (The Nordic Page)

Disclaimer: "This Week in Psychedelics" does not censor or analyze the news links presented here. The purpose of this column is solely to catalogue how psychedelics are presented by the mass media, which includes everything from the latest scientific research to misinformation.