Weekend Thoughts - 4.23.16

Image  by  miheco , courtesy of  Creative Commons  licensing.

Image by miheco, courtesy of Creative Commons licensing.

Happy Saturday y'all! Below, I have rounded up some things for you to think about this weekend:

1. To get your synapses firing, check out this article about the concept of creating sustainable societies modeled from sacred geometry. (For more information on what sacred geometry is, check out the Wikipedia article.) The piece could certainly be fleshed out a bit more, but it's a good thought exercise to start with, discussing ideas like building torus-shaped houses that look like a donut and generating nuclear energy with devices like the tokamak.

2. This is simultaneously awesome and incredibly freaky—swimming mechanical snakes have been invented with the intention of performing underwater service work for sea-based operations like oil rigs and wind farms. This is basically the stuff of my nightmares. Autonomous robot snakes? Yeah, that's going to be interesting.

3. Step into a time machine with this collection of photographs from 1986, which is both 30 years ago and the year of my birth. This glance at the people, events, fashion, and city landscapes from that year will either have you reminiscing (if you are old enough to remember) or envisioning what things were like back then (if you were yet to be).

4. Would you consider dropping your home Internet connection for mobile-only service? If so, it seems like you aren't alone. Since 2013, there has been a 7% reduction in homes that use DSL, cable or fiber connection to access the web at home, while there has been a 10% increase in the amount of homes that are solely using a mobile Internet connection. Here is a link to the source study conducted by the National Telecommunications & Information Administration. I for one am not at a point where I could consider switching to mobile-only, but if mobile Internet speeds and reliability continue to improve, I could definitely see that as a possibility.

That's all for this week's edition of Weekend Thoughts. Until next week, keep thinking wilder.