This Week in Psychoactives - 9.27.19



  • Canberra becomes the first city in Australia to legalize marijuana (CNN)

  • House Passes Cannabis Banking Bill in Historic Vote (Leafly)

  • Cannabis Delivery Wins Final Approval in Massachusetts (Leafly)

  • Twice as Many Americans Use Cannabis for Medicine Over Recreation, Study Says (MERRY JANE)

  • Cannabis-based drug for childhood epilepsy approved for use in UK (The Guardian)

  • Brain activity 'dampened' by vaped THC, similar to those with schizophrenia: study (CBC)

  • Lower Doses Of Marijuana May Be More Effective For Improving Libido, Review Finds (Marijuana Moment)

  • New Washington DC Law Allows Students to Use Medical Marijuana in Schools (MERRY JANE)

  • Marijuana use higher among white New Yorkers, though 94% of pot busts are people of color (Brooklyn Daily Eagle)

  • The DEA Joins the FDA in THC Vapes Crackdown (Filter)

  • Illinois Governor Will Pardon Thousands of Former Cannabis Offenders (MERRY JANE)

  • Wisconsin and South Dakota Are Preparing 2020 Legalization Measures (Leafly)

  • Senior Marijuana Use Increases, But Where Is The Research? (The Fix)


  • The FBI Just Arrested a 'Psychedelic Nazi' on LSD After Tapping His Wild Text Chats (VICE)

  • Disneyland Paris visitor on bad LSD trip falls into Adventureland lake, turns up naked after 130-person search (The Orange County Register)

  • Syracuse Man Arrested After Punching Officer While On Apparent LSD Trip (Times-Union Newspaper)


  • Why the Magic Mushroom Story Could be as Big as the Cannabis Boom (PR Newswire)

  • Mixing Meditation and Magic Mushrooms? (Mindful)


  • New research shows MDMA can be comedown-free (Mixmag)


  • My 30 Years of Providing Shamanic Healing with Ayahuasca (Kahpi)

  • Stopping Veteran Suicide with Ayahuasca: Interview with Wyly Gray of Veterans of War (Psychedelic Times)

  • Ayahuasca Has a Special Connection with My People, the Shipibo (Kahpi)

  • One man’s journey with ayahuasca (GQ)

  • Ayahuasca: tradition versus tourism (The Mancunion)


  • Opioid addicts seek alternative treatment in Mexico (10News)


  • Ben Westhoff on the Origins of Deadly Party Drugs in Fentanyl, Inc. (Westword)


  • Older adults with COPD more likely to use synthetic cannabinoids, study finds (Medical Xpress)


  • Pennsylvania Giving Away Free Naloxone To Combat Overdoses (The Fix)

  • Should Heroin Be Used to Treat Addiction? (Pain News Network)

  • The White Van Prescribing Buprenorphine Outside a Baltimore Jail (Filter)


  • SAMHSA’s “Meth Monster” Video Is Pure Fear-Mongering Propaganda (Filter)

  • Their unborn baby tested positive for meth. Then they learned their house was once a meth lab. (CBS News)

  • Mexican drug cartels fueling meth comeback in US, with seizures at 'historically high levels' (Fox News)


  • Study says too much caffeine can trigger migraines (WKRC)

  • Coffee May Lower Risk of Gallstones (The New York Times)


  • Walmart to Stop Selling E-Cigarettes in Stores (TIME)

  • Vape brand Juul is reportedly at the center of a criminal probe (Engadget)

  • Juul hires former tobacco exec as CEO and ceases all US marketing (Engadget)

  • Survey Suggests Lung Disease Misinformation Has Compounded Confusion About the Hazards of E-Cigarettes (Reason)

  • Big Tobacco Will Take Advantage of the Mysterious Vaping Illness (VICE)

  • LA Board Of Supervisors Votes To Ban Flavored Tobacco (CBS Los Angeles)

  • Plan To Raise Age To Buy Tobacco To 21 In Denver Moves Ahead (CBS Denver)


  • Why alcohol remains a big threat to unborn babies in South Africa (The Conversation)


  • Florida man with Down syndrome died in hot car as caretaker slept off kratom overdose: sheriff (Fox News)

  • How Kratom can be beneficial for sports athletes? (

  • What Type Of Kratom Information Will You Find On Reddit? (Kratom Guides)

  • Kratom In Michigan: Legal or Regulated? (Kratom Guides)

  • Meet the Plant That Is In the News For All the Wrong Reasons (Grit Daily)


  • Dr. Bronner’s Donates $150k to Legalize Medical Psilocybin in Oregon (DoubleBlind)

  • Massachusetts Implements Emergency Ban on All Cannabis and Nicotine Vapes (MERRY JANE)

  • Over 800 cases of vaping illnesses reported to CDC (The Hill)

  • Psychedelics Can Help Treat a Variety of Psychiatric Disorders, New Review Says (MERRY JANE)

  • ‘Vaper’s lung’ likely to enter the medical lexicon (The Irish Times)

  • The Truth About Looking in the Mirror on Psychedelics (VICE)

  • Can microdosing psychedelics take the edge off a first date? (Mic)

  • Enough evidence to support introduction of pill testing in NSW, inquiry told (The Sydney Morning Herald)

  • Inside the centre exploring the effect of psychedelic drugs on mental health (The Independent)

  • Psychedelic Therapy Advocate Recalls Coming Of Age In The 1960s (High Times)

  • Alan Watts and Psychedelic Christianity (The Institute for the Advancement of Psychedelic Christianity)

  • How to Do Psychedelics Without Killing Yourself (The Stranger)

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