Weekend Thoughts - 7.18.15

Image by  Propaganda Times , courtesy of Creative Commons licensing.

Image by Propaganda Times, courtesy of Creative Commons licensing.

Happy Saturday y'all! Below, I have rounded up some things for you to think about this weekend:

1. This description of how meditation practice and a plant-based diet has affected the physical and spiritual development was fascinating to me. The article is titled Our DNA is Evolving... Big Time and it is definitely worth a read. I'm a bit skeptical on the DNA part of it, but I'm interested in the overall topic.

2. I think this article about dopamine deficiency and mental health is pretty solid. It covers the role of dopamine, symptoms of low dopamine, and foods and activities that boost dopamine levels. Check it out, especially if you or someone you know is experiencing fatigue, apathy, lack of motivation, or inability to concentrate.

3. There was a "study" about drug use at festivals that took the form of several infographics that I linked to a few months ago. Shortly after that, VICE's Thump published an article that criticizes the study and is definitely worth reading. I had originally shared the study because I found it to be entertaining, and although Thump's article is a few months old, I wanted to offer up this contrary information.

4. Anyone following the Bill Cosby Rape saga is probably aware that Cosby testified in a 2005 court proceeding that he obtained Quaaludes in order to give them to women he wanted to have sex with. You may be wondering what exactly Quaaludes are, so here is a story on the rise and fall of Quaaludes to fill you in.

5. While reading through Zendo Project's AMA on Reddit, I came across this awesome guide to drug combinations from Tripsit. And while I have the chance, I must implore you to consider donating to Zendo Project's Harm Reduction Indiegogo Campaign.

6. Since I am perpetually on the hunt for healthy, cheap, easy recipes, I was extremely happy to see No Meat Athlete post an article on 12 Cheap, Healthy Meals that Taste Way Better Than They Should this week. Can't wait to go through these recipes and find out if there are any personal staples lying in wait for me.

7. I'm a big fan of Jeff Sanders' 5AM Miracle Podcast and enjoyed this post on his blog today about creating an Evening Routine to ensure that you get to bed early so that you can wake up early! This is something I am currently working on and I thought it might be useful to share with the Think Wilder community.

That's all for this week's edition of Weekend Thoughts. Until next week, keep thinking wilder.