This Week in Psychoactives - 1.4.19



  • Israeli Parliament Passes Bill Allowing Export Of Medical Marijuana (Forbes)

  • The New Congress Just Started And There’s Already A Bipartisan Marijuana Bill (Marijuana Moment)

  • New Analysis Explores Relationship Between Medical Marijuana And Opioid Overdoses (Marijuana Moment)

  • Cannabis 'twice as strong as a decade ago' (Sky News)

  • Study: Festival Attendees Use Different Drugs Based On Music Genre, But They All Love Marijuana (Marijuana Moment)

  • Cannabis Companies Expect Big Growth After Trump Legalizes Hemp (Forbes)

  • The Government Shutdown Is Preventing Farmers From Growing Hemp (Marijuana Moment)

  • New laws ban ‘fake weed,’ create certification requirement for pot workers (Chicago Sun-Times)

  • Federal Marijuana Prosecutions Are Dropping In Era Of Legalization, Chief Justice Reports (Marijuana Moment)

  • Public banking plan for California’s marijuana industry takes big hit (San Francisco Chronicle)

  • Terpenoids In Marijuana Also Help Reduce Inflammation, New Study Finds (Marijuana Moment)

  • First study to track EU cannabis products finds increased price and potency (The GrowthOp)

  • New York Gov. Cuomo Pledges Marijuana Legalization In Inaugural Address (Marijuana Moment)

  • Protecting Your IP Is (No Surprise) Even Harder in the Cannabis Business (San Antonio Express-News)

  • What Makes a Hotel 420-Friendly? Portland's Jupiter Hotel Might Have the Answer (Civilized)

  • Where Presidential Contender Elizabeth Warren Stands On Marijuana (Marijuana Moment)

  • 2018: The Year Politicians Realized People Love Cannabis Reform (Forbes)

  • Will a New Democratic Congress Help Make Marijuana Dreams a Reality? (Civilized)

  • Top New Hampshire Lawmaker Says Marijuana Could Be Legalized Despite Governor's Opposition (Forbes)

  • A Portland Inventor Has Come Up with a Crazy New Cannabis Device That Turns Any Pipe into a Vaporizer (Willamette Week)

  • Medical Marijuana Protected Under Democrats' Spending Bill, But DC Blocked From Legalizing Sales (Forbes)

  • Oregon Marijuana Could Be Exported Across State Lines Under Proposed Bill (Marijuana Moment)

  • Marijuana Is More Dangerous Than You Think (The Wall Street Journal)

  • DEA Says It’ll Get Around To Approving Marijuana Cultivator Applications… Eventually (Marijuana Moment)

  • Ex-top cop Bratton says legalizing weed would be 'opening up Pandora's box' (New York Daily News)

  • 15 Of The Best Marijuana-Related Tweets From Politicians In 2018 (Marijuana Moment)

Magic Mushrooms

  • Psychedelic Mushroom Supporters Push For Oregon Legalization — With Caveats (OPB)


  • They See Me Pourin’, They Hatin’: Interview with Kentucky Ayahuasca Shaman Steve Hupp (Psychedelic Times)

  • A practical guide to starting a spiritual journey, like reiki and ayahuasca (Quartz)


  • ESR offers testing in fight against synthetic drugs (Scoop)

  • 'Monkey dust' users are turning to drug as 'cheap alternative' to heroin and cocaine (Staffordshire Live)


  • New law bans synthetic cannabinoids in Illinois (WICS)

  • Parc Prison inmate who became delirious because of the drug spice hanged himself in shower room (WalesOnline)

  • What you must do if you see someone who has taken zombie drug spice (Hull Daily Mail)


  • I Battled Depression for 20 Years and This Is the Treatment that Finally Worked (Reader's Digest)

  • 5 Things to Know About Ketamine for Depression (MedShadow)


  • US National Trends in Pediatric Deaths From Prescription and Illicit Opioids, 1999-2016 (JAMA Network)

  • In Rehab, 'Two Warring Factions': Abstinence vs. Medication (The New York Times)

  • Adamis Pharmaceuticals (ADMP) Submits NDA for Naloxone Pre-Filled Syringe (StreetInsider)

  • Her husband invented naloxone, her son died from overdose, now she advocates for harm reduction (CBC)

  • The opioid epidemic is a disease of the spirit (The Laconia Daily Sun)


  • Deaths from opioid-cocaine cocktails have surged since 2010 (Washington Examiner)

  • Colombia coca production: US 'deeply concerned' by rise (BBC)

  • Brit who snorted cocaine off Pablo Escobar's grave receives death threats (Mirror)



  • Embu miraa farmers fight tag of khat variety as bhang (The Standard)


  • Saudi Arabia Begins 2019 with Three Executions for Drug Offences (TalkingDrugs)

  • The Big Trip: How psychedelic drugs are changing lives and transforming psychiatry (CBC)

  • A Journey of the Mind and Soul | Alan Badiner on Buddhism and Psychedelics (VICE)

  • Overdoses, Riots, and Escapes Roil a Rural Kentucky Jail (The Appeal)

  • New ‘Church’ Wants To Save Lives — By Offering A Safe Place To Shoot Up (HuffPost)

  • Psychedelic Stories (The Third Wave)

  • From Facebook: Harahan police would like to test the public’s crystal meth (WAFB)

  • 'Dangerous orange pill' prompts Australia festival warning (BBC)

  • What's really inside illegal New Year's party drugs - horrific cocktail revealed (Mirror)

  • Editorial: Testing drugs for safety can send the wrong message (New Zealand Herald)

  • I-Team: As 'Microdosing' Explodes in Popularity, New Look at Benefits, Side Effects of Daily Psychedelics Use (NBC New York)

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