This Week in Psychedelics - 9.14.18



  • Canadian Military Reveals New Rules Regarding Cannabis Use (High Times)

  • Marijuana Use Is on the Rise Among Baby Boomers According to a New Study (TIME)

  • Legal Canadian Marijuana Workers, Investors Will Be Treated Like Illegal Traffickers, Official Confirms (Newsweek)

  • Did Barack Obama Smoke Marijuana At Disneyland? (Marijuana Moment)

  • NYC Prosecutors Drop 3,000 Weed Cases (Reason)

  • New York: Brooklyn DA Intends To Vacate Thousands Of Past Marijuana Convictions (NORML)

  • Tesla Shares Fall After CEO Elon Musk Smokes Cannabis on Joe Rogan's Live Web Show (News18)

  • The Response To Elon Musk's Cannabis Use Shows That We Have A Giant Double Standard To Overcome (Forbes)

  • Scientists Explore How Cannabis May Fight Psychosis (VOA)

  • Congressional Leadership Strips Provisions Facilitating Medical Marijuana Access For Veterans (NORML)

  • Marijuana Bill Approved By Congressional Committee, Despite Drug Conviction Restriction Dispute (Forbes)

  • Legal Marijuana Access Disrupts The Illicit Market, Study Finds (Marijuana Moment)

  • European Parliament Working to Make Medical Marijuana Available on the Continent (

  • Miami-Dade Police Give Most Pot Citations to White People, While Black People Are Jailed (Miami New Times)

  • Federal Court Rules In Favor Of Worker Rejected For Medical Marijuana Use (Marijuana Moment)

  • Republican Members of Congress Just Sent Jeff Sessions Yet Another Letter Asking Him To Stop Holding Up Marijuana Research (Reason)

  • Cannabis for Chronic Nerve Pain: Mechanism Revealed? (Medscape)

  • Neil deGrasse Tyson Warns People Not To Smoke Marijuana In Space (Marijuana Moment)

  • Scottish ministers to hear arguments for medicinal use of cannabis (The National)

  • Most Doctors, Nurses And Pharmacists Support Legalizing Marijuana, Poll Finds (Marijuana Moment)

  • Treat teenage cannabis dealers as potential victims, says thinktank (The Guardian)

  • Marijuana In Texas: Where Ted Cruz And Beto O’Rourke Stand On Legalization (Marijuana Moment)

  • Concerns raised over lack of guidelines for medics regarding use of substances like cannabis oil (Irish Examiner)

  • Top Trump Health Official Signals Support For Marijuana Decriminalization (Marijuana Moment)

  • Marijuana Censorship: A Byproduct of Prohibition (NORML)

  • Colorado Ballot Measure Would Change Industrial Hemp Definition (Marijuana Moment)

  • Cannabis and Crypto: Equal Beneficiaries in the Fight to Hit the Mainstream (Cointelegraph)

  • New Book: Obama Considered Decriminalizing Marijuana, But Then Trump Won (Marijuana Moment)

  • 5 Ways Creatives Are Fixing Cannabis’s Image Problem (Artsy)

  • Here’s Where Indiana’s US Senate Candidates Stand On Marijuana (Marijuana Moment)

  • Mat Zo Discusses Marijuana Dependence on Twitter (EDMTunes)

  • Brett Kavanaugh Accepts Cory Booker’s Recommendation To Read Drug War Book (Marijuana Moment)

  • Why The Adult Cannabis Market Could Kill Its Medical Counterpart (Forbes)

  • Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard Talks Marijuana And Psychedelics With Joe Rogan (Marijuana Moment)

  • Workers In These Industries Are Most Likely To Consume Marijuana (Marijuana Moment)

  • Pot Prohibition Makes Self-Defense Illegal (Reason)

  • Google Execs Told Marijuana Jokes To Lighten The Mood After Trump’s Election, Leaked Video Shows (Marijuana Moment)

  • Sen. Dianne Feinstein Signs Onto Marijuana Bill After Decades Of Drug War Advocacy (Marijuana Moment)

  • Cannabis stocks are on fire after a $220 million M&A deal (Quartz)

  • Criminal Justice Reformers Slam Marijuana Bill’s Drug Conviction Ban (Marijuana Moment)


  • After 26 years in prison for LSD, and clemency from Obama, Timothy Tyler is a free man (Psymposia)

  • "I've seen my own DNA": Paul McCartney on his LSD experience with the Beatles in the 1960s (Meaww)

  • ‘Acid’: A hallucinatory novel that overturns traditional ideas of family and motherhood (

  • When Aldous Huxley, Dying of Cancer, Left This World Tripping on LSD, Experiencing “the Most Serene, the Most Beautiful Death” (1963) (Open Culture)

  • Salina woman pleads in LSD-fueled knife attack on a stranger (WIBW)

Psilocybin/Magic Mushrooms

  • Psychedelic Mushroom Advocates Push Initiatives for May 2019 Citywide Ballot (Westword)

  • “FDA approve ‘magic mushroom’ treatment” (Talon Marks)

  • Police say York man took psychedelic mushrooms before killing cat (Press Herald)


  • “Reduction in social anxiety after MDMA-assisted psychotherapy with autistic adults: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled pilot study” (ResearchGate)

  • UW to test using MDMA to treat PTSD (School of Medicine and Public Health at University of Wisconsin-Madison)

  • 'MDMA' Is The Drug-Fueled Thriller Showing You Another Side Of Asian America (NYLON)

  • Pregnant teen ‘took ecstasy to try and kill her unborn son’ (Metro)

  • Reminisce Festival: Overdoses lead to MDMA warning (BBC)

  • Student Patrick Coakley died after taking MDMA 'bombs' at Canterbury’s Club Chemistry (Kent Online)



  • Ibogaine Therapy Can Offer Addiction Relief During Opioid Withdrawal (Ladybud)

  • Ibogaine: One Man's Journey To Mexico For Psychedelic Addiction Treatment (WBUR)

Salvia Divinorum

  • Nightmare drug Salvia could help end the hellish opioid crisis (Rooster Magazine)


  • Rapid Depression Remission and the “Therapeutic Bends” with Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy (Psychedelics Today)

  • Ketamine Works as a Fast-Acting Antidepressant, But the Full Effects Are Still Unknown (Smithsonian)

  • Ketamine: Mechanisms of Action, Uses in Pain Medicine, and Side Effects (Clinical Pain Advisor)

  • Local ketamine clinic sees high success rate in ketamine treatment (KTRE)

  • Grade-A student, 22, gave birth in prison after ‘going off the rails’ and attacking two women while experimenting with Ketamine (The Sun)


  • Opioid billionaire granted patent for addiction treatment (Financial Times)

  • Naloxone nasal spray works best to stop opioid OD: Study (UPI)

  • Overdose is a policy issue, not an individual one. (Sheila Vakharia)

  • FDA Approves New Dosage Strength of Buprenorphine and Naloxone Sublingual Film for Opioid Dependence Treatment (Pharmacy Times)

  • Experts Call Bullshit On Backstreet Boy AJ McLean’s Opioid Detox Kits (VICE)

  • I’m So Sick of Opioid Disaster Porn (Slate)

  • Minnesota health officials offer free Naloxone training to public (Chron)

  • Naloxone can reverse opioid overdoses, but does the drug belong in elementary schools? (USA Today)

  • Opium production breaks records again (Daily Times)

  • Police save little girl from hot car after mother overdoses on heroin (Fox 8)


  • Statement from FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, M.D., on new warning letters FDA is issuing to companies marketing kratom with unproven medical claims; and the agency’s ongoing concerns about kratom (U.S. Food and Drug Administration)

  • Could the Opioid Crisis Be Solved With Kratom? “A Leaf of Faith” Says Yes (MERRY JANE)

  • Shoplifters snagging liquid kratom from Martin County stores (TCPalm)


Miscellaneous Psychedelics/Psychoactives/Drug Policy

  • Study Explores Religious and Spiritual Roots of Psychedelically-Induced Mystical Experience (Psychedelic Times)

  • Treating Addiction With Psychedelics – Part 1: Overview (The Third Wave)

  • Treating Addiction With Psychedelics – Part 2: Preparation (The Third Wave)

  • Treating Addiction With Psychedelics – Part 3: The Experience (The Third Wave)

  • Treating Addiction With Psychedelics – Part 4: Integration (The Third Wave)

  • Psychedelic Justice: Disrupting the Cultural Default Mode Network (Chacruna)

  • Renaissance or Dead End? The New Debate on Psychedelic Drug Use by North American Buddhists (Buddhistdoor Global)

  • The Psychological Violence of Mexico’s War on Drugs (The Crime Report)

  • Accurately Weigh Your Dose: A Guide on How To Properly and Safely Measure Substances (Psychedelic Times)

  • A Psychedelic Film and Music Festival is set to mellow out NYC (Metro US)

  • Gender and Critical Drug Studies: Reproducing Female Vulnerability in Gendered Drug Discourse (Points: The Blog of the Alcohol and Drugs History Society)

  • Camden council OKs return of needle exchange; mayor hopes it's only short-term solution (Courier-Post)

  • Children say cannabis easier to get than alcohol: 'The war on drugs has failed' (The Independent)

  • Gendered violence & overdose prevention sites: A rapid ethnographic study during an overdose epidemic in Vancouver, Canada (Wiley Online Library)

  • Drugs and Creativity: Fact or Fiction? (Neurology Times)

  • Why Did Dallas Police Search a Man's Home for 'Narcotics' After One of Their Own Killed Him? (Reason)

  • New Study Challenges Hallucinogenic Stereotypes (Washington Square News)

  • 'Microdosing' growing in popularity among tech workers, but is it safe? (WRAL)

  • Drug danger chart shows which drugs you should never mix, and which you totally should (Rooster Magazine)

  • The forgotten history of psychedelics and their use in addiction therapy (NOTED)

Disclaimer: "This Week in Psychedelics" does not censor or analyze the news links presented here. The purpose of this column is solely to catalogue how psychedelics are presented by the mass media, which includes everything from the latest scientific research to misinformation.

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