This Week in Psychedelics - 10.16.15

Image by  Dahtamnay , courtesy of Creative Commons licensing.

Image by Dahtamnay, courtesy of Creative Commons licensing.


  • Studies by Oregon researchers hint that mild pot-induced paranoia may have a public health benefit (The Register-Guard)
  • Ohio man gets 'too high', calls police (USA Today)
  • Here's What Marijuana Does to Pain (ATTN:)
  • How safe is stoned driving really? (Aeon)
  • Federal Cancer Institute Acknowledges Cancer-Fighting Properties of Cannabis (
  • Marijuana Could Change the 2016 Election (ATTN:)
  • Sanders Suddenly Becomes Pot-Friendliest Major-Party Candidate (Reason)
  • Marijuana Separated Sanders and Clinton in a Big Way (ATTN:)
  • Legalising cannabis would raise millions in tax, says government study (The Guardian)
  • Cannabis should be as legal as cigarettes because war on drugs is a 'disaster' claims Labour MP (Mirror)
  • Why are stoners always portrayed the same in film? (Dazed Digital)
  • Growing Pains: Regulating the Use of Pesticides on Marijuana (NORML)
  • An Introduction To The Endocannabinoid System (
  • Tribal Nations May Want to Stash Your Marijuana Cash (TIME)
  • Marijuana Could Literally Replace These 5 Prescription Drugs (ATTN:)
  • Oregon Pot Stores Sell More Than $11 Million in First 5 Days (The New York Times)
  • This is what legalising cannabis would raise in taxes (Mirror)
  • How LEDs Are Making Weed Better (Wired)
  • Finding a Place for Cannabis Cash (Bloomberg)
  • Medical cannabis CEO says Maine could be leader in legal marijuana industry (Portland Press Herald)
  • CTU's Helen Kelly wants legal cannabis for cancer pain (
  • 4 Riders in Senate Appropriations Bills Support Cannabis Federalism (Reason)
  • Rep. Regan: Medical cannabis task force report being reviewed by House (York Daily Record)
  • Free-thinking Brighton wants to legalise cannabis the most - with just one Tory seat in the top 10 (Mirror)
  • Legalise cannabis debate: Only 14 out of 650 MPs take part in parliamentary discussion on drug (International Business Times)
  • SA's cannabis oil 'Robin Hood' (Independent Online)
  • Marlborough man orders cannabis online (Marlborough Express)
  • Banning cannabis has failed - now it is time for our MPs to show true courage (Mirror)
  • Marijuana recipes: How to make Cannabis Ceviche (SF Gate)

Psilocybin/Magic Mushrooms


  • Carrying 5 or Less Ecstasy Pills Will Be Legal at ADE (Vice's Thump)
  • Amsterdam under fire over liberal ecstasy policy (NL Times)
  • Why European MDMA Looks So Much Better Than American Molly (Inverse)
  • When Are You Going To Get Your Prescription MDMA? (Gizmodo)
  • Drug smuggler tried to sneak 25,000 ecstasy tablets into Britain inside neck PILLOW (Mirror)
  • Ecstasy lab, precursor chemicals, cash discovered in Macleay Island joint police bust (ABC News)
  • Annie Lennox girl's lover drowned on drugs - EXCLUSIVE: Traces of MDMA found in his body (The Sun)
  • Hair samples shows ecstasy users more stressed (Australian Journal of Pharmacy)
  • Study Confirms That Taking MDMA or Ecstasy Directly Increases Your Stress Levels (Vice's Thump)


  • When it comes to worldwide religious tolerance, DMT could be the answer (Binghamton University Pipe Dream)
  • Demystifying Ayahuasca: An Expert Guide Through the Ritual (Men's Journal)
  • Art, Ayahuasca, And Climate Change: Can We Heal Our Way Back To A Healthy Planet (
  • Find out what is behind Ayahuasca that natives call sacred (CCTV-America)
  • Reassessing life in deepest Peru (Cyprus Mail)

Peyote/San Pedro/Mescaline

  • Personal Story: Ayahuasca And San Pedro Taught Me To Love Myself Again And Let Go Of The Past (


Salvia Divinorum

  • Tripping down memory lane with Leaves of the Virgin Mary (The Coast)

Synthetic Cannabinoids/Psychoactive Research Chemicals

  • Man in critical condition after taking 'unpredictable' N-bomb (
  • 'Hallucinations, confusion and agitation': Police sound warning over LSD-type synthetic drug (TVNZ)
  • 'Hell of a shock': Father of drug user - The family of 20-year-old university student on life support after taking synthetic LSD had no idea the man wasn't going to his classes. (NZCity)
  • Hospital staff attacked by man who snorted dangerous synthetic drug 'blue scissors' (The Sydney Morning Herald)
  • Thought ice was bad? Introducing 'Flakka' - Australia's most terrifying new drug, which turns users into 'zombies' and causes them to strip naked as their bodies overheat (Daily Mail)


  • Ketamine Could Soon Be Used To Treat Depression (Inverse)
  • Ketamine Causes Long-Lasting Changes in Brain Function in Young Mice (Brain & Behavior Research Foundation)
  • Hong Kong Customs seizes about 12 kilograms of suspected ketamine at Man Kam To Control Point (7th Space Interactive)
  • High on PCP and bleeding, Jersey City man tries escaping ambulance after fight: police (
  • Burglary suspects caught in Southbridge with $10,000 worth of ketamine (Worcester Telegram)


  • How Mexican drug cartels are feeding America's deadly heroin epidemic (The Week)
  • Poppy cultivation up 50% in Mexico: DEA (Mexico News Daily)
  • Heroin crisis: presidential candidates forced to confront issue on campaign trail (The Guardian)
  • Charge heroin dealers as killers? Not so fast, law says (SI Live)
  • Heroin's Death Toll Reaches Another Gruesome Landmark (Mother Jones)
  • Government to consider giving more opium poppy cultivation licenses (The Economic Times)
  • No, you can't send a block of opium via courier. Two arrested in Richmond Hill, Ont., and 1.8kg package seized (National Post)
  • Heroin mailed in sandals brings prison for Mich. dealer (Detroit Free Press)
  • University of Kentucky training pharmacists to distribute naloxone (American Pharmacists Association)
  • $100,000 federal grant to help prevent opioid overdose deaths in WMass (Mass Live)
  • UN: Afghan Opium Production Down 48% (Voice of America)
  • Lehigh Valley police have yet to get heroin overdose antidote (The Morning Call)
  • Heroin worth over 500 million rupees seized from Jalandhar (ANI News)
  • Australia, ACT once again on an upward epidemic curve of opioid, heroin overdose (The Canberra Times)
  • Heroin Proves a Formidable Foe in Suburban Ohio County (ABC News)
  • Demand Iowa overdose legislation (Quad-City Times)
  • Grant to help Northern Berkshire group fight opioid overdoses (The Berkshire Eagle)
  • Howard awarded $50,000 to combat heroin addiction (The Baltimore Sun)
  • Heroin, pain-pill addicts face lifelong struggle (The Journal News)
  • SA to allow farmers to grow opium (Nine MSN)
  • Government mulling more licenses for opium cultivation (Business Today)
  • Heroin deaths exceed traffic fatalities in Virginia, Fredericksburg area (The Free Lance-Star)
  • Kentucky Lets Pharmacists Distribute Drug That Reverses Overdoses (Governing)


  • Library Goers Sample Craft Liquor at St. George Spirits Talk (Santa Clara Weekly)
  • 'The Green Hour', a Late Night Absinthe Bar, Is Coming to Germantown's Tempered European Indulgence (Eater Nashville)




  • Bonds set for men arrested for foreign drug (WHLT22)

Miscellaneous Psychedelics/Psychoactives/Drug Policy

Disclaimer: "This Week in Psychedelics" does not censor or analyze the news links presented here. The purpose of this column is solely to catalogue how psychedelics (and other psychoactives) are presented by the mass media, which includes everything from the latest scientific research to misinformation.