This Week in Psychedelics - 8.11.17

Image by  Dahtamnay , courtesy of  Creative Commons  licensing.

Image by Dahtamnay, courtesy of Creative Commons licensing.


  • Bill To Exclude Hemp From The Controlled Substances Act (NORML)
  • NFL Owners Agree To Consider Letting Players Use Medical Marijuana (Reason)
  • Study: History Of Marijuana Use Associated With Decreased In-Hospital Mortality In Trauma Patients (NORML)
  • Poll: Nearly Six In Ten Voters Say Legalizing Marijuana "Makes Societies Better" (NORML)
  • First dispensary approved to begin sales of medical cannabis for Hawaii patients (KHON2)
  • After 2015 legalization, Texans may be able to buy medical cannabis oil by January (The Texas Tribune)
  • More Evidence That Jeff Sessions' Cannabis Crackdown May Never Materialize (Reason)
  • Study Shows that Heavy Pot Smokers Are In Fact Outrageously Chill (Disinfo)
  • State Lawmaker's Group Urges Feds to Deschedule Cannabis (Leafly)
  • Rastafarian pot farm shootout sparks religious-use debate (Religion News Service)
  • Cannabis Withdrawal Syndrome: How to Ease the Symptoms (Leafly)
  • Poll: Americans' Support For Marijuana Law Reform At All Time High (NORML)
  • Fentanyl-Laced Cannabis: Forever Feared, Not Yet Found (Leafly)
  • Cannabis Shows Great Promise in Treating Cancer—Let's Not Wreck It With Hyperbole (Leafly)
  • Is cannabis too lucrative to be illegal? (CBS)
  • Sessions Attacks Washington's Cannabis Laws in Letter to Governor (Leafly)
  • The Justice Department Is Asking Legal Marijuana States to Do the Impossible (Reason)
  • Massachusetts Governor Names Five to Cannabis Advisory Board (Leafly)
  • Nevada Regulators Could Scrap Home Cannabis Delivery (Leafly)
  • California's Toxic Pot Problem (ATTN:)
  • The Ultimate Cannabis Road Trip Through California (Leafly)
  • Las Vegas Welcomes Marijuana Buyers but Not Marijuana Consumers (Reason)
  • Company Plans to Turn Desert Town Into Cannabis Paradise (Leafly)
  • 10 Best Cannabis Hair And Skin Products For Women (Green Rush Daily)


  • Microdosing LSD Is Safer Than Taking Antidepressants, Says Neurobiologist (Inverse)
  • The Plan to Prove Microdosing Makes You Smarter (Inverse)
  • Can Someone Really Die From An 'LSD Overdose'? (DanceSafe)
  • LSD could help with depression and anxiety (Pharmacy News)
  • How Silicon Valley rediscovered LSD (Financial Times)
  • Turn On, Tune In, Drop By The Office (The Economist)
  • REPORT: Lightning in a Bottle Death Ruled Accidental Overdose by LSD Toxicity (YourEDM)

Psilocybin/Magic Mushrooms

  • Oregon's Psilocybin Society Drafts Framework For Legal Mushroom Therapy (Psychedelic Times)


  • Pentylone: What is it, why should we care and how can Multi Agency Safety Testing help? (Volteface)
  • MAPS to Accept Altcoins for Research on MDMA Psychedelic Medicine (Bitcoin News)
  • French EasyJet pilot convicted for flying 'while suffering the after-effects of ecstasy' (The Telegraph)
  • Fired Up: Why Are Ecstasy-Related Deaths Rising In The UK? (Volteface)
  • How MDMA Could Affect Romantic Relationships, A PhD Candidate Weighs In (Collective Evolution)
  • Tastes Like Tesla: How Tesla Ecstasy Pills Became The Hot Way To Get High (Forbes)
  • Lubbock Sheriff's Office warns about 'extra strong' IKEA-stamped ecstasy (Amarillo Globe-News)


  • First Time Ayahuasca Drinkers: A Primer (Eagle Condor Alliance)
  • Is The Use Of Ayahuasca Helping To Raise Our Global Environmental Consciousness? (Collective Evolution)
  • How An Ayahuasca Trip Changed Me For The Better (Refinery29)
  • John Simpson to get high in the jungle again: BBC journalist to take hallucinogenic drug for a second time while filming documentary in the Amazon (Daily Mail)
  • Experts warn of dangers 'trippy' tea as popularity rises in NL (

Peyote/San Pedro/Mescaline

Salvia Divinorum

  • Neuropathic and inflammatory antinociceptive effects and electrocortical changes produced by Salvia divinorum in rats (PubMed)

Synthetic Cannabinoids/Psychoactive Research Chemicals

  • Health officials issue warnings of using 'bath salts' and 'cloud nine' (Observer-Tribune)
  • 'LSD Dipped In Spice' Warning To Wrexham Drug Users – Guardian Features Wrexham (Wrexham)


  • Ketamine Use in Electroconvulsive Therapy for Depression: Does it Help? (Medical News Bulletin)
  • Ketamine Could Be the Answer to Treatment-Resistant Depression (Vital Updates)
  • Man charged in fatal crash tells police he smoked PCP, court documents say (The Washington Post)


  • President Trump Just Declared a National Emergency Over the Opioid Epidemic (TIME)
  • An Underground Safe Haven for Drug Users Has Been Operating in the U.S. for Years (TIME)
  • Trump Wants to Arrest His Way Out of the Opioid Overdose Crisis (Reason)
  • Researchers Highlight the Government's Complicity in Heroin Deaths (Reason)
  • No ID? For the homeless on heroin, treatment can be elusive (The Morning Call)
  • Calgary EDM Festival Chasing Summer Criticized for Banning Naloxone Kits (Exclaim!)
  • Where Your Doctor Went To School Could Change How They Prescribe Opioids (ATTN:)
  • In North Carolina, "heroin is more accessible and cheaper than alcohol" (Salon)
  • Dying From an Opioid Overdose Is More Common Than You Think (TIME)
  • Naloxone should be the last resort for opioid overdoses (Toronto Star)


Miscellaneous Psychedelics/Psychoactives/Drug Policy

  • What China's Growing Role in Illegal Drug Production Tells Us About the Future of the Drug War (Reason)
  • What a Shaman Sees in a Mental Hospital (Educate Inspire Change)
  • Psychedelic Book Suggestions: Classics & Beyond (Psychedelic Times)
  • THE FUTURE OF PSYCHEDELICS: Are LSD and Mushrooms The New Prozac? (Dope Magazine)
  • Nootropic Effects of Psychedelic and Addictive Substances (Brain Blogger)
  • Psychedelic drugs saved my life, So why aren't they prescribed? (Wired)
  • Man trying to bring psychedelic religion to Nova Scotia (The Chronicle Herald)
  • 'Ego-dissolving' psychedelic drugs could assist with mental health (EurekAlert!)
  • The latest piece on psychedelic science in the New York Times is dead wrong (Psymposia)
  • These foods can make you test positive for drugs (BBC)
  • Psychedelic Press journal Volume XXI is now available (Psychedelic Press UK)
  • Tripping For Knowledge: The Psychedelic Epidemiologist (3:AM Magazine)

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