Weekend Thoughts - 11.4.17

Image  by  azazelok , courtesy of  Creative Commons  licensing.

Image by azazelok, courtesy of Creative Commons licensing.

Happy Saturday y'all! Below, I have rounded up some things for you to think about this weekend:

1. To continue on with the series of weekends that I've linked to articles about self-driving vehicles comes this thought experiment: how would you feel about putting your children on a self-driving school bus? That's what a Seattle-based design studio named Teague is currently working on. Their autonomous school bus concept has enough space for six students, and allow for remote intercom usage for disciplining the kids as well as the ability to reroute to a hospital if there is an accident or fight that breaks out. Ultimately, we'll know when self-driving cars have reached peak acceptability when parents are willing to let their kids ride them to school each day.

2. Germany's wind turbines were able to produce enough energy to power over half of the country this year—and they produced so much excess energy from wind power that they had to pay the German citizens to use it!

That's all for this week's edition of Weekend Thoughts. Until next week, keep thinking wilder.