This Week in Psychedelics - 7.24.15

Image by  Dahtamnay , courtesy of Creative Commons licensing.

Image by Dahtamnay, courtesy of Creative Commons licensing.


  • Marijuana can help heal a broken bone ... and make it stronger (Fox News)
  • White House Report: War on Weed Targets Race (Recreator)
  • Seniors Are Seeking Out States Where Marijuana is Legal (
  • Marijuana Is a Wonder Drug When It Comes to the Horrors of Chemo (Newsweek)
  • Reefer Madness, an Unfortunate Redux (NY Times)
  • Washington Passes Open Container Law for Marijuana (Newsweek)
  • Kansas Man Facing Felony Murder Charge for Telling an Acquaintance Where he Could Find Marijuana (Alternet)
  • First-ever cannabis commercial to air on American TV (MarketWatch)
  • Top Ten New Technology Opportunities in Legal Cannabis (Forbes)
  • Oregon Will Likely Have The Most Saturated Cannabis Industry In The Nation (The Weed Blog)
  • CBD oils - a strain of medical marijuana - now legal in North Carolina (WNCN)
  • Cannabis oil given to Alex Renton before Government approval (
  • Rose Renton 'left with no choice' but to give son cannabis treatment illegally (
  • Behind the Prescription: Medical Cannabis in Minnesota (WDAZ)
  • Parkinson's Disease And The Potential Of Cannabis Therapy (
  • Cannabis rules lead to parking lot dosing for Iowa boy (USA Today)
  • Police are 'turning a blind eye' to cannabis across the country, experts claim (The Telegraph)
  • Republicans are softening their stance on marijuana (MarketWatch)
  • More Than Four in 10 Americans Say They Have Tried Marijuana (Gallup)


  • Man who may have been on LSD dies after being hogtied by police (UPI)
  • Man who died after 'Widespread Panic' concert thought to have overdosed on LSD (WMC Action News 5)
  • Ecstasy and LSD use reaches new high among young (The Guardian)


  • MDMA (Ecstasy): Facts, Effects and Hazards (Medical News Today)
  • What is Molly? A new drug takes to the streets (Valdosta Today)
  • Recreational amphetamines such as ecstasy can make hard work of sex (AFR)
  • 'Molly' a Growing Problem in Tallahassee (WCTV)
  • Amy Thomson: Teen fighting for life after collapsing at 'ecstasy party' emerges from coma (
  • Jose Baxter tells of how an ecstasy pill nearly ruined his Sheffield United career (Daily Mail)
  • Nelson man dies after taking ecstasy (BBC)
  • Death at EDCLV 2015 Ruled As Overdose By Clark County Coroner (YourEDM)
  • Ecstasy Blamed in Death of Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas Attendee (L.A. Weekly)
  • Ecstasy use by young people surges to highest level for a decade (Belfast Telegraph)


  • Do Entities From Another Universe Inhabit the Brains of Psychedelic DMT Users? (Alternet)
  • Personal Story: How I Found My Life Purpose With Ayahuasca (


  • Religious liberty rally at State Capitol calls on Utah to end ban on peyote use in sacrament (Fox 13 Now)


  • Did this man feed ketamine to a seagull (Metro News)
  • Josh Greenwood Gets Death Threats After Posting Video Showing Seagull Being Fed 'Ketamine' (Huffington Post)
  • New compound may treat depression rapidly with few side effects (Digital Journal)
  • The Future Of Antidepressants Is Coming Very Slowly—But What's The Holdup? (Bustle)


  • Lethally Potent 'Fake Heroin' No Longer Enjoys a Legal Loophole (VICE)
  • Every Drug Court Should Allow Methadone Treatment (NY Times)
  • How the Media is Fueling the So-Called Opioid Overdose Epidemic (
  • Fentanyl intensifies fight against heroin (Rutland Herald)
  • In Myanmar, Some Farmers Drop Poppies For Coffee Beans (Voice of America)
  • Punjab to Approach Madhya Pradesh High Court for Opium Ban (NDTV)
  • Christie signs bill strengthening opioid abuse prevention program (
  • Heroin Epidemic: State Lawmakers Want Changes to Narcan Laws (WGRZ)
  • After police give anti-overdose drug to heroin users, what's [sic] happens next? (York Daily Record)
  • Heroin delivery in Great Kills: 'It's just everywhere' (SI Live)
  • Afghanistan: Helmand's drug abuse problem (BBC)
  • Heroin overdose deaths continue to climb in Madison Co. (The Herald-News)
  • Why Heroin Use Is Surging Among Women And What To Do About It (Forbes)
  • Plantwatch: The pharmacy flourishing in gardens and fields (The Guardian)
  • Heroin becomes growing problem (The Journal Gazette)
  • Metro Detroit batles its latest scourge: Heroin (Detroit Free Press)
  • Heroin deaths rise sharply in Connecticut (WTNH)
  • The Heroin Heroine of Reddit (Backchannel)
  • Heroin overdoses continue to rise in St. Louis (KSDK)

General Psychedelics

  • Psychedelic Microdosing: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (Clapway)
  • Psychedelic Dugs Redux: Don't Leapfrog the Research (Medscape)
  • Police letters warn Facebook drug dealers they're being watched (
  • Hippies, Yippies, Zippies and Beatnicks - A Conversation with Dana Beal (The Stoned Society)
  • The Heretic [Profile of James Fadiman] (The Morning News)
  • Here are some of the favorite drugs used by history's greatest geniuses (BGR)
  • The Zendo Project Works Toward Psychedelic Harm Reduction (Care2 Healthy Living)
  • Should We Be Able To Test Pills At Clubs And Festivals? (Unilad)
  • LSD Effects without LSD? 3D Printed 'MOOD' Glasses Provide Psychedelic Visuals (

Disclaimer: "This Week in Psychedelics" does not censor or analyze the news links presented here. The purpose of this column is solely to catalogue how psychedelics (and other psychoactives) are presented by the mass media, which includes everything from the latest scientific research to misinformation.