This Week in Psychedelics - 12.28.18



  • Thailand approves medicinal cannabis (BBC)

  • These States Are Most Likely To Legalize Marijuana In 2019 (Forbes)

  • Alaska poised to become first state to allow on-site cannabis consumption (USA Today)

  • Marijuana Legalization Means Safer Borders And Less Smuggling, Study Shows (Forbes)

  • Study Reveals How Marijuana Components THC And CBD Affect Chronic Pain (Marijuana Moment)

  • 2018 Year In Review: NORML’s Top Ten Events In Marijuana Policy (NORML)

  • What’s Really Behind Americans’ Increased Support for Marijuana Legalization? Study Sheds Light (Marijuana Moment)

  • FDA Weighs In On Legal Status of Commercially Available ‘Hemp-Derived’ CBD Products (NORML)

  • Kansas Supreme Court Says Cops Can Search Your Home Without a Warrant If They Claim It Smells Like Pot (Reason)

  • South Africa poised for cannabis trade despite obstacles (The Washington Post)

  • Getting a handle on cannabis potency labeling (The GrowthOp)

  • Why Calling Different Marijuana Types ‘Strains’ Is Technically Wrong (Marijuana Moment)

  • How do pro leagues feel about marijuana use? It depends. (

  • Veterinarians Want Marijuana Laws Loosened For Pets And Humans, Survey Finds (Marijuana Moment)


Magic Mushrooms

  • Why Santa Claus and Magic Mushrooms Have More in Common Than You Think (Paper)


  • Octopuses High on MDMA Gave Eight-Armed Hugs (Inverse)

  • Vicky Pattison’s ‘Mr Newcastle’ pal Paul Burns died after taking ‘high’ levels of MDMA (Metro)

  • Police issue warning over 'potentially lethal' ecstasy tablets (ITV News)



  • Govt science institute testing for synthetic cannabis (Radio New Zealand)

  • California-Based Opiant Licenses Synthetic Cannabinoid Overdose Drug From Sanofi for $500,000 (BioSpace)

  • Synthetic marijuana: A pot alternative or a silent killer? (The Desert Sun)


  • Shock as 'hippy crack' canisters strewn around popular site for children's activities (Glouchestershire Live)


  • For People Battling Depression, These May Be the Treatments of the Future (Inc.)


  • Police: Man high on PCP caused head-on crash, injuring woman in Annapolis (Capital Gazette)


  • Wristband That Detects Opioid Overdose Joins U.S. Race for Tech Solutions (IEEE Spectrum)

  • After naloxone, when can opioid overdose patients be safely discharged? (EurekAlert!)

  • Ex-Insys CEO Accused of Bribing Doctors to Prescribe Fentanyl Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy, Mail Fraud (Daily Beast)

  • Opium Production in Afghanistan Has Skyrocketed Since 2001 Invasion (People's Pundit Daily)

  • Feds Urge Doctors to Co-Prescribe Naloxone (Pain News Network)

  • In Cincinnati, a winning opioid strategy (The Blade)

  • Greer mother focuses on saving lives after her daughter died of heroin overdose (Greenville News)



  • Thailand Legalizes Medical Marijuana And Kratom (Forbes)

  • Is It Illegal to Fly With Kratom Within the United States? (Aeronautics Online)


  • Study Shows EDM and Heavy Metal Fans Consume the Most Drugs and Alcohol Compared to other Genres (

  • The First Step Act is not the criminal justice reform we need. But it’s a start. (Psymposia)

  • How Does a Writer Put a Drug Trip Into Words? (The New York Times)

  • Altering Memories to Treat Addiction (Undark)

  • Drug Testing Organizations Save Lives, So Why Haven't Rave and Concert Organizers Embraced Them? (The Appeal)

  • Fifty Years After Timothy Leary's Historic Laguna Beach Drug Bust, California Reconsiders Psychedelics (OC Weekly)

  • Young women are warned against taking ‘date rape’ drug GHB as a ‘zero calorie alternative to binge drinking’ after teacher at prestigious Catholic school, 24, dies from accidental overdose (Daily Mail)

  • Will pill testing save lives? (ABC News)

  • All I want for next Christmas is the Church of Safe Injection in Philly (The Philadelphia Inquirer)

  • Jeff Goldblum Talks About His Experiences With Psychedelic Drugs (The Fresh Toast)

  • Psychedelics May Offer Artists a Creative Boost (Artsy)

Disclaimer: "This Week in Psychedelics" does not censor or analyze the news links presented here. The purpose of this column is solely to catalogue how psychedelics are presented by the mass media, which includes everything from the latest scientific research to misinformation.

Image by Dahtamnay, courtesy of Creative Commons licensing.