This Week in Psychedelics - 9.8.17

Image by  Dahtamnay , courtesy of  Creative Commons  licensing.

Image by Dahtamnay, courtesy of Creative Commons licensing.


  • Despite Legalization, Adolescent Marijuana Use Hits 15-Year Low (Reason)
  • Amendment to Cut Funding of DEA's Cannabis Eradication Program (NORML)
  • Gaetz Introduces Amendment for Medical Marijuana Research (NORML)
  • House Rules Committee Blocks Amendment Protecting Medical Marijuana (Reason)
  • American Universities Offering Cannabis Classes This Fall (Forbes)
  • Bonamici Files Amendment Preventing Federal Interference of State Hemp Laws (NORML)
  • Congressman Heck Introduces Marijuana Banking Amendments (NORML)
  • Colorado Cannabis Sales Funnel $9.2M Into School Health Programs (Leafly)
  • Hemp Comes Home (Reason)
  • Cannabis Tribes Form Cannabis Association (Indian Country Today)
  • Does the First Amendment Protect Spiritual Cannabis Use? A D.C. Activist Plans to Argue For It (Psymposia)
  • California Won't Ban Cannabis Ads, for Now (Leafly)
  • North Texas Experts Explore the Cannabis 'Green Rush' (D Magazine)
  • California is about to open its first legal cannabis shops and it's posing a huge problem for local pot farms (The Independent)
  • Cannabis Growers Accused of Offering California Sheriff $1M Bribe (Leafly)
  • Sonoma State University launches professional cannabis business series (Santa Rosa Press Democrat)
  • Last Week In Cannabis—New Jersey May Legalize, Cabbie Wins MMJ Case, And More (Psychedelic Times)
  • Investing in Cannabis? Ask These 3 Questions Before You Do (Leafly)
  • Meet the companies launching Maryland's cannabis industry (The Baltimore Sun)
  • Massachusetts' Top Cannabis Regulator Says He's Committed to Timely Rollout (Leafly)
  • Cannabis church leader's pet peacock brutally killed (USA Today)
  • How Are Canadian Patients Using Medical Cannabis? (Leafly)
  • The Game Changer for Paragon and the Cannabis Industry (The Merkle)
  • Cannabis workshops begin this week (Mad River Union)
  • Stockton may temporarily tap brakes on cannabis businesses (Stockton Record)
  • Cannabis Industry Weekly Recap 9/1/2017 (Forbes)


  • Meet the World's First Online LSD Microdosing Coach (Rolling Stone)
  • Netflix's 'Wormwood' Spotlights CIA's Secret LSD Mind Control Experiments (The Fix)
  • Memories from the Summer of Love: Meet the '60s Couple Who Helped 'Turn on the World' to LSD (People)
  • Meet the professor who self-administered 73 high-dose LSD sessions (Psymposia)
  • The Upside of LSD: This Guy Wants You to Microdose on Psychedelics (OZY)
  • Researcher To Study The Effects of LSD Microdosing on Cognitive Function (Collective Evolution)

Psilocybin/Magic Mushrooms

  • Scientists Discover Why Magic Mushrooms Evolved Psychedelic Powers (Inverse)
  • Will California Legalize Mushrooms? (The Fix)
  • The Chemical In Shrooms Can Now Be Made In A Lab, & It Could Help Sufferers Of Mental Illness (Bustle)


  • Why The FDA's 'Breakthrough' Nomination For MDMA Matters (Psychedelic Times)
  • Ecstasy Is on Its Way to Becoming a Legal Treatment for PTSD (Lifehacker)
  • Dude Leaves Contact Info On Bag Of MDMA -- Gets His Dumbass Arrested (Magnetic Magazine)
  • Embarrassed Pill Takers Tell Us Their Worst Ecstasy Stories (VICE)
  • British teenager died in Ibiza after five bags of ecstasy exploded in her stomach, finds coroner (The Independent)
  • Police warn public of 'ecstasy' pills containing ketamine (Mixmag)
  • Woman dies and two men taken to hospital after taking ecstasy (The Guardian)


  • Dimethyltryptamine (DMT): a biochemical Swiss Army knife in neuroinflammation and neuroprotection? (NCBI)
  • Spiritual But Secular (United Church Observer)
  • Man fined for having drug used in Amazon (Irish Times)

Salvia Divinorum


  • Use of ketamine for depression shows rapid, long-lasting effects: study (New York Daily News)
  • 30 years ago, PCP seemed like the most threatening drug to America's future (MuckRock)
  • How Do 4 Alternative Treatments for Bipolar Disorder Stack Up? (Psych Central)


  • Will California Beat Seattle in Building a Safe Drug Injection Facility? (Reason)
  • The Right Chemistry: The long and colorful history of opium (Montreal Gazette)
  • How Many More People Have to Die From Heroin and Fentanyl Before We Try Something Different? (Reason)
  • Canadian schools stock up on naloxone kits in wake of growing opioid crisis (Global News)
  • More Access Granted to Naloxone in Arkansas (KARK)



Miscellaneous Psychedelics/Psychoactives/Drug Policy

  • People Who Have Taken Psychedelics Are More Likely To Be Environmentally Friendly (IFLScience)
  • Neurosis is Natural: Human Development and Rites of Passage with Neal M. Goldsmith, Ph.D. (Psychedelic Times)
  • Coming Out of the Psychedelic Closet to Your Parents (Psychedelic Times)
  • 4 Philosophers Who Experimented With Psychedelics (Big Think)
  • A Reverend's Moving Sermon About Psychedelics and Religion (Psychedelic Frontier)
  • Scientific doping will lift scholarship to new heights (Times Higher Education)
  • Eight Things to Do After You've Taken Psychedelics (Psymposia)
  • Rethinking serotonin could lead to a shift in psychiatric care (Imperial College London)
  • The 21st century psychedelic renaissance: heroic steps forward on the back of an elephant (Springer Link)
  • Psychedelics, Personality and Political Perspectives. (PubMed)
  • My biggest conclusion after years writing about drugs (Psymposia)

Disclaimer: "This Week in Psychedelics" does not censor or analyze the news links presented here. The purpose of this column is solely to catalogue how psychedelics are presented by the mass media, which includes everything from the latest scientific research to misinformation.