This Week in Psychoactives - 9.20.19



  • A Malaysian Man Was Just Sentenced to Death for Selling Medical Marijuana (MERRY JANE)

  • The Vape Health Crisis Is Pushing Cannabis Labs to Now Test for Vitamin E (MERRY JANE)

  • Federal judge rules that Indiana’s smokable hemp ban is unconstitutional (Hemp Industry Daily)

  • Beto O'Rourke Proposes Drug War Reparations Funded By Marijuana Taxes (Forbes)

  • After A Period Of Confusion And Fear, Many District Employees Can Use Marijuana Off The Clock (DCist)

  • President Influences Public Opinion On Marijuana Legalization, Study Finds (Marijuana Moment)

  • Legal Weed Convinced Over 150,000 People to Move to Colorado, Study Reports (MERRY JANE)

  • Marijuana Offenses Would No Longer Get Immigrants Deported Under New Congressional Bill (Marijuana Moment)

  • Support Grows For Marijuana Legalization Bill In Colombia (Marijuana Moment)


  • The mad scientist behind America’s mind-control quest with LSD (New York Post)


  • The world’s first magic mushroom research center is launching in Jamaica (Quartz)

  • Ann Arbor group aims to decriminalize psychedelic mushrooms, plants (

  • Fantastic Fungi Offers a Gateway Into the World of Magic Mushrooms (Westword)

  • Tourists Are Flocking To This Tiny Mountain Village For A Trip On Mexico’s Magic Mushrooms (mitú inc)

  • Can magic mushrooms really cure depression? (The Telegraph)


  • What Hustlers’ Ketamine-MDMA Drug Cocktail Would Really Do (Refinery29)


  • Getting Arrested and Released for Ayahuasca in Israel (Kahpi)


  • A single dose of 5-MeO-DMT produces rapid and persistent improvements in life satisfaction and psychopathological symptoms (PsyPost)


  • This Company is Developing a Drug Based on Ibogaine for the Opioid Crisis (DoubleBlind)

  • A Detox Drug Promises Miracles—If It Doesn't Kill You First (WIRED)


  • Could psychedelics tackle the obesity crisis? A longtime researcher in the field says his latest mouse study suggests potential (Endpoints News)

  • The State of the Art of Psilacetin (4-AcO-DMT) (Psychedelic Science Review)




  • OxyContin Maker Purdue Pharma Files for Bankruptcy as Part of a Tentative Settlement (TIME)

  • In Michigan, you can now get Narcan online (Detroit Free Press)

  • Canadian Pharmacist Faces Punishment for Giving Out Naloxone (Filter)





  • India bans e-cigarettes as global vaping backlash grows (The Guardian)

  • New York Bans Sale of Flavored E-cigarettes, the First State in the U.S. to Do So (TIME)

  • Michigan Joins New York in Banning Sale of Flavored E-cigarettes Amid Vaping Health Concerns (TIME)

  • Vapers seek relief from nicotine addiction in — wait for it — cigarettes (NBC News)

  • Fort Lauderdale Passes Ordinance Raising Age For Tobacco Sales To 21 (CBS Miami)

  • Is Juul Making It Easy for Kids to Vape in School? New Study Suggests Yes (Yahoo!)

  • Flavored tobacco a major factor in the popularity of waterpipe smoking, study finds (FIU News)


  • A Leaf Of Faith: Kratom Documentary Review (Kratom Guides)

  • Legal Status Of Kratom In Pennsylvania (Kratom Guides)

  • Point Pleasant Beach Looks To Ban 'Kratom' (Patch)


  • Fijians urged not to share the kava bowl (Newsie)


  • Missouri Man Becomes 8th Person to Die of Vaping-Related Illness in the U.S. (TIME)

  • Ontario Teen Lands in ICU in Canada’s First Reported Case of ‘Vape Pen Illness’ (Leafly)

  • Viking berserkers may have used henbane to induce trance-like state (Ars Technica)

  • White House Cancels Pro-Vaping Meeting as Illness Cases Rise (Bloomberg)

  • It’s Official: VICE's Reporting Makes Readers Take Drugs More Safely (VICE)

  • The whole-planet view (Aeon)

  • Psychedelics and Seniors: Can Drugs Such As Marijuana And Psilocybin Improve Their Quality Of Life? (Forbes)

  • Nanaimo company gets licence to test psychedelic drugs (Nanaimo News Bulletin)

  • Class A drug use among young adults at 16-year high (The Guardian)

  • I Traveled the World Meeting Drug Dealers. Here’s What I’ve Learned (VICE)

  • Why Aren't There More People of Color in the Recovery Movement? (The Fix)

  • Behind the U.S.'s Bogus War on Taliban Drug Labs (VICE)

  • Tripping on virtual reality: The artists trying to replicate psychedelic experiences in VR (New Atlas)

  • Drugs and Creativity (Dope Magazine)

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