This Week in Psychedelics - 7.6.18



  • Luxembourg Is Latest EU Country to Legalise Medical Cannabis (Talking Drugs)
  • Vermont: Law Legalizing Adult Marijuana Use Takes Effect Sunday, July 1 (NORML)
  • Here’s what’s next now that the FDA has approved a cannabis drug for seizures (The Verge)
  • Up in smoke: new California law could send $350m worth of cannabis to incinerator (The Guardian)
  • Marijuana Dispensaries Don’t Increase Crime, Study Finds (Marijuana Moment)
  • Defying Congress, Jeff Sessions Keeps Blocking Medical Marijuana Research (Reason)
  • Toke Up and Chow Down on Netflix’s Pot-Infused Cooking Competition (Reason)
  • The US Stopped Other Countries from Legalizing Weed for Generations (VICE)
  • Jeremy Corbyn calls for cannabis to be decriminalised for medical use 'as soon as possible' (Mirror)
  • The Canadian Conundrum: Legalizing Cannabis Is One Thing, Marketization Is Another (Forbes)
  • ‘Keep California Safe’ initiative fails to make the November 2018 ballot (The Orange County Register)
  • It Didn't Have To Be This Way: Policy Decisions Led To Delays In Massachusetts' Cannabis Market (Forbes)
  • Billy Caldwell licensed for cannabis oil use in Northern Ireland (The Guardian)
  • Weighing The Legal Cannabis Industry's Catch-22 Problem (Forbes)
  • South Australia's cannabis crackdown based on 'nonsense', experts warn (The Guardian)
  • How police are preparing to catch drivers under the influence of cannabis (CTV News)
  • If Sacramento's cannabis industry goes corporate, these three men will be to blame (The Sacramento Bee)
  • Major study reveals cannabis is not a miracle pain reliever (New York Post)
  • The first cannabis lounge in Southern California is coming to Palm Springs, and neighbor isn’t pleased (The Press-Enterprise)


  • Millions in Cryptocurrencies Seized in Biggest LSD Bust in European History (Gizmodo)
  • Man found dead in Mississippi River had bad LSD trip during concert, friend says (FOX13)
  • Michael Pollan: Why I started taking LSD and what it helped me to do (The Sydney Morning Herald)
  • Revisiting the Beatles’ Cartoon LSD Utopia Yellow Submarine (Vulture)

Psilocybin/Magic Mushrooms

  • Can Magic Mushrooms Treat Cocaine Dependency? (AlterNet)
  • Psilocybin and Mental Health–Don't Lose Control (Frontiers)
  • Magic Mushroom May Have Cure for Depression (Colorado Daily Ledger)
  • Do Magic Mushrooms Work Better Than Prozac? She Aims to Find Out (OZY)


  • MDMA strengths surge to 'potentially fatal' levels (BBC)
  • Both my sons died after taking ecstasy – that's why I want to legalise it – video (The Guardian)
  • Party drug MDMA is likened to 'Russian roulette' after 18-year-old died after taking the Class A on a night out (Daily Mail)
  • Cops seize orange ecstasy pills shaped like Donald Trump (New York Post)
  • Mum releases shocking photos of her son’s final hours after taking MDMA (Metro)
  • How MDMA is leaving a trail of tragedies in Devon and Cornwall (Plymouth Herald)
  • ‘MDMA gave me anxiety, depression and panic attacks’ (Zloto News)


  • Ayahuasca: The Spiritual Journey Hollywood Is Talking About. (NewsGram)


  • An Almost Unknown Psychedelic to Kick the Habit (ThirdAge)


  • Cops Are Telling Paramedics To Inject Arrestees With Ketamine. Worse, EMS Crews Are Actually Doing It. (Techdirt)
  • Minneapolis Investigates Police Use Of Ketamine On Suspects (WHQR)


  • Searching For The Next Naloxone (The Fix)
  • Investigation Shows How Florida Sparked U.S. Heroin Crisis (WLRN)
  • Overdoses Can Happen Anywhere, So Naloxone Becomes A Part Of First Aid Kits (WESA)
  • Link Between Heroin Addiction And Narcolepsy Examined (The Fix)
  • Chicago’s Black Communities Hit Hardest In Opioid Overdoses (WBEZ)
  • Where Did $8.2 Billion in US Aid to Fight Opiates in Afghanistan Go? (Sputnik International)
  • Heroin may be Mozambique’s second largest export—and it’s being disrupted by WhatsApp (Quartz)
  • OxyContin, Heroin and the Opioid Crisis (Pain News Network)
  • The Opium War and the Humiliation of China (The New York Times)


  • FDA commissioner says kratom not worth the Salmonella risk (Food Safety News)
  • 3 Best Kratom Strains for Opiate Withdrawal In 2018 (Kratom Guides)
  • Kratom Supplements Won’t Make You Healthier — They’ll Probably Just Make You Sick (The Cheat Sheet)
  • Kratom use spreads in Phuket (Pattaya Mail)
  • Kratom And Moisture: What To Do When Kratom Gets Moisture? (Kratom Guides)
  • How Can You Mix Kratom And Cranberry Juice? (Kratom Guides)


  • Kava Bar Places "God Hates Beer" Signs in Front of Saltwater Brewery (Miami New Times)

Miscellaneous Psychedelics/Psychoactives/Drug Policy

  • Suicide is on the rise. Depression therapy is limited. Let’s try psychedelics. (The Washington Post)
  • First-of-Its-Kind Conference Brings Psychedelics Into the Mainstream (High Times)
  • White House lawyer expected to be named new head of DEA (The Washington Post)
  • Could psychedelics transform mental health? (BBC)
  • Duterte is Assassinating Opponents Under the Cover of the Drug War, Philippine Rights Groups Say (TIME)
  • Reclaiming Your Identity As A Drug User (Psymposia)
  • Use of ‘smart drugs’ on the rise (Nature
  • Psychedelics And Cancer (Psychedelic Heaven)
  • Hallucinogens and Depression (Psychology Today)
  • How To Cope With Anxiety And Paranoia During A Trip (The Third Wave)
  • Psychedelics And Schizophrenia (Psychedelic Heaven)
  • Drug abuse: how China is fighting the problem (The Telegraph)

Disclaimer: "This Week in Psychedelics" does not censor or analyze the news links presented here. The purpose of this column is solely to catalogue how psychedelics are presented by the mass media, which includes everything from the latest scientific research to misinformation.

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