Weekend Thoughts - 4.29.17

Image  by  Nadir Hashmi , courtesy of  Creative Commons  licensing.

Image by Nadir Hashmi, courtesy of Creative Commons licensing.

Happy Saturday y'all! Below, I have rounded up some things for you to think about this weekend:

1. First up this week is the story of a participant's experience at a 5-day Jataka Zen Sesshin, which is a type of meditation retreat. The participant also happens to be the CEO of HighExistence, and his tale goes into detail about his need to deal with fear before attending the retreat and the various obstacles that he overcame during the experience.

2. It can be dangerous for cyclists to share the road with automobiles, so a "Bicycle Stress Map" project has been started in Maryland's Montgomery County to assign a numeric value to the scariness of the streets. As a cyclist, it can be helpful to know the roads that are safe to bike on and those to avoid. Although this map only shows that one location at the moment, it may be rolled out to other areas, which would be a boon for cyclists everywhere.

That's all for this week's edition of Weekend Thoughts. Until next week, keep thinking wilder.