This Week in Psychedelics - 4.21.17

Image by  Dahtamnay , courtesy of  Creative Commons  licensing.

Image by Dahtamnay, courtesy of Creative Commons licensing.


  • This Landmark Marijuana Bill Would Move Cannabis to Schedule II (Motley Fool)
  • Marijuana legalization support at all-time high (CBS News)
  • New Bill Will Make Canada the Second Country to Legalize Marijuana (Reason)
  • The Future of Cannabis Clubs in Legal States is Still Uncertain (The Marijuana Times)
  • Australian Cannabis Growers Lay out Plans for the Future (Leafly)
  • Elizabeth Warren Calls for Marijuana Rescheduling (ATTN:)
  • Homeland Security Chief Says Marijuana 'Not a Factor in the Drug War' (ATTN:)
  • DHS' Kelly, Changing Course: Marijuana Is 'A Potentially Dangerous Gateway Drug' (Talking Points Memo)
  • How to buy legal weed in the online era (Engadget)
  • America's First Drive-Thru Marijuana Shop Will Open on 4/20 (TIME)
  • What the Bible Says About Marijuana (ATTN:)
  • Marijuana Goes Industrial in California (The New York Times)
  • 420: Take Action to End Prohibition! (NORML)
  • Marijuana Activists Will Give 1,000 Free Joints to Congress on 4/20 (TIME)
  • Marijuana Activists Arrested Near U.S. Capitol While Giving Out Free Joints on 4/20 (TIME)
  • Does Legalization Boost Teen Marijuana Use? (Reason)
  • California's 'weed nuns' on a mission to heal with cannabis (Reuters)
  • Marijuana on Religious Grounds? A Cannabis Church Opens in Denver (The New York Times)
  • 420 Day: Why There Are So Many Different Names for Weed (TIME)
  • Giving Cannabis the Respect She Deserves (AlterNet)
  • What the Guys Who Coined '420' Think About Their Place in Marijuana History (TIME)
  • The Push to Change the Meaning of 4/20 (ATTN:)
  • International Church of Cannabis Gets Psychedelic Makeover (TMZ)
  • Teen refused life-saving lung transplant because he smoked cannabis (Metro)
  • Escaping the Cult: A Former Anti-Marijuana Advocate Smokes Weed for the First Time (High Existence)
  • Watch Rachael Leigh Cook Remake 'Brain on Drugs' Ad for 4/20 (Rolling Stone)
  • Concentrates are the future of cannabis (Engadget)
  • 'Faces of Marijuana Prohibition' Event Held on Capitol Hill (NORML)
  • Police Department Hilariously Tweets about 'Undercover' 4/20 Operations (ATTN:)
  • Colorado's Marijuana DUIs Are Down 33% (TIME)
  • Bill Maher on Marijuana in the Age of Donald Trump (ATTN:)
  • Here's why the beauty world is embracing cannabis products like never before (Los Angeles Times)
  • Where is cannabis legal, which countries have the harshest penalties for smoking weed and will it be legalised in the UK? (The Sun)
  • The Surprising Group That Opposes Marijuana Legalization (ATTN:)
  • Shining a Feminine Light on Cannabis Liberation (Civilized)
  • Why This Joke About 'National Drug Test Day' Isn't Very Funny (ATTN:)
  • Cannabis: Small growers will soon have industry scale processing in Redwood Valley (Ukiah Daily Journal)
  • This 4/20, Catch A Buzz With A Cannabis Cocktail (Forbes)
  • Cannabis and Carbon (The North Coast Journal)
  • Seven Portland Cannabis Trends We're Excited About Right Now (The Portlander)


  • First evidence found that LSD produces 'higher' level of consciousness, scientists claim (The Independent)
  • VIDEO: The Accidental Discovery of LSD (AlterNet)
  • What does an LSD-style drug-induced 'higher state of consciousness' feel like? (The Guardian)
  • Today is the 74th anniversary of Albert Hofmann's first LSD trip (Boing Boing)
  • Couple high on LSD found having sex in street (The Columbia County News Times)
  • Teenager dies from fatal dose of LSD while travelling on his gap year in Canada (Mirror)
  • Man stabs three while under influence of LSD (The Red & Black)
  • Addiction counselor talks the dangers of taking LSD (WJBF)
  • Iowa City man accused of bringing LSD to meeting with police (The Gazette)

Psilocybin/Magic Mushrooms

  • The Scientific Difference Between LSD and Magic Mushrooms (Inverse)
  • Man arrested in Austintown with 'magic' mushrooms (WFMJ)


  • Dr. Bronner's Pledges Millions To MAPS For MDMA Drug Trials To Help PTSD Sufferers (Inquisitr)
  • Medical MDMA coming soon? (Magnetic Magazine)
  • Arnhem to set up ecstasy testing station for King's Day celebrations (NL Times)
  • Non-Profit MAPS to Utilize Full Range of Medrio Functionality for Pivotal PTSD Study (Yahoo! Finance)
  • Parents Warned After Police Seize Ecstasy That Looks Like Candy (CBS DFW)


  • The ayahuasca ceremony is going under the scientific-method microscope (Quartz)
  • Psychedelic drug ayahuasca improves hard-to-treat depression (New Scientist)
  • 'This is what happened when I tried Ayahuasca' (Body and Soul)
  • How I drank magic till I found myself (Condé Nast Traveller)
  • "She Knew Then That She was Going to Die of Her Femininity": The Making of the Ayahuasca Drama Icaros: A Vision (Filmmaker Magazine)

Peyote/San Pedro/Mescaline

  • Racist Thinking Still Shapes How We Understand Peyote Drinking (Chacruna)



  • The Heroin Epidemic on the Dark Web (KIDY)
  • New York Devotes $200M to Fight Heroin and Opioid Abuse (U.S. News & World Report)
  • UN Puts Afghanistan, The World's Opium Capital, On Drug Control Board (Daily Caller)
  • Colossal Bomb Targets Afghan Islamic State Stronghold in Top Opium-Producing Region (Breitbart)
  • Harm Reduction an Alternative to Incoherent Opioid Addiction Policies (Reason)
  • Naloxone distribution with clean syringe programs saves lives of opioid users (Addiction Now)
  • In battle against opioids, Minnesota leaders promote wider use of naloxone (Minneapolis Star Tribune)




Miscellaneous Psychedelics/Psychoactives/Drug Policy

  • Psychedelic drugs induce 'heightened state of consciousness', brain scans show (The Guardian)
  • Are Psychedelics Medicine? Understanding the Safety & Therapeutic Value of Psychedelics (Psychedelic Times)
  • Customs and Border Patrol Wants to Get Rid of Hiring Polygraphs Because of How Many Applicants Use Drugs (Reason)
  • Unraveling the Drug War: A Rare Chance to Lower MDMA and NPS Sentences (Drug Policy Alliance)
  • Microdosing: The Key To Changing The Conversation About Psychedelics? (VolteFace Magazine)
  • The Scientific Reason 'Just Say No' Doesn't Work (ATTN:)
  • Massachusetts Prosecutors Drop More Than 23,000 Drug Convictions Tainted by Lab Chemist (TIME)
  • 10 Mind-Altering Sessions at Oakland's Psychedelic Science Conference (SF Station)
  • Breaking the Psychedelic Research Logjam with Dr. David Nichols (Smart Drug Smarts)
  • Innovative Strategies for Addressing Substance Use Disorders: The Classic Hallucinogens (Psychiatric Times)
  • I Tried Microdosing With Four Different Psychedelic Drugs. Here's What Happened. (Willamette Week)
  • 10 amazing psychedelic movies guaranteed to blow your mind (inUth)
  • These Images Reveal the Need for Harm Reduction Policies (ATTN:)
  • We're Entering A New Golden Age of Psychedelics, and Portland is Leading the Way (Willamette Week)
  • What Taking Adderall Does to Your Body (ATTN:)
  • Trump Should Abolish the Drug Czar's Office (NORML)

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