This Week in Psychedelics - 6.3.16

Image by  Dahtamnay , courtesy of  Creative Commons  licensing.

Image by Dahtamnay, courtesy of Creative Commons licensing.


  • Colombia Close to Legalizing Medical Cannabis (Leafly)
  • We Spoke with the People Trying To Stop Marijuana Reform (ATTN:)
  • "Cannavaping" Could Be an Efficient and Safe Way to Deliver Medical Cannabis (The Science Explorer)
  • 2 Rare, Heartwarming Video Clips of Terence McKenna Smoking Cannabis and Taking it Easy (High Existence)
  • Cannabis on tribal land a '50/50' gamble for Native Americans in Washington (The Guardian)
  • International law allows for the legalization of cannabis (Science Daily)
  • I Only Ate Cannabis-Infused Foods for Two Days. Here's What Happened (Willamette Week)
  • Cannabis Saved My Life – Depression (
  • Why Cannabis-Growing Techniques Differ So Much Between the U.S. and Europe (Leafly)
  • Industrial cannabis activists showcase their cause with 'all hemp' luncheon (The Washington Times)
  • New York's Cannabis Growers Lobby for More Medical Patients (High Times)
  • What happens when you get stoned every day for 20 years (The Independent)
  • San Francisco Gym Focuses on Using Cannabis to Enhance Fitness (The Marijuana Times)
  • How Does Cannabis Consumption Affect Insomnia? (Leafly)
  • State investigates $500,000 in missing medical marijuana oil (Minneapolis Star Tribune)
  • Indoor vs. Outdoor Cannabis Growing: 3 Key Differences (Leafly)


  • Investigating the Urban Legend That LSD Will Make You Think You're Orange Juice (Complex)

Psilocybin/Magic Mushrooms

  • Severe Depression Treatment: Magic Mushrooms Found To Be Effective? (Info-Europa)


  • Science Explains What Molly Does to Your Sex Life (Mic)
  • Ecstasy in comeback as new generation discovers dance drug (The Guardian)
  • European Partiers Got Smart, Ditched Bad Ecstasy for Pure MDMA (Inverse)


  • Exploring the Sacred Power of 5 MeO DMT: Podcast with Dr. Gerardo Sandoval (Psychedelic Times)

Peyote/San Pedro/Mescaline

  • Eagles' Debut: Don Henley on How Peyote, the Occult Shaped Hit LP (Rolling Stone)

Synthetic Cannabinoids/Psychoactive Research Chemicals

  • A Deadly New Hallucinogen Is Being Peddled On The Street As LSD (Digg)


  • Ketamine could treat chronic pain (SBS)
  • Meta-analysis shows ketamine effective against persistent post-surgical pain (Medical Xpress)
  • New Mesa clinic offers alternative therapy for pain, depression (East Valley Tribune)
  • Man High on PCP Acts Erratically, Stabs Man, San Diego Police Say (Patch)
  • Police: Woman on PCP bit teenager, resisted arrest (Bryan-College Station Eagle)


  • FDA OKs first implant treatment for opioid addiction (Engadget)
  • Burmese Opium Farmers Protest Eradication (High Times)
  • CVS Health will expand access to naloxone in seven more states (American Pharmacists Association)
  • CU Boulder study: Narcotic painkillers cause chronic pain (The Denver Post)
  • Prince Reportedly Died from a Fentanyl Overdose (ATTN:)
  • Taliban instability could fuel opium trade (OODA Loop)
  • Heroin being laced with drug 100 times more powerful than morphine (FOX 8)
  • Why it's easier to be prescribed an opioid painkiller than the treatment for opioid addiction (Disinformation)
  • The One Paragraph That Prompted an Opioid Epidemic (ATTN:)


  • Kratom, the Herb of Last Resort for Recovering Addicts, Is in Legal Trouble (Gizmodo)
  • The Best Type of Kratom for Opiate Withdrawal (Kratom Project)
  • How Long Does Kratom Last? (Kratom Revealed)


Miscellaneous Psychedelics/Psychoactives/Drug Policy

  • New British Law Makes Psychoactive Substances Presumptively Illegal (Reason)
  • Combating the War on Drugs Around the World with Harm Reduction Education and Policy (Psychedelic Times)
  • Two New Psychedelic Films That Will Open Your Mind To Plant Medicines (Collective Evolution)
  • The New and Ancient Psychedelic Revolution: Preparing the Way for the New Story of Humanity (Psychedelic Times)
  • TripSit Factsheets now use PsychonautWiki's Subjective Effects Index (
  • Psychedelic Honey from Nepal Proved to be 'Healing' (Nature World News)
  • I Took LSD, Coke, and Edibles on the Job to See How They'd Affect My Work (VICE)

Disclaimer: "This Week in Psychedelics" does not censor or analyze the news links presented here. The purpose of this column is solely to catalogue how psychedelics (and other psychoactives) are presented by the mass media, which includes everything from the latest scientific research to misinformation.