This Week in Psychedelics - 9.22.17

Image by  Dahtamnay , courtesy of  Creative Commons  licensing.

Image by Dahtamnay, courtesy of Creative Commons licensing.


  • California Officially Calls On Feds To Reclassify Marijuana (Forbes)
  • Pennsylvania Democratic Party Adopts Marijuana Legalization Into Policy Platform (NORML)
  • New Hampshire Marijuana Decriminalization Takes Effect (Forbes)
  • Study: Medical Cannabis Registrants Reduce Their Prescription Drug Use (NORML)
  • Orrin Hatch Sponsors Medical Marijuana Research Bill (Inquisitr)
  • The 28 States Where a Little Pot Can Still Send You to Jail (Reason)
  • Study: Perceived Marijuana Access Declining Among Youth (NORML)
  • Medical Professionals Brace for Cannabis (Santa Barbara Independent)
  • Pot shampoo to cannabis sommeliers: Inside one of America's biggest marijuana business conventions (The Independent)
  • NORML Canada Testifies In Parliament On Impending Legalization (NORML)
  • Detroit Voters Will Have Say in Cannabis Regulations (Leafly)
  • Growing Clean Cannabis to Pass California's New Rules (East Bay Express)
  • Dr. Oz Defends Medical Cannabis on 'Fox & Friends' (Leafly)
  • 2017 NORML Conference and Lobby Day In Brief (NORML)
  • How Cannabis Can Combat the Opioid Epidemic: An Interview With Philippe Lucas (Leafly)
  • Roger Stone Wants to 'Crush Jeff Sessions' (ATTN:)
  • New Brunswick Announces $90 Million Cannabis Buy (Leafly)
  • Johnson City Press: Riding the green wave: Science Hill graduates growing cannabis in Arizona (Johnson City Press)
  • In Denver, Marijuana Users Aren't Hard-Core Partiers -- They Really Just Want To Sleep (Forbes)
  • Cloverdale readies for cannabis businesses coming to town (Santa Rosa Press Democrat)
  • Sen. Al Franken Is Evolving On Marijuana (Forbes)
  • Ontario Government Aims to Sell Cannabis for $10 a Gram (Leafly)
  • Denver and Colorado Springs Residents Both High on Legalizing Cannabis (Westword)
  • The Loss of an Activist, the Passing of a Friend, James Bell (NORML)
  • Parents explain to their kids why they smoke weed (Boing Boing)
  • Meet the sexy bikini models who've started a cannabis-themed Instagram page celebrating their devotion to weed (The Sun)
  • Cannabis Crunch – No Go On Pot Drones, Uruguay's Cash Only Weed Shops, And The Feds Are Coming For Your MMJ Data (Psychedelic Times)
  • Male vs. Female Cannabis: How to Determine the Sex of Your Plant (Leafly)
  • Cannabis Industry Weekly Recap 9/15/2017 ( Forbes)
  • Wynne's cannabis retail plan a buzzkill (Toronto Sun)


  • How Renaissance Painting Smoldered with a Little Known Hallucinogen (Hyperallergic)
  • Coroner said woman at music fest died from LSD overdose. Now, he says she didn't (The San Luis Obispo Tribune)
  • Name-Place-Animal-Thing: Of Productivity and LSD (The Wire)
  • This bizarre anti-LSD video from 1969 is about a woman and her talking hotdog (Mixmag)
  • Rare Military Footage Reveals LSD Tests on Soldiers (The Fix)

Psilocybin/Magic Mushrooms


  • Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) Selects Montrium's eTMF Platform as They Begin Phase 3 Studies of MDMA-assisted Psychotherapy for PTSD (Markets Insider)
  • Hair Test Reveals All the Drugs Actually Hiding in Ecstasy Pills (Inverse)
  • MDMA on the Mountaintop (Reality Sandwich)
  • Police accused of turning blind eye to ecstasy-related crime after drop in convictions (The Telegraph)
  • Law Student Dies of Ecstasy Bag Bursting in Her Stomach (Noiseporn)
  • Father of four who died after taking ecstasy was "crying out for help" (Norwich Evening News)
  • Police raids after children poisoned by ecstasy (Liverpool Echo)


  • Ayahuasca Afterglow—How Post-Trip Mindfulness May Play A Part In Treating Depression (Psychedelic Times)
  • Florida's Ayahuasca Church Wants to Go Legal (Motherboard)
  • Why One Man Left His 6 Figure Salary & What He Did Instead (Collective Evolution)

Peyote/San Pedro/Mescaline

  • 50 Years Ago: Battle over peyote divides council (Navajo Times)



  • Opioid Overdoses Are Shortening Overall Life Expectancy (TIME)
  • The Affordable Care Act Is Being Exploited to Foster Opioid Relapse (TIME)
  • Heroin must be treated like public health crisis that it is (
  • Fentanyl Importation Reaches 'Shocking' Levels, Says Prosecutor (Reason)
  • CVS Pharmacy Will Limit Prescriptions for Opioids (TIME)



  • Kratom is safe for consumers: DEA got it wrong once; let's not repeat mistake (
  • Coroner reveals details behind kratom overdose report (Adirondack Daily Enterprise)
  • Kratom controversy: DEA taking the right approach (
  • SPECIAL REPORT: What is Kratom, and why would you use it? (KMTR)


  • 10 Incredible Health Benefits of Kava (TG Daily)


  • Somalia: HirShabelle State Rejects Federal Government's Embargo on Miraa Flights in Jowhar (Somali Update)

Miscellaneous Psychedelics/Psychoactives/Drug Policy

  • Beyond Materialism: Interview with Rita Kočárová about International Transpersonal Conference 2017 (Psychedelic Times)
  • Who Am I? Yoga, Psychedelics & the Quest for Enlightenment by Allowah Lani (Psychedelic Press UK)
  • Charles L Raison, MD: A History of Psychedelics in Psychiatry (MD Magazine)
  • Prince William discusses 'massive question' of legalising drugs (The Guardian)
  • Balancing the Divine Feminine and Masculine in Medicine Circles (Reality Sandwich)
  • A Buddhist Contemplates the Merits of Meditating on Psychedelics (Disinfo)
  • How Psychedelic Science Privileges Some, Neglects Others, and Limits Us All (Psymposia)
  • People Who Trip on Psychedelics Are More Likely to Be Environmentally Conscious (AlterNet)
  • Charity warns that 'legal high' ban has led to switch to other illegal drugs (The Pharmaceutical Journal)
  • Reconsidering LSD, other psychedelic drugs for treating depression, anxiety (Genetic Literacy Project)
  • The Real Story of Shamanism: No Need to Don a Headdress or Take Hallucinogens (Ancient Origins)
  • Psychedelic drugs: is it time to rethink our perspective? (ABC)

Disclaimer: "This Week in Psychedelics" does not censor or analyze the news links presented here. The purpose of this column is solely to catalogue how psychedelics are presented by the mass media, which includes everything from the latest scientific research to misinformation.