Introducing the Think Wilder YouTube Channel


After thinking about it for a couple years, I’ve finally made the plunge and started the Think Wilder YouTube channel today. This channel will be used to explore psychoactive drugs, spirituality, technology, and personal development in a video format. I have essentially zero experience with producing videos but I’m looking forward to learning the ropes and hope that after some time and effort I’ll be producing the quality of content that I am striving to send out into the world. At any rate, I’ve commemorated the launch of my YouTube channel by launching two videos:

In this first YouTube video I cover the intentions behind my decision to start this channel and what I hope to accomplish with it.

And the second video is the first in a weekly video series where I highlight a few of the most important stories in psychoactive drug news. “Last Week in Psychoactives” as a video companion piece to supplement the “This Week in Psychoactives” weekly column on this blog.

Please check them out and share my channel with a friend if you think they might enjoy it. Thanks for your support!

Image by slightly_different, courtesy of Creative Commons licensing.