This Week in Psychoactives - 9.6.19



  • Vitamin E Suspected In Serious Lung Problems Among People Who Vaped Cannabis (NPR)

  • The Mysterious Vaping-Induced Lung Illness Has Officially Killed Two People (MERRY JANE)

  • Mexican Senator Files Marijuana Legalization Bill Ahead Of Supreme Court Deadline (Marijuana Moment)

  • Vape Pen Lung Disease Has Insiders Eyeing Misuse of New Additives (Leafly)

  • Thailand Includes Low Level Cannabis And Hemp Extracts On Its Approved Medical Marijuana list (Forbes)

  • Three million Americans tried weed for the first time last year (Rooster Magazine)

  • Hemp Farming Quadrupled In The U.S. This Year, New Report Shows (Forbes)

  • Medical marijuana laws impact use among sexual minorities differently than heterosexuals (Science Daily)

  • Body Cameras for Cannabis Delivery Raise Concerns About Privacy in Mass. (Leafly)

  • Oakland says big pot grow in homeless encampment is illegal — but leaves it alone (San Francisco Chronicle)

  • Cannabis may hold promise to treat PTSD but evidence lags behind use (Science Daily)


  • Meet the doctor behind historic New Zealand LSD microdosing experiment (Newshub)


  • A multi-million dollar donation just created a bonanza of magic mushroom research (Quartz)

  • Oregon Psychedelics Activists Clash Over Changes To Psilocybin Mushroom Ballot Measure (Marijuana Moment)

  • Why Do Magic Mushrooms Cause Nausea? (Psychedelic Science Review)


  • MDMA for Racial Trauma (DoubleBlind)

  • Several Polk County high school students hospitalized after being exposed to MDMA (ABC Action News)

  • Man who took MDMA had 300 mini-seizures and parents twice told to say goodbye (Mirror)


  • The 21 Best Scientific Papers About Ayahuasca (Chacruna)

  • Ayahuasca and the Problems of the World (Kahpi)

  • Woman, 34, dies after taking psychedelic drug during ‘spiritual cleansing’ ceremony in Cyprus (ItzaGoal365)


  • Inhaling Powdered Toad Secretions Just Once Is Linked to Feeling Happier For a Month (ScienceAlert)



  • Casper PD: Man on PCP Left Teeth Marks in Patrol Car Door (K2 Radio)


  • OxyContin maker prepares 'free-fall' bankruptcy as settlement talks stall (Reuters)

  • Man Charged By Federal Prosecutors In Connection With Mac Miller's Death (NPR)

  • DC is offering the overdose reversing drug Naloxone for free at these select pharmacies (WJLA)

  • Researchers find alarming risk for people coming off opioids (UW Medicine)

  • Treat the fentanyl crisis like a poisoning outbreak (Los Angeles Times)

  • Liverpool's 40-year battle with heroin is reaching terrifying new levels (Liverpool Echo)

  • Hidden History: Humans Have Been Using Opium For Millennia (WGBH)

  • How Britain's opium trade impoverished Indians (BBC)

  • Ben Westhoff's 'Fentanyl, Inc.' confronts horrible truths about America's opioid epidemic (USA Today)

  • Law enforcement seizes enough fentanyl to kill 14 million people (WCVB)


  • Chronic cocaine use modifies gene expression (Medical Xpress)

  • Exercise can help beat cocaine addiction: Study (Times Now)



  • Drinking This Much Coffee Could Protect Against Gallstones (Newsweek)

  • Caffeine Headaches: Telltale Signs And Symptoms (Medical Daily)


  • Michigan becomes first state to ban flavored e-cigarettes (The Washington Post)

  • Walgreens raises minimum age to buy tobacco products to 21 (WILX)


  • A Rat Study Finds that Acupuncture Can Treat Alcohol Addiction... in Rats (Gizmodo)

  • In Europe, people continue to consume more alcohol than in any other place in the world (World Health Organization)

  • Daybreak app more than halves alcohol use in three months (Medical Xpress)


  • Franklin becomes first municipality in state to ban sale of kratom (WMUR)

  • Legislation filed that would regulate sale of kratom and CBD products in Pa. (The Indiana Gazette)

  • Can Kratom be beneficial for MMA fighters and athletes? (Pro MMA Now)

  • Organic Kratom can Improve Mental and Physical Health for an Active Lifestyle (Big Time Daily)



  • Johns Hopkins Opens New Center for Psychedelic Research (The New York Times)

  • Psychedelic Drugs Draw Some Investor Attention—and Much Skepticism (The Wall Street Journal)

  • 'Treatment Facilities' Aren't What You Think They Are (The New York Times)

  • And a million of us tried psychedelics last year, too (Rooster Magazine)

  • Vaping May Hamper the Lungs' Ability to Fend off Infections (WIRED)

  • Mexico’s new drug war may be worse than old one (Associated Press)

  • How I Infiltrated a Chinese Drug Lab (VICE)

  • U of M Medical School to host first Psychedelic Symposium (Detroit Metro Times)

  • She spent more than $110,000 on drug rehab. Her son still died. (Vox)

  • Tim Ferriss, the Man Who Put His Money Behind Psychedelic Medicine (The New York Times)

  • The Science and Healing Benefits of Psychedelics (Chronogram)

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